Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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  • Legal
    07-11 08:59 PM

    Posted July 11, 2007

    Visa numbers WERE available July 2nd!!
    We have confirmed with a knowledgeable official in the Department of State Visa Office that USCIS was requesting visa numbers on Sunday July 1st, and Monday morning July 2nd - and that visa numbers were still being issued as late as the morning of July 2nd!

    In fact, close to 30,000 visa numbers were requested and issued in July - through the morning of July 2nd. And we believe that many - if not most - of the requests made in the first two days of July were for applicants whose priority dates were not current in June!
    So how can USCIS refuse to accept I-485 filings received BEFORE the State Department issued its notice that all visa numbers had been used???? We have not yet confirmed the return of any I-485s filed in July. But we do know that applications were reaching the USCIS before the State Department announcement - and while the USCIS was frantically working to use up the entire year's allocation.

    USCIS did not use all visa numbers before July 2nd.

    Did USCIS actually use the visa numbers it requested????
    Historically, the USCIS doesn't request a visa number from the Department of State until it is ready to grant the adjustment of status application. US Consuls overseas request visa numbers the month before they intend to issue the immigrant visa. This is the reason why consuls return about ten percent of the visa numbers requested - and why USCIS does not generally return any numbers.

    In fact, in making allocations of visa numbers, the Department of State factors in an expected return rate for consuls - but not for the USCIS. And the USCIS - before this June - used about 85% of the total immigrant visa numbers available.

    However, already this month, the USCIS has been returning visa numbers. This confirms our earlier suspicion that the only way the USCIS could request 68,000 visa numbers in a matter of weeks was to request them in advance of adjudicating cases.

    We believe USCIS exhausted the visa numbers by simply requesting them - not by using them. If so, and for reasons we will post shortly, we believe that over 30,000 visa numbers requested by USCIS will go unused - and will be wasted this year!
    Posted July 9, 2007

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  • bostonqa
    05-15 12:31 PM
    For Indians we had vaccination in India at our childhood. Due to this some will get positive results in the skin test. Then doctor is going to recommends for chest x-ray. Some of the doctor's are going to overlook this. Because the medical report is a sealed cover we don�t know what number he written in the medical examination form. You can ask the doctor.

    And one more thing is for skin test we have wait couple of days.

    From my experience I recommend others to go for x-ray. In my case my immigration doctor, he written 5mm as reaction for skin test. USCIS sent RFE on this to go for x-ray.
    I gone for x-ray and answered the RFE immediately.

    A chest x-ray is required only if the reaction to the TB skin test is 5mm or greater.


    Thanks for all the information,

    how long after the first medical test do you get the results?

    say for example I go for medical exam on May 18th and then re-visit for skin test results on May 21st. when would I get the medical results (sealed in envelope etc)?

    also if they suggest some vaccination, do we have to get those vaccination and then re-take medical exams etc?

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  • vasa
    09-20 07:24 AM
    you guys must have seen me with my 3 kids in a stroller and my wife handing out flowers and holding a placard...
    it was an experience in itself, a good one
    with lasting memories


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  • ashkam
    07-22 10:14 AM
    My wife's status changed from H4 TO H1. Recently when she went to apply for her SSN, the officer there took her original approved H1 along with I-94 and never returned it to her. She assumed that they would need the originals . I didn't know about this since I live about 200 mi away from her.
    We will contact them on Monday but in the worst case scenario, if they have lost it. Do I need to apply for a new I-94 or a copy will suffice.
    Any hope??

    You will need the original while going out of the country. For other stuff, usually they only need a copy.


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  • mhathi
    05-20 01:06 PM
    called couple of congressman but one were asking if i contacted my local congressman ???

    They do that sometimes. No matter. They will pass on your message. I had the same experience with Rep. Hinojosa's office. Key is though to call all of the congressmen and let your concerns known. All the others were very polite in talking.

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  • qasleuth
    04-09 11:54 PM
    actually you are insane. just because you have contributed money does not make you sane !!
    and you should be the first one to ask for action items (since I guess you have really donated 2400 dollars) ..or are you planning to donate 5000 dollars more without asking anything in return ? (yr money ..but as the saying goes ..a fool and his money soon part ways) ..well this is my last post ..bye and good luck !!

    You are just incredible....a lot of talk in many threads but no real action....just suggesting, lets start an action item, run that campaign etc etc. When asked specific questions you ignore and now in protest, you want to quit ?

    You asked a question and I answered in this thread, you conveniently ignored and yet keep calling for action, making statements of intent with no real action.

    here is what I said in the below thread:

    Here is the process that folks here have been told to follow in the past: come up with a basic plan (should not be a statement of intent but a proper sequential plan with steps), start a thread, contact core by sending them an email. Gather support in the thread while the core discusses and comes back with feedback. Whatever support in terms of logistics, money, advice, contacts etc are then provided by IV core who will work with a 'sub-team' for the proposal.


