Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • hellomms
    05-27 01:10 AM
    Here is Ron's reply for the questions/concern
    Almost every time I have made a specific complaint, they have responded by resolving the case right away in order to make the whole thing go away. It wouldn�t surprise me to see the same thing here.

    I agree. The last time I spoke to one of the admins he said that we will have to add our Case Numbers to make our letter/request more strong. This is understandable because otherwise how would they know whether we made up the names/list or if its real.

    I doubt that there will be any implications if we add our cases, it would give them a reason investigate or inquire why Atlanta is taking so long, to say the least.

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  • Spatil
    05-13 03:32 PM
    We are still waiting for ours. Our priority date is June 18, 2006. Don't know what to do...

    Most people say wait a month. Atleast that's what I plan to do. Any word on how Infopass works?

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  • snathan
    03-26 09:47 PM
    People have various reasons for not participating ...its simple basic PR...IV as an organisation needs to frequently remind them of the good work IV has accomplished in maybe a regular newsletter...list out various needs that need attention and require volunteers for clearly defined roles...and be positive and coherent when replying to member's queries. Lashing out at members for asking simple questions is huge "no-no" for any organisation.

    Means you have never received the IV news letter? Which planet are you from?

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  • princenj
    05-15 01:06 PM
    Here is an interesting statistic:

    5/13/2008: DOL Estimate Time for Processing Permanent Labor Certification Programs

    * The following is the estimate of time DOL released for processing of revised ETA 9089 applications at each step of the process within the government.
    * Total estimate "Clean" cases withourt any audit flag: 70%
    o 15 Minutes to review and decide.
    * Total estimate audit cases: 30%
    o 3 hours for analysis and adjudication by Analyst
    o 1 hour for review by Manager
    * Total estimate Request for Reconsideration Cases: 5,000
    o 45 minutes by Analyst
    o 15 minutes by Manager
    * Work for Transfer to BALCA:4,500
    o 3 hours
    * Analysis of inculpaory evidence receiced: 65
    o 2 hours
    * Estimate USCIS review as part of I-140 petition: 2 minutes.


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  • avinayak
    08-21 07:05 AM
    Sorry to hear about your husband susie. Inspite of your grief, you have the courage to take up this issue which will benefit a lot of people. My son aged out before my labor was approved. I filed for labor in april 2001. It was approved in 2007. My I-140 was approved under PERM and I filed for I/485 in May 2007. My son aged out in August 2006 Thanks

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  • gbof
    04-24 08:24 AM
    emails today. Application reached April 12th to Phoenix Lockbox.

    The same for me. Delivered at Phoenix on 4/12....Checks cashed today, the 24th.


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  • Legal
    06-29 04:52 PM
    An attorney I know told me today that:
    (1) they believe EB2/3 mid-month retrogression is unlikely in July based on coversations with relevant folks in govt.
    (2) USCIS is unlikely to want a spirited fight from AILA by retrogressing mid month, especially given the fight that's already on about June EB-3 unskilled
    (3) The June EB-3 unskilled mid-month should be viewed in the context of the just 5000 visas that were left.


    Good points

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    08-03 01:09 PM
    i got green today


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  • archu
    05-05 11:32 AM
    my H1 got approved on dec 2006 for 2007 cap.It is 3 years valid.
    Because of some problems between me and my employer,
    i just transfered my h1 to h4 to maintain my case status on jan 2007.
    He didn't give my H1 paper to me and gave me a copy of it.
    Now,Can I reuse my H1 again?
    If it is posible , can transfer the same h1 with other company without paystubs.Please help me out.

    I greatly appreciate for your help,
    thank you.

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  • veda
    08-08 11:57 AM
    Seems still there are number of April filers case are pending (Ffiling).
    Here and there there are cases approved who filed June also but that is less than 1%. We should not consider them.

    I called yesterday - Representative told me that they are working on April 21-25th cases as of yesterday.

    God knows when they come to JUNE.

    At least they have to take out the bar to file with in 120 days rule.

    All rules are make us to feel too much tension which inturn decrease our life expectency. Is that their 'gift' for us for serving this Country?.

    I have seen approvals for May filers on IV.
    Lots of people have posted about their EAD approvals in the GC thread.

    I think TSC have started approving EAD filed in may. So, lets hope for the best. I hope this helps.

    GO IV GO.


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  • vrbest
    03-10 11:08 AM
    Each Passport is unique and will have different number each time they issue.. Just staple all your passports together and carry with you for travel.

