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Megan Fox Drawing

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  • Charcoal Drawing Megan Fox

  • MrWaitingGC
    11-28 08:40 PM
    I strongly fell you should get it fixed. Any how you have good Priority date after correction. If they dont correct then you are still lucky :)

    Keep all evidences that you tried to correct it. This will help in future if any thing goes wrong from there side.

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  • megan fox plastic surgery lips

  • vban2007
    10-23 03:17 PM

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  • Megan Fox vs Katy Perry

  • Ann Ruben
    04-17 01:09 PM
    Lately, US Consular Officers in Canada have been reluctant to issue H-1B visas when the applicant does not have a US or Canadian University Degree AND has never had an H-1B visa issued at his/her home Consulate. The following is an excerpt from Visa Requirements • U.S. Consular Services in Canada (

    "Evidence of qualifications must be original or certified copy. Consular officers in Canada may refuse to issue a visa to H-1B applicants if their education and /or work experience is solely or predominantly from a country other than the U.S. or Canada."

    As you probably know, if you are refused a visa in Canada, you cannot return to the US until you travel to your home country and obtain your H-1B visa there.

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  • the megan fox had already

  • Ann Ruben
    05-28 01:40 PM
    1. An F2B petition can be converted and you will retain the original priority date as long as you do not marry before your father is granted citizenship.

    2. You can and probably should pursue both family based and employment based permanent resident status simultaneously.


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  • Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green

  • Maverick1
    10-30 03:46 PM

    Is there anyone who has the same status on AP and actually received the approval notice?


    Same status for about a week. No letter yet 10/30.

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  • Jennifer#39;s Body Double - How

  • gk_2000
    05-24 08:56 PM
    Where is donor forum? Do I have the access already? Here is my payment info:

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #5GL15708NE4933904)



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  • deardar
    06-18 04:09 PM
    I dont directly work with attorney, the company works so by the time the information gets relayed its taking time.

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  • megan fox drawing. Step 3.

  • impala
    09-18 01:18 PM
    I have been working for that consulting firm for the last 4 years and they have been minting their part of the money..are they not satisfied with it???,,,this is crap friends,,,,

    I trusted them and they betrayed me,,,,in the end it feels like it�s INTENTIONAL�.

    Help me friends,,,


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  • Drawing of Megan Fox and my

  • andyny73
    12-08 08:37 PM

    I am going to get married next week.

    I am a H-1b visa holder and I have applied for green card. I am waiting to get approval of I-140.

    I want to file the H-4 visa for my wife and I have couple questions :

    1) How difficult is to apply for H-4 ? Do I need a lawyer for that ?

    2) How will my new status effect my green card application ? Do I need to apply again for I-140 ?

    Thank you for your help.


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  • In the photos, where Fox

  • raviram1980
    03-14 12:48 PM
    Thanks a lot for your replies. I will ask my brother to take a proof from the college before going.


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  • Megan Fox. In bed.

  • kondur_007
    08-11 08:58 PM
    Yes, it is possible to process your GC through company B while you are working for company A.

    1. You should have "good faith intention" to work for company B permanently once your GC is approved.
    2 Company B should have good faith intention to hire you permanently once GC is approved
    3. An RFE is likely during I 140 process and also during I 485. Company B should be able to respond to RFEs promptly and favorably. Also they may ask company B to show "ability to pay" for the new position and also the business necessity for the new position. These two RFEs are less likely if you are currently working for GC sponsoring employer at the time of I 140 or 485 adjudication (as that would be a defacto evidence that your position is needed and company can pay!).

    Also see my post in the following thread regarding changing employers after GC:

    Good Luck.

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  • papajon
    06-18 02:27 PM
    I am from Bronx, NY and can participate in this activity.


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  • aim-high
    03-25 08:34 AM

    Thanks for your reply.

    See according to the consulate, they say the following
    passport or travel document valid for at least three months after visa expiry date

    In this case, they mean the schengen visa expiration date. For example, if I am travelling from April 1 to April 20th, they will give me visa only upto April 20th. They want my AP to have expiration atleast 3 months from April 20th (which will be July 20th) but my AP is expiring on April 10th.

