Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • GC_Applicant
    01-13 01:54 PM
    >>Please do check the blogs and leave comments too.

    Can you let me know the URL for your blogs.


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  • suny_saini
    08-04 06:27 AM

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  • akelkar
    09-04 01:00 AM
    got the card production ordered email at 8.15 pm PST - Sept 3rd 2009
    PD 26th May 2004

    Thanks for all the support and my best wishes to all of you.

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  • Legal
    06-29 04:44 PM
    yes, it is from AILA, very likely to be true:

    MAY BE, may be not....don't believe me either.

    AILA National
    Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 3:31 PM
    Subject: Update on July Visa Availability

    We are hearing from multiple sources that, on Monday or Tuesday of next week, State Department plans to issue a revised Visa Bulletin for July 2007.
    This revised Bulletin would retrogress some or all of the employment-based
    categories, very likely to the point of unavailable.

    "multiple sources".....sounds classic rumor to me.

    Reports from AILA
    members about unusual levels and types of activities by USCIS indicate a
    particular push to adjudicate employment-based adjustments currently in the
    pipeline so as to exhaust visa numbers for fiscal year 2007.

    I've read this statement several does this indicate that there will be retrogression??? Also one unusual acitivity of USCIS has been to suspend premium processing of I-140 for the month of July. That to me suggests that they are preparing for the deluge of I-485s.

    This follows the actions of USCIS in June, when it began rejecting EB-3 "
    Other Worker" adjustment applications even though the Visa Bulletin showed
    an October 2001 cut-off date, on the basis that the "Other Worker" numbers
    for the year had been exhausted.

    Again...aren't the mechanics, numbers allotted to this other worker category different from EB-2,3?:rolleyes:


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  • purplehazea
    05-15 11:30 AM
    Few Things:
    1) Do not panic
    2) Understand that the attorney owes loyalty to your company not you
    3) Consult an independent attorney and find out your options
    4) Have a cool and collected discussion with your employer laying out very clearly your concerns and why you think it is necessary to move fast on this. Many times employers think they can walk over you and you will do good to have a nice long discussion to tell him/her politely that the I485 stage can take upto 3-4 years or more. This is a fact because you may get stuck in name check or background check, you will have to do the medical get your AP and EAD and then you should have a visa number available after you are done with all the above. So tell your employer that just in order to start these processes, it is required for you to file I485 as soon as possible. Hopefully once your employer knows that you are not going to get your GC anytime soon due to the delays involved AFTER filing I485, he/she will budge and help you out. Also try to define a time line for filing the I485. In short have a rational discussion with your employer and don't be afraid to ask questions.
    5) Have faith in god and be assertive, do not keep quiet or go to the extreme of trying to bring your employer to his senses by using legal action unless you have tried all of the above and he/she refuses to cooperate.

    I am not an attorney, use my advice at your own risk.

    Best of luck.

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  • indian111
    08-18 12:17 PM
    whats ur e-file date pappuseth
    and whats ur PD.Any infopass appt done and how did u open the expedite SR.
    Please provide info.

    I got the CPO email just now.. i'm not sure if it's because of the SR that my wife opened on Friday evening or it just happened without that.. but anyways it's a relief now.. i also see a lot of people getting cpo emails today.. btw, just curious, does the cpo stage come before "approved" status or after it?

    now hope that i receive the card in time.. will post about its validity and start date once i receive it. (i'll be current for the month of September as my pd is july 06)

    good luck to others who are waiting and hope that they get cpos soon


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  • spicy_guy
    07-14 11:26 AM
    EB1 is the brightest not in all ways. If you are a manger in outsourcing company and in one more country u still qualify for EB1. It does not take long to become a manager in outsourcing companys. So how u can break the law or tweak around it works. I know people who were on bench life long in consulting companies in EB2 got GCs.

    True to the core! :D

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  • hsingh82
    05-05 02:30 PM
    My employer says that he has lodged my PERM in July 2008. As yet there is no news and neither does he provide any information regarding the status. Is there anything I can do to find out whether the PERM has been lodged at all? What are my options?

    Try contacting the attorney who filed for perm (if attorney was used), don't mention that employer is not providing you any information. You don't have much options as you will need your employer's or attorney's login details for DOL website to check status.


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  • immi2006
    10-05 10:33 PM
    My appln with March 2001 cleared BEC in June, so are tons of such applications in my company that cleared BEC with EB2 pD (atleast 600-800 - our company ). Many were stuck from 2001, as my company did not apply for GC bet 2001 Aug - 2004 Oct.

    can you please tell me the source of these stats? Per the DOL stats, from March 2005 to March 2007 only 130K total cases were approved:
    Your stats are almost twice that number!

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  • Caliber
    04-12 10:54 AM
    have you ever took a vacation day off faking ill-health either of yourself or somebody you know? when its convenient for us, we tend to legitimize what we do, when somebody else does it, they have to suffer. And oh no, you are not selfish, you are just jealous

    Do you have any self dictionary to decide what is selfish and what is Jealous? Are you the one who gives meanings to the words?