    Hi Guyz,
    I just realized that the newly renewed passport has a different number than the original one. It is by choice or by chance ?


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  • sachin76
    04-12 09:12 PM
    120 days


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  • srr_2007
    04-07 12:33 AM
    This would actually be a good idea. Then there would be more Visas available. Especially people with US Degrees. Most people with US degrees dont need to work for this fraudulent consulting firms. They are able to find real jobs with real US employers.

    Do you really belive that corporates will do all the pointers mentioned in the bill and hire a international student on H1B.

    If this bill is enacted existing H1B's will be thrown out over the years, and by that times corporates want to hire a MS after doing all the pointers of this bill something else would come up to screw you.

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  • akred
    04-14 12:56 AM
    Old thread on the same subject.


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  • a1b2c3
    06-25 05:45 AM
    I was just getting more information on EB3 India on the net.And found an interesting blog(It makes sense to me and that why i am posting this thread)

    Skilled Immigration to USA: Hidden Aspects: Retrogression Math for Dummies - EB3 India Edition (

    Its a 2006 blog , but it makes sense even today for EB3 India

    Finally that's when you switch on your calculator and start working with the numbers. There are 140,000 visa numbers available under all the employment based categories, with 7% per country limit and 28.6% allocated for EB3 and dependents counted into the numbers, there are only about 115 EB3 primary applicants allowed from India per month. Throw in a few thousand illegals(amnesty) into the mix and now you have the royal screw-up as is happening now. The law allows visa numbers from unused countries to be transferred to the oversubscribed countries but with nearly every category retrogressed this law won't apply for a while.

    The future looks toooo dark even to mention.
    Jago EB3 Indians Jago

    The biggest problem with lot of EB3-Is with older PDs is that they won't switch jobs and port to EB2. they will cite number of reasons for maintaining the status quo i.e their EAD status post July 07.

    A handful will march to washington DC and get the senators to know them by their "first names". Others will simply chip in a few hundred bucks and make themselves feel they are the Buffets and the Gates of this world. Still others will simply fume and fret. Some will preach how porting EB3->2 means "gaming" the system.

    All very experienced EB workers who think they can get the best of everything at the price of nothing. Who want everything "risk free".
    Green cards in the mail and smooth upward progressions in their careers.:D

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  • software7
    05-15 08:06 PM
    Sure will do. Please send me email to sree016 at gmail dot com. Will send you all details. It is not right for me to give their details on open forum.


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  • Macaca
    02-02 11:38 AM
    If this amendment had really passed, and if it had not been modified in the conference between house and senate and if hard cap had become a law, then this amendment would have done more harm than good.

    This is senate approval only. Doesn't it have to go through Congress also. Where are the votes in congress?

    I also understand that there was no real intention on Kennedy to bring up our case. It was pure politics.

    Please explain both points. Thanks

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  • dpuranik
    05-16 09:42 AM
    My Birth Certificate is in Indian regional language. Is this Birth Certificate valid for 485 or do I need to translate it into English?

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  • ramaonline
    05-16 02:10 AM
    For 485, proof of valid status in US is required - Valid status in the US is determined by i94. u need not have a valid visa stamp. Note that I485 can only be filed if u are in the US.

    05-16 10:44 AM
    I called all of them this morning, and left messages with HR numbers, my name and contact details. Now they all know IV very well. Most of them conveyed me that they are making a list and will present the list of people who called to the representative.

    04-09 06:39 AM
    Thank you. The community needs to wake up. Times are going to be tough not just for H1B but for everyone else in line for GC.
    Advocacy is a long term process that requires lot of efforts and resources. We should not be expecting quick results because of one month's contribution. That is peanuts when you compare it with the amount being spent against us.

    It is high time people join the state chapters and try to lead them if your state chapter is dormant or inactive. Action items will happen but we need to be ready. Try to get more people in IV. The mantra for success will be mass participation in the coming times. It should not be a couple of hundred phone calls or faxes that happened last year, but hundreds of thousands of calls, faxes and thousands of meetings.
    If we can achieve that then we will definitely increase chances of success significantly this year.

    This community needs to think how it can increase mass participation on IV and bring everyone waiting in line on IV platform.
    IV core needs to come up with new campaign too. if not now, then say 3 months from now. it definitely needs to come up with something ..either to highlight our problems / contributions or for something like recapture.
    without meaningful campaigns, increasing memberships or donations is an illusion !!!

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