Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • amitjoey
    01-18 04:09 PM
    I signed up yesterday!

    Good work! on the efforts to end this immigration nightmare.

    One quick suggestion: Use the video marketing on Youtube/Google to stress your message effectively. I feel the message is even more effective if some one speaks to you than typing a long reply on the thread.

    Need 885 more

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-11 10:43 AM
    Correct. There maybe many such people. And we see it as our failure too. Because as a community we have not raised enough awareness about us. Some people maybe seeing us just a forum and lot more outreach work is needed by our active members. Each one of us should contact our friends and tell them about IV. New members on IV should get answers to their questions as well as information about related advocacy work done by IV politely urging them to help out. Other websites and forums should also help raise awareness about what we do so that the community understand that what we do is for the benefit of the community and it is a community effort.

    Thats true dear pappu,

    I Never donated anything to IV so far, but now I will do that. I did spread awareness about IV from last several years, and will keep doing so.

    IV helps me a lot in providing valuable information plus very big moral support when i got frustrated.

    Thank you I IV and Dear Teddy for his great hardwork.

    is there anyway we can add some more points in IV agenda if they are already not there,

    1. what we can do to reduce Citizenship waiting time for us who are already waiting from many years for GC because of the retrogression.

    2. how to make easier for a unmarried Greencard holder to bring their spouses to US rather then waiting for 4 years.

    if you dont like any of the above suggestions, just ignore and dont fight.


    MC aka Kaka aka Dalai Lama.

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  • gc_wannabe
    08-04 01:45 PM

    Which center ??


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  • Slowhand
    08-28 05:00 PM
    I do not believe that all consulting companies are alike. They may have a similar operating model and thus similar issues like turnover. But their attitude towards their employees differs substantially. Most of us consultants do not have a source of information on how good a consulting company is and most of do not share information. I checked out these sites ( and ) before switching and noticed that we are a reluctant community to share information.


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  • widad2020
    05-03 09:27 PM
    EB2 PD 19 May 2006: NSC

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  • immig4me
    03-01 08:59 AM


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  • pmamp
    01-18 09:18 AM
    I think it will take almost a month before there is significant number of members who sign up for recurring payments. So, keep it up and spread the word.

    I was wondering how many of 8400 messages were undelivered?

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  • EBX-Man
    05-10 07:19 AM
    why bother show up on IV now? I dont like ppl joining IV just to declare their GC status - no contribution.

    Took you a long time to figure it out huh !!!???

    Now don't you agree that an Active member on this forum who disagrees with your approach is better than these non active members who silently troll the forum and their first and last post is about receiving GC.


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  • amirani
    05-27 01:27 PM
    Hi MMS,

    How can I send the information to you?

    As someone suggested in thread, if you want us to note down following on paper and mail the scan copy to you then please give us your email address.

    Name, Company Name, Case Number, Filing Date, Audit Date and Signature at the end.


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  • indian111
    08-18 12:17 PM
    whats ur e-file date pappuseth
    and whats ur PD.Any infopass appt done and how did u open the expedite SR.
    Please provide info.

    I got the CPO email just now.. i'm not sure if it's because of the SR that my wife opened on Friday evening or it just happened without that.. but anyways it's a relief now.. i also see a lot of people getting cpo emails today.. btw, just curious, does the cpo stage come before "approved" status or after it?

    now hope that i receive the card in time.. will post about its validity and start date once i receive it. (i'll be current for the month of September as my pd is july 06)

    good luck to others who are waiting and hope that they get cpos soon


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-06 08:25 PM
    I have told them that Im the only bread earner of the family and the cost of living in the area that i live is very high and that I have bills to pay. But they have denied my request. i dont know what other financial hardship should I show them. Maybe I should declare bankruptcy and then send that over to USCIS to show that I really have financial hardship.
    I have infopass appointment on 14th I will try to raise the same issue again and see what they will say

    Have requested the same thing, lets see hoe it goes. How long did u wait before u opened the SR. I hope u wont mind sharing.

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  • snathan
    04-10 12:15 PM

    I noticed someone posted this in one other thread. I just noticed this as the 3rd headlines on CNN home page.

    If you really contributed $2400 as you say in your post and if you are really EB3 with PD 2003, then you wouldnt be asking others or me the questions. You didnt list a single action item that makes obvious sense to most people here.

    Do you want me also to write below " I contributed $8000 so far".. Do you think it will make anyone to even contribute a $ here unless they see a point. Wake up and come up with a better plan.

    what is the point of asking you the question when you are just blank...? is it going make any one's life any better.? I still remember you are not even able to send the $25 check and want to put 'contributed $8000'. Dont you think its funny?:rolleyes:


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  • dummgelauft
    03-24 03:34 PM
    Speaking for myself, I'm not seeing the value.

    I see IV right now going off and tilting at windmills that will have little effect. Stuff like the I-485 without current PD for example, will serve to both alleviate the immediate issue of backlog, and make those responsible less likely to actually fix the problem, all while creating a permanent under-class of immigrants who will spend decades waiting for their permanent status.

    So...when I see them advocating for things that will make a difference, I might consider contributing at that time.

    Dear Sir, You are EB1C, chargeable to should have your greencard sooner than one can say Mississipi..or Schenectady..or Connecticut...or whatever.

    I am not accusing you of apathy, but you may not be able to understand the anxiety, pain and frustration that a person who is an EB3 or even EB2 chargeable to India or China. People in such a situation will tend to grasp at the straws.... if not the whole bale of hay.

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  • abhijitp
    07-12 01:06 AM
    Instead of "as soon as you can", you could use �at your earliest convenience�.
    I will make that change in the letters I send out to others, thanks!


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  • ram001
    09-03 02:23 PM
    My PD April 16th 2004 EB2

    1-140 approved July 2008
    1-485 RFE (Medial ) April 2009

    Still waiting for Good news..

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  • achiever2001
    01-20 11:16 AM
    From the heading of the topic, i thought it was somebody venting out frustration and so did not visit it, till my wife told me about it today.

    Best of luck


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  • vjj
    05-04 01:35 PM
    I sent my passport renewal to CGI houston on Apr 5. I called them last week and they said they registered it on Apr 8th and it is under processing. I will be traveling to India on May 18. Will I get my passport before then or should I file for Tatkal. Or how long can I wait before I send the tatkal fees. The lady who answered the phone said that I don't need to file tatkal and hung up. I am confused on what to do next. Please advise.

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  • pd_recapturing
    05-15 10:16 PM
    I also need to know the answer of this question ? Please somebody help.

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  • bkarnik
    02-01 09:17 PM
    It was introduced by Kennedy to amend an unfriendly amendment from Jeff Sessions, but its only registered on Thomas. It has not passed and its not a part of the bill that passed the Senate today. It was not even debated.

    This is what happened:
    Kennedy submitted SA 180(about immigration) in response to amendment SA 143(text unavailable) introduced by Jeff Sessions. Its a parliamentary spat (tit for tat) and eventually both were left untouched. So it can be on thomas, but it has not passed.

    Thanks for being alert, but please be careful about such things. Not everything that is on Thomas becomes law or is even debated.


    Nothing has been passed. Please do not get your hopes up. Please be very careful before posting such messages. The IV team is working behind the scenes.

    05-30 02:20 PM
    Paper Filed : Sent on Apr 26 to Dallas Lockbox
    Receipt date : May 6
    Received EAD approved email/sms on May 25.
    Have not received the physical card.

    08-23 05:41 PM
    You cannot contribute too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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