    You probably are working for those FIVE (WI,IN,TC,CO,LT) who are misusing the EB1. If you guys keep creating FAKE ID's to post these, I will have to name you in this public forum.

    Before advising to do ILLEGAL things, better mind this is land of law and not the country for you bribery guys who misuse every sytem. You guys have already tarnished India with your corruption and started here too.

    US may be tolerating you guys for now, but one day all you guys will pay for your CORRUPTIVE things. Remember, God will punish every corrupt fellow.


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  • chanukya
    02-01 09:59 PM
    Unfortunately this is also not voted or --means not passed.

    Hope we will see something out of conference--some kind of managers amendment like in the past.

    Amends: H.R.2 , S.AMDT.144
    Sponsor: Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [MA] (submitted 1/24/2007)
    AMENDMENT PURPOSE: Purpose will be available when the amendment is proposed for consideration. See Congressional Record for text.


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  • Marphad
    01-23 01:32 PM
    There is a perception on this board that renting => no quality of life. After going through some of the replies, I see that some are trying to convince themselves of their decision to buy an house.

    If thats a perception, let me tell you its not truth for me. We are very happy in apartment.


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  • Lasantha
    04-17 12:04 PM
    It's extremely difficult, if not impossible to maintain PR status in both US and Canada due to the residency requirements. Once you get your US GC the best thing to do is to abandon your Canadian PR if you intend to live in the US and make your home here. Frankly I don't see any benefit of mainatining your Canadaian PR. If you try to do that it might even jeopardize your GC. Google and you will find lots of advice on this issue. I plan to live and work here in the US.

    Congrats Lasantha :)

    One question: in one thread you mentioned you've also got canadian PR. I did apply for canadian immigration, got approval but have to land before 24th april. My 485 was filed in july 2007, EAD, AP aprpoved and PD for october 2005 got current in the May bulletin. I am thinking of abandoning the CA PR as even if I get that, I will have to abandon it when I will get for US PR. So the question is, what will the CA PR benefit when you already have GC?

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  • Arjun
    05-16 07:22 PM
    after filing for I-485 on Jun 1. Also filing for EAD for self and 3 family members. EB3 Nov 2001. H1B stamped in visa valid till Oct 2008.

    Do I need to wait for Receipt of Filing?

    Cancellations charges ( USD 200 per ticket - 4 tickets) and new tickets (difference of 300 per ticket - 4 tickets) will cost a lot. Anyone else in similar situations? Anyone know something? Anything?

    YES, I am. Exactly same situation and did a lot of research. There is a good new for you man.

    As far as I know, you can file for AOS and leave. Make sure when your application get's to USCIS you are here in US, after that you are free to go. You do not need to wait for the reciept. It takes weeks to get the reciept. When you come back you enter US using your valid H1-B/H4 and it does not effect your AOS application.

    check out this if you have not done it already and confirm with your attorney: , click on "breaking new and scroll down to "05/15/2007: June Immigrant Visa Opportunity During Vacation Season" ;)

    -- Good Luck


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  • GCBy3000
    06-17 05:58 PM
    This is just a misuse of H1. They should bring up a new law stating the H1 will automatically get cancelled if the beneficiary does not get employed in three months. With this, the real demand for H1 could be estimated easily.

    The speed in which h1 FOR MS in USA shows that there is not that much demand to H1s. Only around 7500 was filled. The H1 Cap 65000 was reached for because Indian companies were rushing to make it before H1 cap is reached. One has to analyse how much is going to be used really. They will use need basis and won't cancel if not used. So increasing to 110k will be enough to meet the real demand but then also Cap will be reached in another 2 months because consulting companies process h1 first and find the job for them later. But Real demand can be analysed in other way. Because of Rushing thro H1s lot of companies which are having Real job demand(Companies like Intel Microsoft) could not hire. H1s for US MS degree holders solved the issue Partialy. May be if the increase that quota to 40k then demand will be enough.

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  • snathan
    05-23 05:53 PM
    Here is Ron's reply for the questions/concern

    Hi Ron,

    Tons of thanks for your time and this letter. Though most of the case are pending with Atlanta, there are few people struck with chicago as well. But the number is very small compared to atlanta. This template sounds very good to me, I will post the same at IV and let you know the feed back. Also I will direct the folks struck in chicago to you, they can hire you if they want you to represent them or I will ask them how do they want to proceed.

    If we give the case number and employer name, would there be any impact/side effect ?

    I will keep you posted and thanks a lot for your time


    Reply from Ron:

    All of the Chicago cases have been transferred to Atlanta. If the Chicago guys want to talk to me, I�m happy to do so. They don�t have to hire me if all they want is information. As for putting names and case numbers, without that information, they won�t take the letter seriously. Also, I think that this will get the DOL to move on those cases. Almost every time I have made a specific complaint, they have responded by resolving the case right away in order to make the whole thing go away. It wouldn�t surprise me to see the same thing here.