    Just keep saying, lets start an action item blah blah....come up with a plan, not glorious statements of intent. Is that what you do at work ? Come up with pompous statements and expect others to work ? Let me guess, you are a CEO and just involve yourself in strategic thinking and do not want to muddy yourself with details ? is that right ? I do not see strategy either. If you are still logging in and reading this, atleast do a better job in your personal/professional life. Good luck.


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  • GreenCard4US
    09-29 10:32 AM
    Every time someone comes up with something new they get shot down here by "certain" other members. They try to find reasons to say it was a bad idea rather than saying something constructive. Give this guy a chance.

    ...and what's the point of this discussion here? The point is not lost on anyone here that such bill(s) are needed and passed. So I am not quite sure what you hope to achieve by this poll - will this lead to any action on your part to write up such a bill or talk to your congressmen/women about the points discussed here? :confused:

    I think a lot of people here just like to discuss the hell out of this topic just make themselves feel better! :rolleyes:

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  • GCNirvana007
    04-08 04:07 PM
    I don't have clear picture on what IV is planning to do now except that FOIA drive. I request the core team to inform all IV members explicitly about their plan. I guess there will be more donations than they expect.

    suggestion: while sending emails that there is a reply to your post, they should also add the actions they have been/ or planning to take.

    Good luck with that - They will respond when they want to. Atleast seems like it.


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  • ZeroComplexity
    05-10 02:33 PM
    Check your mail boxes folks!. I never got an email from USCIS but just found my green card in the mail box. An eventful day after all :)

    Some stats:

    PD May 25th 2006
    Approved May 5th 2011 - No SR, no infopass, no phone calls, no contacting senators

    $ Contribution to IV: more than $800(kinda lost track now).

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  • X-Wing
    08-05 01:34 PM
    New message on USCIS's site https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/jsps/index.jsp -

    Server is currently unavailable or down for maintenance


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  • chintu25
    01-13 10:16 PM
    We can create a small area within IV forums for people to share knowledge on various non immigration subjects. What do you think?

    Very Nice idea .. Thanks

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  • sriatm
    07-29 09:20 PM
    ThiFor more information on EB green card distribution by category, visit: http://www.dhs.gov/files/statistics/publications/LPR09.shtms may be useful.


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  • immilaw
    12-14 11:54 AM
    One more person responded to my invitation.
    Welcome to IV, 'Padmaja'!

    Everyone, please bring ONE member to IV by December 31

    Do we get a confirmation once a "referred friend" becomes a member? I want to keep tab on who has signed up so that I can follow up with them.

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  • mdcowboy
    02-02 02:46 PM
    I never saw anything like this it is far worse than the government municipality office. There is only one lady at the counter nearly 200 people waiting. She is doing things at her own pace. They were fighting over missing $10s, nepotism etc,is prevailing, they have an official line and an unofficial line. It looks like a shack than a consulate. Burger shack is better than India Consulate. After more than a month I am still waiting for my PP.

    I went to the DC embassy to submit my passport on December 9th. The line was long and the lady was efficient. the only problem is if you don't have any of the docs, you are out...need to come back again..and the DC website is the worst of all...does not give all the documents required. I had all of mine and was done in an hours time. I was asked to come back on Jan 29th thats a month and a half later.

    I come back and the place is like a movie ticket counter for the first day first show..no queue..not organized...people just walk in the front of the counter and gather even though they see a line..also the lady at the counter was RUDE...throws the passport right at you...there was favoritism to the department of state guys who came seeking visas!


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  • bigboy007
    04-09 12:07 AM
    Even though its anticipated that EB3-I is screwed up for ever , I expected at least a snail movement instead its U for the whole of year. More of these days... I think we are all spending more time debating options.. We will go no where with waiting...

    I think last year they did around 3000 odd applications for even at this rate it takes 30+ years and there is no relief in sight...

    We have spent enough time already in thinking about ways... ONLY one way that works is some kind of legislative relief.. IV Core knows about it... These days every time i meet a friend or relative I have only one Message please join IV and contribute and if you dont want to contribute atleast please participate in any initiatives that IV Core might recommend.

    I am in for the best i could do as we did in CIR 2007.

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  • willgetgc2005
    03-01 12:41 PM
    IS there a link to check PERM case status ?

    A quick reponse is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You


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  • coopheal
    04-10 09:52 PM
    Look at past VBs... Nothing like, EB3 getting U from May has happened in recent past.

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  • Mil
    03-12 10:43 PM
    Hope this helps you



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  • das0
    05-16 11:43 AM
    Hi purplehazea,

    Can you please give his contact info?


    Other folks - any thoughts?

    05-09 02:19 PM
    Does anyone can predict what will be the cut-off date for EB-3 ROW during the months July to September ? Will it proceed, stop moving or even it could be retrogressed ? what will be the OCT 2008 cut-off date ?

    10-06 10:03 AM

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