Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • willwin
    10-05 10:09 PM
    why would EB2 retrogress to before 2003? It was at 2003 for a long time (8 months?). The only people still with PD of EB2 2002 are the ones just getting out of BEC, there cant be too many of them...

    Yes, I agree. For the same reason, there may not be much EB3 2001 and 2002 cases left. Hence Eb3 would move to 2003 soon.

    BTW, my PD is not 2003 :-)

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  • pappu
    03-23 11:37 AM
    What hotel is the situation room?. Which hotels are members staying at?

    Washington Court Hotel

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  • pappu
    04-10 12:00 PM
    please answer this poll if you are EB3 ROW only. Thanks

    Please update your profile with details so that it can be helpful to everyone tracking the success

    on IV tracker

    IV members are requested to update their profile with valid dates so that we can make IV tracker helpful for everyone.

    I have personally decided to make this request to everyone who does not have their details completed and only then respond to the member. If a member has bogus data in their profile for tracking purposes I would not be replying to that post. This might help encourage members wanting replies from IV core team for their questions.

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  • logiclife
    02-06 04:22 PM
    I hear contradicting news....hummmm.....

    Indian media does not even know that for a proposal to become a law, it has to pass in both houses of congress and then go to conference and then go to both houses again before it goes to the President.

    Last year, the Times of India said that Immigration bill passed even tho it has passed only in the Senate.

    We have already reported that this amendment co-sponsored by Kerry and Kennedy went nowhere.

    Apparently, Times of India group does not believe in doing research on about various bills.


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  • indian111
    08-18 12:17 PM
    whats ur e-file date pappuseth
    and whats ur PD.Any infopass appt done and how did u open the expedite SR.
    Please provide info.

    I got the CPO email just now.. i'm not sure if it's because of the SR that my wife opened on Friday evening or it just happened without that.. but anyways it's a relief now.. i also see a lot of people getting cpo emails today.. btw, just curious, does the cpo stage come before "approved" status or after it?

    now hope that i receive the card in time.. will post about its validity and start date once i receive it. (i'll be current for the month of September as my pd is july 06)

    good luck to others who are waiting and hope that they get cpos soon

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  • longwait4gc
    02-11 05:00 PM
    Does any one know the reason behind long wait for perms, Is it tied to economy or they are busy with some thing else? My colleague who applied in early 2008 got it 1 month. Now the wait time is more than 6 months.


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  • dionysus
    06-13 11:15 PM
    Well it is worse than you thought.

    People who haven't even started their green card process yet can buy a labor from any bodyshop, use it to file their 140 and 485 concurrently and get a foothold in the great american GC mela. Howzaat.

    Years we have been told priority date establishes your place in the queue.

    We have spurned job offers and declined the new PERM process to hold on to the priority dates.

    Many are still awaiting labor certifications from the backlog elimination centers. Out comes USCIS and says everyone with a LC can file I140 & I485.

    People still waiting for LC with priority dates in 2003-2004 are seeing applicants who have priority dates as late as 2007 but with approved LCs through PERM walk through to I485.

    Net result, USCIS is going to be flooded with applicants enough to retrogress the priority dates 3-4 years back as early as september. (Everybody with a LC will be able to file for I485 in July). So applicants with priority dates of 2007 are going to get EAD and GC, while LC backlogged 2003 applicants to have to wait for another 3-4 years before they can even file I485.

    Aint fair. Aint fair at all. How can this be. How can rules be changed in the middle of the game.

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  • sam_hoosier
    01-18 01:53 PM
    Signed up for $ 20/month.


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  • santb1975
    04-12 08:53 PM
    Team IV has significant participation from females. We might be even leading in participation. Here is why I say that

    needhelp - Team IV is proud to have her participate with her daughter and her husband

    Texanmom - Another great asset to our Team.

    santb1975 - 3 out of the 4 members I recruited are female and that includes me. I partnered up with Nola to make this campaign successful as well and I will be partcipating in all three events we picked and may be more. Thanks to my Endurance :-). My friend who is volunteering her time for Team IV is a female as well.

    We have more ladies joining us soon. Watchout :p

    I know that females are disproportionately represented in these forums - even so.........I would like to see more women participate. Going forward, I will give $10 towards even female who signs up (upto 10 memberships). If you cannot find company, exercise with a cell phone and pepper spray on you.

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  • shree19772000
    02-02 01:44 PM
    I am one of those guys who beleives everything happens for a purpose. I think voting on these ammendments took place for a purpose. Since the ammendments are already agreed to they can be attached easily to any other bill now. Like appropriations or even AgJobs bill.....

    Hope for the best...


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  • texcan
    01-23 11:02 AM
    I believe there are always two camps in any group, different view points, ideas and observations.

    I firmly believe even if words are harsh from some members they donot mean that bad, or they just simply cant see other's view point.

    Over last few year, i have observed something and that bothers me, the point is
    "We (Indians) are interesting people, we want to live as an indian in america";
    save a lot of money, go home(india) for 15 days ....say bad things about india
    and then come here...start saying bad things about america.