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  • kondur_007
    09-29 03:59 PM
    tonyHK12 appreciate your inputs. We are already united. IV has several thousand members and has conducted several campaigns. The leaders are very capable persons also. You have put forward a general idea but this has been debated a great deal. What is the purpose of even a poll when it is absolutely clear that everybody in this group would welcome a bill solely for reducing backlogg? The question is how can we get the legislator to write and introduce such a bill and then how to get it to pass. Who will support such a bill? Your desire is similar to everybody else in this group but until there is a definite strategy which is different from what has already been tried there is no point in just creating discussions foccussed on desires.
    First think out a strategy and put it out. Others will then coment or join it.
    Putting out vague goals like "we need a bill" is of not much use. the question that you need to answer is "how?"

    You nailed the point.
    I agree with your comments completely.

    On a side note: Politicians in this country are not much different than Laloo...:D:D:D
    They just different kind of "Ghascharo"....I do miss seeing him on television! (dont have zee tv or sony etc :D).

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  • lovenil
    04-19 10:58 AM
    Today i got h-4 change of status approval notice for my wife from USCIS .

    Her application for H-4 was done with my H-1 Petition.

    Does that mean my H-1B has been approved too and i should be receiving that approval notice soon.

    Also, What another document one receive with change of status. Do we receive new I-94 card too!!! if yes , we haven't received it , what does that mean?

    Thanks for your time.


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  • dtekkedil
    09-20 04:43 PM
    I and manish flew monday morning sept 17th on a short notice to attend 11:30AM appointment and then again at 3:30 PM with nagaraj.
    We had 2 more appointments on 18th with NH senators.
    All the meetings were great and one them exceeded 30 minute schedule to 50 minutes.

    It was great to meet all the members like aman, jay, paskal, kanika, meenal, nagaraj, pappu, gopal etc.

    Paskal: Where is my beer?
    Gopal: "Don't shoot the messenger" in the situation room.
    jay: Speech pointing fingure to capitol hill behind him. "We are here on offence".
    Mike: Step1 to step 5 entertainment

    These are some, but not all, of the memorable things in DC.

    I really had to mention pappu seperately.
    He is a dedicated person to this cause and needs special mention. I really enjoyed his company in the bus on our return journey to NH. We shooted all possible questions and got convincing answers.

    Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
    It was a true vacation.:eek::eek:

    Folks if you want to know how to handle an interview... learn it from Pappu!! He was smooth (read slippery) as... soap?... hell anything that is smooth :)

    Pappu... any training you can give me? :eek:

    I may even be able to pay you... once you get your EAD! :)

    05-15 10:40 AM
    I am feeling very envious of people having their applications processed at the TSC. TSC as seen by the examples above are renewing EAD in 2 weeks.

    However, NSC is taking 2 months to process these EADs. There is a big difference between processing logic at NSC v/s TSC

    I think the employee diversity at TSC is big compared to NSC. Therefore, people add their heart to work and processing is faster. In other words, Intent is pure. If you pay a higher fee for a service you get the return.

    Contrast that with NSC. The employee diversity is poor. Employees are working just because it is a government job and their intentions are questionable, therefore a big lag in processing.

    Hope the courts teach NSC a lesson, that nobody is above the law and they should be processing cases quickly as compared to their TSC counterparts. Hope somebody is listening.

    03-25 02:06 PM
    Everybody, please calm down. I don't know what the intention of this thread was, but if it is to increase the participation to achieve IV's goals, then I am sure you all realize it is having the exact opposite affect. The only thing happening on this thread is donors and non-donors going at each other in a way of unbecoming of us professionals.

    I am sure we can agree to disagree with respect. Think about some of the messages written and you wonder would it be really said if they were facing the person.

    I personally don't think bitzbyte is or was berating IV's efforts. All he/she needs is more convincing. And I don't think he/she is alone. If that was the case then we would be having 49000 members donating and the advocacy effort would be a grand success and we would be having millions for lobbying. The fact is that there are more like bitzbyte than the donors. I am not sure where the problem is but there sure is. Heck, I am donor and I don't find myself talking about IV or hearing about IV from colleagues or friends. Everybody has their priorities set and the daily grind to go through. Getting a GC may not be everyone's ultimate goal. There was a time I used to be so obsessed with GC that my whole life seemed to be revolving around bulletins and the disappointment of backlogs. One day I said enough is enough and stopped worrying about it.

    But I realized that the question is not about whether and when I get GC, but is it fair, to you and your family, to go through years of this agony. It is not fair and we have to do something about it.

    As much as everybody needs IV to address their needs, IV needs them to achieve our collective goals. Lets think about ways to increase participation rather than marginalizing those that don't yet believe.

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