Sunday, July 3, 2011

Natalie Portman Red Carpet Looks

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  • Nikith77
    03-08 08:50 PM
    Hi Bro

    Sorry for your mother. I can only pray for you and your mother.

    Take her back to india so that you she can have a better treatment.

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  • archanadhar19
    11-03 11:50 AM
    My perm was filed in May 2007 in EB2. Got RFE in July 2007. Replied within 2 weeks. No response since then.

    Can I do anything from my side. Is there any way to contact/request DOL to inquire about the case.

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  • keiryu
    10-05 05:43 PM
    Go to your nearest USCIS office with a copy of your application and a letter proving your emergency (if not in english, have a law office translate it). they should be able to produce an AP at the spot. My in laws just got their AP last week.

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  • Agul
    04-27 01:38 AM
    I thought I did have a good lawyer! We have been with our current lawyer for the past 7 years. Currently, as I am out of the country, and not able to get back, due to the approval, I am at my wits end as to what to do.

    Does anyone know of anyone in a similar situation, or heard about what one can do??


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  • bhasky25
    12-20 06:38 PM
    I just received a NOID for my 485(No LUD on the online status, received direct mail) saying that my underlying 140 is withdrawn and AC21 not filed. I have filed for AC21 last june (yes June 2009) along with my RFE (asking for G325a, Medical, Birth Certificate and 10th marksheet - this was during the Pre-adjudication time). My 140 was withdrawn by my employer as I had changed jobs under AC21 provisions(left employer in Jan 2009, filed AC21 in June 2009 and 140 withdrawn Dec 2009). Guess I will send the entire paper work again. I am EB3 India with Feb 2004 PD and I am no where near being current so I am trying to figure out if it is just me or is this the new scam that USCIS found to harass us!!!

    PS: My friend who is from the same employer, similar case (Nov 2003, EB3 with AC21 filed) also got a NOID. He responded to it yesterday. Guys, post here if you also received the same.

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  • aguy
    07-26 08:18 PM
    hey guys,

    i send in my i-140/i485 along with those for my wife. as luck will have it, I forgot to include her sealed i-693. i am planning to send it tomorrow with a cover letter. is that okay? is there anything else I can do?

    I will appreciate any help.




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  • dohko
    04-07 01:57 PM
    Well I have a BS and MBA with 1 year of experience in my current company. And they're not willing to do MBA+0. So I guess Eb3 is the only option.
    Both degrees are from a US university.

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  • Prashanthi
    07-14 03:35 PM
    Yes this can be done as long as the investiment is substantial $50,000 or more and the revenue earned is not marginal (the income derived from the business should not be just enough to support the applicant and his family). The investor possesses means of support independent of the enterprise. It may benefit applicants for an E-2 visa to demonstrate that their investments will result in the creation of jobs within the United States.


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  • ramaonline
    12-08 11:04 PM
    H1B requires a minimum of bachelor's degree which is 16 years of education. Also, 3 years of work experience is considered equivalent to 1 year of college education.

    You can qualify for H1B if you have some experience in addition to the 3 year degree

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  • Star
    06-18 12:02 PM
    I am from Hauppauge, NY. I am wiling to dedicate some time to this cause.


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  • immidude
    06-08 05:07 PM
    I dont know that until i got RFE (and the attachment of RFE has details)

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  • crzyBanker
    04-01 10:02 PM
    Please update your profile


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  • jliechty
    June 5th, 2005, 07:06 PM
    Yes, I like the "floating in air" effect.
    I third that. :)

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  • Beta_mle
    05-07 07:10 AM
    In Franz Kafka's chilling story "The Metamorphosis", a man wakes up one morning to find that he has been transformed into a "gigantic insect". Recently, a California family, all permanent residents for over 30 years, was suddenly informed by the government that they were all illegal aliens and must return to Thailand. Mr. Promsiri entered the United States on a student visa. His wife and two young sons, aged 10 and 3 joined him in 1971. In 1975, the parents obtained a divorce from a Thai Consulate in the U.S. The wife married an American citizen, and the couple honeymooned...

    More... (

    This is ridiculous. Arbitrary and capricious. This is most unbecoming of an advanced society. You would think that mind numbed robots were running the system instead of sensible human beings.


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  • agadre
    04-18 11:44 PM
    With EAD, or AP for travel, it is important to apply renewal of documents exactly 120 days prior to current document�s expiration date. If you file the renewal application earlier than 120 days prior to expiration, the USCIS may deny the application. In your case, if AP expires July, then return before the date to avoid issues. Plus, if EAD is current, then there should be no problem with entering U.S again. I am out of work and not risking it with out of country travel. Check with lawyer. That is important. Two years back, I returned with AP and faced questions at the airport. Check with lawyer before leaving. Why we do these hoop is known only to the almighty. Better to love someone here and settle with life. I am exhausted with all such documents. I have delayed marriage for GC.

    What questions did you face at the airport? Was your AP valid when you returned or had expired. Was your EAD valid when you returned? I am thinking of traveling with my family in next few months and my docs are all valid till end of this year. Would that pose any problems?

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  • roseball
    11-12 01:34 AM
    The only impact will be that you will lose your earlier PD (if 140 gets approved).......Also, it could cause you issues with H1 extensions if you are in 6th year of your H1 and are re-starting the GC process....Note that your LC/I-140 must be filed or should be pending for 365 days or your I-140 must be approved in order to get H1 extensions beyond the 6 year term....


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  • PavanV
    01-16 11:38 AM
    Not sure what your intent is ?, this is a immigration site, you have a green card, and you are asking if it is worth to live here anymore ? are you trying to dissuade people from immigrating ?:eek:

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  • gchopes
    11-15 10:58 AM
    The NC DMV is taking a really long time to validate my EAD. Its been over 60 days now since my license renewal based on EAD expiring October 2010. They keep sending me back with a temporary license valid for 15 days saying they are yet to validate and issue my perm license based on EAD.

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  • sukhyani
    10-04 12:55 PM

    06-18 07:05 AM
    IRS can also FAX the tax forms and W-2's but they do not have that information for the latest tax year. This means that they will not be able to provide you with the 2006 tax return. Also, my lawyer asked me for W2's of past 3 years. Both my husband (since he is on H1 too) and I had to provide W2's of 2004, 2005 and 2006


    07-01 07:41 AM
    We got H-1B 7th year extension approved (through Premium processing) at CSC on 06/12/2008. The extension of stay was also approved. We received the I-797C (courtesy copy) and travelled to India with it (along with all the relevant documentation for the H-1B visa stamping) at Chennai. We now realize that we need to I-797A and for some reason the company's legal dept did not receive this yet. The legal dept usually receives both I-797A and I-797C. The chennai consulate does not accept I-797C for stamping.

    What are our options here. Though I-140 is approved and I-485 is pending for us, I had not applied for EAD/AP since I plan to continue with my current employer (agreed it was a mistake that I did not apply for the AP). I am with my family now here in Chennai and have to return to the US at the end of July. Will the USCIS send us a duplicate since we never received the original I-797A. The other option is to file I-824 but the processing time is crazy long. Is their expedited processing available for this due to the urgency of the situation? Please help with your valuable inputs.

    Thanks. MP70

    I-824 processing is heavily backlogged both in VSC and CSC - I guess, there is no PP or expedite option available for duplicate notices. Did you have valid and unexpired H1B stamp on your passport when you left US?

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