Sunday, July 3, 2011

Short Term Goals

images Often the short-term goals are Short Term Goals. Short Term Goals and Long Term
  • Short Term Goals and Long Term

  • wizkid732
    08-03 10:31 AM
    Can you please let us know what your notice date is.
    Wish you all the very best. Are you throwing a party? or has the wait for 16 yrs killed all the enthu?

    Yep, it's been a long 16 yrs in the country...I got my email 10.30 in the morning yesterday...rather, I got my text message first on my cell phone that the status has been updated:D...

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  • Sachin_Stock
    05-29 11:50 AM
    eFile: 5/2
    CPO: 5/13
    Cards Received: 5/27 (for me and spouse)

    (no fingerprinting)

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  • what short term

  • vjkypally
    09-03 03:22 PM
    I Feel jealous already. Congrats to all the Approvals!!!!

    MERA NUMBER KAB AYEGA (when will my turn come :))

    Sooner everyone one in front of you get it ,faster you will get it:)

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  • mhaxpayne
    05-01 02:04 PM
    PERM Filed: 12/17/2007
    Audit date: 03/21/2008
    PERM Audit Replied: 04/17/2008
    EB2 Atlanta Wait and see....


    Short Term Goals. Post a list of your short-term
  • Post a list of your short-term

  • gdhiren
    09-20 11:53 AM
    Dhiren - your baby is a hero before he/she is born - Kudos to your wife for doing the 2 mile walk - I know how it feels to walk with a baby - we are also in the same boat :)

    I had been talking to Sivakanth and he told me how yourself, Arun and all your DC gang worked tirelessly


    All this shows how much has gone into this rally and planning. This will give a sense of what it takes to achieve something that is phenomenal in nature.

    Yes, we can achieve GROUND BREAKING results with folks like you

    Thanks. I missed you. I think I should have seen you but can't remember. Since morning at least 10 people who i have talked to from Tri-State area asked me if I know where is chanduv23? they just wanted to see the great motivator like you. Please point me to the picture where I can find you. Your posts on the IV forum have been an inspiration for lot of folks. It takes people like you to form a group of wonderful hardworking folks.

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  • few more short term goals.

  • eb3retro
    07-15 04:06 PM
    why dont you enlighten us all here with your english knowledge. i am pretty sure you are one cockroach who grew up in dirty gutter in some part of the world. You are here in IV just to create controversies between the IV members. Trust me, EB2 or EB3, we are smart enough to recognize tunnel rats like you and keep you where you belong - in the it?

    We know for sure nothing is going to happen with EB3 unless EB2 also moves. USCIS will never skip EB2 to help EB3. The law does not allow that. So, the interviewee must talk about the topic as a whole not EB2 or EB3 - no one in America knows what those mean.

    The bigger issue is that not many can speak/write English well and so cannot be sent on TV....unless the interview is on Namaste India or something.


    Short Term Goals. short term, they need
  • short term, they need

  • ilwaiting
    04-09 12:04 PM
    The net result of this bill in its current state would be that Mr Bright wouldn't be found, he/she would be lost trying to maintain his status. As a fact America would no longer be competitive.

    If you're really bright Microsoft, Oracle will still hire you.
    I can tell you that if you have good communication skills getting hired here it's not a problem, in fact they won't even ask you if you're not a US citizen until the end.
    I'm from a country in the Americas and I can say that most of the time there are limit for foreigners working in a company.
    So its not unreasonable to put some limits.

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  • Often the short-term goals are

  • go_gc_way
    12-13 05:17 PM
    I just thought to give a nick name to this thread ...

    AMC : Add a Member Campaign. Just bumping up this thread.. I like this idea, it will serve all of our purpose.

    Add one more member....and probably each one of them will add another? It will be a bigger team of us if we can kick this idea to work ..and then I am hopeful we will be heard :-)


    Short Term Goals. Initiates long-term goal of
  • Initiates long-term goal of

  • yvjoshi100
    08-14 12:52 PM
    I spoke to a lady named Susan ( from ) yesterday and she told me that she is pursuing with Senator from Florida about making changes in CSPA Act. They have already given some sort of draft legislation to that Congressman.
    I would request our Core Group to join hands with that group to pursue this matter further.
    If some one is interested in having her contact number, pl send a private message to me.

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  • Short term goal with

  • realizeit
    05-15 12:49 PM
    It would be great if IV moderators can setup an automated WebFax to all these Congressmen (in CHC) that all members of IV can utilize. I am waiting for a feature like that.

    We should use a standard template with a standard message which will get appended with the contact information of the IV member who sends that.

    Also, pass whatever cost for this feature to the IV member who is sending the fax. You can count two adults from my family who are ready to pay for such an effort.

    Only if we setup something like that, we could achieve responses in massive numbers. We need to make sure that the effort from an individual IV member remains minimal even if it costs 20-40 dollars. That way, we can increase the number of fax submissions.

    Waiting to see such a facility. Please let me know, how I can help with this effort.

    One time Contribution: 100
    Recurring Contribution: 50


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  • Needs, Wants, Short-Term Goals

  • anurakt
    01-20 10:30 AM
    I have a couple fo friends who I got to sign up but they havent sent email to this list. How are we tracking those people.

    I guess we need to get a count from core member... Pappu or logiclife ...Can we have a count from Paypal , but I am not sure how do we add people who are sending through the bank. The picture would be more clear after a month I guess.