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  • sanjay02
    02-13 01:40 AM
    Try the FOIA Freedom of Information


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  • satishbsk
    06-27 01:22 PM
    I gave documnets to attory with my recent H1 receipt notice to file 485, I will update if there is any news from my attorny

    contributed $260 so far

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  • cinqsit
    10-12 10:32 PM
    Hello I am in H4 in usa.
    I have applied for change of status to H1b this year, but still now I haven't received the decision form USCIS.
    In the mean time, my H4 status along with I-94 is getting experied by the end of this month Oct. I am not able to file H4 extension as this would overlay my probable H1b status.
    Now, If I dont get any decision on my H1b and I don't file H4 extention by the end of this month, what would be status after that? Would I become Out Of Status? What should I do under this situation?

    You have 2 options

    1. Convert your h1 to premium processing and hopefully get it approved before
    your current h4 expires

    2. apply for h4 extension - and wait for your h1 application to get through

    To be really conservative - its best to file for H4 extension anyway irrespective
    of whether you convert your h1 to premium

    Dont let your h4 expire cause you wont have any valid status - if for some reason your h1 gets denied

    Good luck!


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  • snathan
    09-15 04:07 PM
    I am an Indian citizen. I have an approved I-140 under National Interest Waiver with a PD of Aug 31, 2007. I am now a permanently employed scientist at a National Lab. I think I am now eligible for application under EB-1 Outstanding researcher category. Is it possible to apply for I-485 without another I-140? It will take quite some time to secure all the recommendation letters to apply for EB-1 (OR). I am wondering if I can bypass the whole process of I-140 and directly apply for adjustment of status based on my approved I-140 saving time and effort.

    Thanks in advance for any answer.

    You need to start from ground zero...EB2 NIW is different from EB1, so you can not use the EB2-140

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  • Bush
    02-27 03:56 PM
    How come you guys do not want to go back there?

    Taken from the ad.

    "The world has long been fascinated by India's culture, history, and recently, the country's spectacular economic growth. With a per annum growth exceeding 8%, India presents an exciting opportunity for domestic and multinational companies alike. Throughout this conference we will explore the various sectors driving this economic expansion."

    Thats a very good question.Off late I am seeing lot of people moving back.I can quote my friend's brother.He lived in this country for the last nearly 18 years.He has 37 patents to his credit.He started his company in 2000 and sold that company to Motorola and currently he is a venture capitalist to Bio-tech start up.I was talking to him other day and hes going back for Good in July.

    He was of the opinion that you have to always ride the wave.The gold rush of 2000 and before is gone here.It was his opinion.

    I think the main reason is people have slogged here and they want to take atleast some benefit of GC.We are contributing Social Security and you will not see a single penny what you paid to Uncle Sam unless you have a GC.

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  • sammyb
    10-19 02:17 PM
    It would be of great help if any one on this forum or their aquaintaince could assist my aged parents travelling from Hyderabad,India to Atlanta,GA by British Airways on 10-27-09.
    I know this might not be the right question on this forum, but apologies for any inconvenience caused to anybody.

    Thanks in advance

    You can check with the airlines and ask for wheelchair for you aged parents ... usually I have seen with Lufthansa - they provide a very good service when you ask for special assistance. Not sure what BA will do though ... you can always try ....

    02-12 01:52 PM
    Looking at your profile, i am surprised u still havent received the plastic card.

    If your card gets approved while you are out of the country i.e. US, and you dont have AP i had read earlier that it is considered as an abandonment. The sole purpose of AP is to provide you to get in and out of US while on AOS period.
    Did u check with your company Attorney?


    Dont know if this question has been asked before, but I recently got an extension and change of employer done using AC21 to a different company. I dont have an AP and dont have the time to get one. I am travelling to India next week and am scheduling an appoitment to get an H1B stamp. Will this be an issue? Is this considered abandonment of status?

    Please let me know if someone else has been in this situation.


    09-12 04:16 PM
    Ivan is a doctor from Mexico. He did his resiidency at Mainmonaides in New York and now works as an attending physician at Cleveland Clinic. Clevland clinic is planning to promote him as a program director but Ivan wont be here next year, his Green Card petition has been pending FBI checks for 3 years now and he is frustrated about the process and plans to move back to Mexico and start his own hospital.

    Lets strive to keep Pablo and Ivan in the US.

    Lets March to DC on September 18th for the Legal highly skilled immigrants rally

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