    I like some points aobut half hearted work from some fellows. I totally agree.
    Here is my simply take, if we want to live and compete hapilly, we have to really live in america as an american.
    How can an indian who slept all afternoon on weekend, then watched a movie and ate heavy dinnner at night with 5 indian families who all taked about negative things in america; will /can compete with american on monday morning...when this american
    got up early on saturday, ran 10 miles ...full of energy....took his/her kids for camping or went on its own, ran /exercised on sunday may be a long trek in woods...he is fresh, ready to work, creative...
    I donot think anyone who slept all week/watched movie/talked negative about american society /about america can compete with someone who lived for full weekend.

    These are just small observations.
    In short, most of us are still living an indian life in america. This will not take us far,
    If we want to be happy we got to live as an american in america.
    Money is not everything,a big bankbalance will do no good to anyone at age of 65 when you cant move your leg let apart run or play.

    I also believe, we (indians) donot give time to ourselves. Ex. husband, wife, kids all together all the time. No good, give time to yourself, do somtihngs togehter and some things seperately, This will give time to observe life as an individual too.

    how many indian go out for just all boys groupings, not many. Why??? how bad it can be, when you just go out kick some dust drink beer if you please, atleast releax.
    When i started doing it, it was lot of fun.

    Same should be with girls, wives, you all should go out and do things with your friends for a change.

    same for kids, if your kids want to go camping with school friends, let them go. Let kids live their life. Imaging what your kids talks about weekend, when rest of american kids talk about running in wood, fishing, hunting, mud racing.....????

    Just my thoughts and i believe in living life to fullest; and try to live it to fullest too.

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-09 03:05 PM
    I am in. If I choose 5K now, can i later "upgrade" to half marathon?

    Yes Needhelp, just like EB3 to EB2 you can port from 5K to Half or Full Marathon but as Santb1975 said, only if the marathon and full marathon have not reached registration max of 18,000. They estimate this max will be reached by August this year.

    I will get the Team IV Membership Form to you this evening!!



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  • Eternal_Hope
    04-08 02:47 PM
    No forward movement in EB2 (I or C).

    EB3 is "Unavailable" for all countries of chargebility.

    Where did the visas go this? Who got them that they are already out of them??

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  • neelu
    12-13 04:31 PM
    Just posted in our alumni group...hope to see some memberships.

    That's a good idea. I will do the same too.


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  • whitecollarslave
    03-20 11:19 AM
    As some of you know, I have been working with news media, government leaders, and immigration lawyers over the past year because of the stimulus debacle. As a result, I have developed some strong contacts in government. I will be meeting some congressional immigration staffers in the next few days and I have developed a list of issues to discuss. If you want to post your own issues, feel free to do so in this thread and I will add them to the list. These are the same people who helped get the last stimulus bill changed in our favor, so they do have influence.

    What was in "our" favor in the last stimulus bill? Which bill are you talking about?

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  • cokeraj
    09-01 02:53 PM
    I got the magic email...after 10+ years. This forum has kept me sane for the longest time, thanks to you guys. I will pay my dues soon.

    Got my FP done in Oct 2007. Could the ADIT processing be for the FP? Or have people got "card production ordered" after this initial email?

    EB2I, PD June 2004, Received Date: 07/27/07, Notice Date: 08/27/2007


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On September 1, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.


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  • gk_2000
    02-16 04:53 PM
    An idea:

    Is it possible to recite the oath of citizenship in front of the senate en-masse? And maybe get some reporters to report the event..

    Another, letter campaign, in which people will sign on the oath and snail mail to WH and also local senators

    These might bring attention to us.. but feel free to knock it down (or ignore) if sounds absurd

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  • GC08
    10-15 06:16 PM
    If you are saying that EB3 would move from 2001 to 2004 this year, then that is what BharatPremi and I were saying. We should be OK with 3 years movement for EB3.

    And, guys don't jump on me, if we accept that 3-4 years for GC is acceptable (though I agree that GC in 6 months would be the vision, dream...), then guys who have filed in 2004 should be patient till 2008 and guys who filed in 2006 should wait till 2010.

    The only guys who should worry is those with PDs 2001 and 2002. Again, most of them got cleared in Jun, July this year except those who are stuck in name check and LC in BEC.

    Well, I was saying "at least". So if goes for 2 years to clear pre-PERM backlogs, I would not be surprised. ;)

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  • pani_6
    09-28 02:55 PM
    I know Congress passed earlier to recapture loast Visa's..can we urge USCIS to do an Admin fix of recapturing the Visa's based on precedence...why does the congress need to involved again?..

    04-12 03:14 PM
    you can send separately. On other forums I read that somebody receiving emails... but it emails doesn't arrive in 24hrs.... as the form mentions...
    I guess you can just wait for checks to cash and then get RN from back of it.....

    The instructions listed says that G1145 is for one of the three lockbox facilities and Dallas is not listed as one of them. However there is one for Lewisville, TX.

    Did anyone actually get a email/text message from Dallas lockbox (or for that matter any other lockbox)?
    Please let us know

    USCIS - E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance ( D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    05-16 02:10 AM
    For 485, proof of valid status in US is required - Valid status in the US is determined by i94. u need not have a valid visa stamp. Note that I485 can only be filed if u are in the US.

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