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  • My not-as-short term goal is

  • amitjoey
    06-14 11:21 AM
    Total Iv members - 14,002...

    Way to go.

    The most ever users online at one point of time was yesterday.


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  • term and short term goals

  • pappu
    07-12 02:27 PM
    Here is the reality: The thread is 2 years old and we have not had a group of motivated folks who could commit both time and money for this. In the last 2 years thousands have read this thread and have got greencard, but after getting greencard most people have different priorities in life. Writing posts on the forum asking IV to work on it will not get anything done on this issue. Nobody else will do anything unless those who seriously want to work on it commit their time and money for it.

    They need to be going to fund raisers of lawmakers and contributing to election campaigns etc as a first step to lobbying. We need to see IV green card and citizen members doing this more regularly anyways to help others in line behind them and get more politically active.

    Few things for GC holders to know:
    Can non-US citizens contribute?

    Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S. Please note, however, that "green card" holders (i.e., individuals lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S.) are not considered foreign nationals and, as a result, may contribute. For additional information, consult our "Foreign Nationals" brochure.

    Read more :

    Here is how people can organize this effort:

    If some green card holders seriously want to work on this issue, the first thing they need to do is form a team. Commit for a long term effort. This is not going to be an effort for a few month or days but will take several years. After you form a team, the next task would be gather as many people as you can who want to work on this issue and wish to meet lawmakers. You will also need start-up money to work on this effort. This effort is not as simple as fixing green card backlogs. If we are thinking working on this effort will be as simple as writing emails, then it will not be worth spending time. Be prepared to personally go and meet lawmakers in both your area and DC every couple of months. IV core team has been making trips to DC every month for past 4 years and only then we have been able to bring our issue in focus.

    Citizenship rule change would change the INA and would require lot of support from H1B community, Greencard holders and citizens. It would require lot of funds too. Be ready to contribute your own funds (not hundreds but more than that to start) to run advocacy tasks. IV site is just a platform with a web-forum, but the real work that costs money is daily advocacy operations. Running is site is not expensive. Once the effort gains momentum, you can raise from IV forums from other Greencard members as a separate pool just like we did for FOIA.

    At this time IV does not have the bandwidth or resources to work on this issue. Our primary focus is fixing greencard backlogs so that our members are out of the Greencard Queue. We started this organization for this purpose and we wish to finish what we started before we take on any new effort. Even though some core team members have Greencards, we are all committed to work on Greencard backlogs and will not work on other agenda items in our limited time. It will have to be a parallel team within IV that can work on this issue. IV team can guide as needed but we simply cannot divide our limited time and resources on a new effort.

    tattoo few more short term goals. Short Term Goals. LONG amp; SHORT TERM GOALS.

  • jasmin45
    07-11 05:22 PM
    Some of the interviews with USCIS officials on july bulletin feaso, noted saying "not waiting for security clearence" adjudicated the cases working overtime during end of June. I guess all this will play against and they are in deep trouble now.


    pictures short term, they need Short Term Goals. 3 short-term goals
  • 3 short-term goals

  • EkAurAaya
    10-12 03:50 PM
    BharatPremi and other who have put lots of time and thought analyzing-
    Can you talk a bit about ROW EB3. Do you think with PD MAY 2004, with EAD, AP on hand, should I try a new EB2 or stick with the old one?

    I don't see any problems for ROW - i think your strategy should be wait and watch (at least for the next 6 months)

    dresses My not-as-short term goal is Short Term Goals. Short Term Goals Performance
  • Short Term Goals Performance

  • GCScrewed
    04-08 07:41 PM
    No forward movement in EB2 (I or C).

    EB3 is "Unavailable" for all countries of chargebility.

    Where did the visas go this? Who got them that they are already out of them??

    I have been wondering the same thing. Where did all the visas go? Some statistics on CIS website did not seem to indicate that many EB numbers were used last year. So weird!!! :confused:

    Maybe as someone said, they just did not want to work. If they make visas unavailable, no case would be counted in the backlog queue and they will therefore meet their "blacklog reduction" target as published earlier???

    Bottomline, looks like the new adminstration is no better than the old one to legal EB immigrants, although they have suspended raid on illegals. This is just getting better and better. :rolleyes:


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  • Short-term goals are the ones

  • eeezzz
    07-17 09:16 PM
    Is it still going to follow the country quota(9700/year ?) even now they set you current and accept your I-485 ?
    If the answer is yes and if it is like wc_user said the approval will still be based on PD, then that will still be quite a long time to wait for your GC for many people here.

    girlfriend LONG amp; SHORT TERM GOALS. Short Term Goals. long-term project goal
  • long-term project goal

  • vicks_don
    06-08 01:43 PM
    The thrid option in the article looks good That may satisfy both the sides to some extent.

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  • sparky123
    05-01 09:28 PM
    My details:

    Applied: June 2007
    Audit received: October 2007
    Audit replied: November 2007

    Been stuck ever willing to contribute anything I can to get all of us out of this deadlock.

    01-11 02:55 PM
    America is country of Immigrants. Diversity visa allows everyone come. Prevents USA become small India, Mexico or China. Think from people who wrote USA law mind. We too narrow and think about only MY Greencard.

    12-20 11:35 PM
    I'm in a similar situation and I want to ask you if DOL withdrawn your file from the backlog center if you had a PERM application approved.

    Is it Ok to have one application pending in the Backlog center and a PERM Labor certification approved if the applications are for 2 different jobs?


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