Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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  • Carlau
    02-01 08:49 PM
    Sorry, there is no www.senate.gov web page matching your request

    This amendment does not include backlog relief.

    go to

    click on H.R. 2 which is on 2nd row.
    then click on "Amendments" and find SA187
    click on text of amendment

    The amendment is limited to Page 1121 of the text. It is not the complete text that shows up.

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    02-25 09:20 AM
    shared on my facebook page.

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  • sbabunle
    06-07 08:33 PM
    Rep Bilbray elected from Sandiego is viewed as a victory
    over amnesty and the common emotion of the whole country
    Read on CNN

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  • Eternal_Hope
    04-08 02:47 PM
    No forward movement in EB2 (I or C).

    EB3 is "Unavailable" for all countries of chargebility.

    Where did the visas go this? Who got them that they are already out of them??


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  • planets
    03-24 12:10 PM
    Why don't we display all members list who paid and who not paid.

    Most of People are trying to earn without sweat.

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  • indian111
    08-18 02:13 PM
    It all abt luck I guess.
    I have opened a SR but denied it .
    No when I call them , there just recite my status and say i have to wait .

    E-filed on may 22
    Current EAD expired 09/17


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  • rsdang
    08-22 05:47 PM
    that the years for Citzenship count the day you apply for I-485...not actually recieving the GC..that was his lawyers opinion..

    So does this mean that all the July filers will be eligible for Naturalization come July 2012 ( provided they get the GC by then)

    Gurus please comment - any one has spoken to the lawyers on this topic?

    Please share your thoughts...:confused:

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 06:01 PM
    Hi, I did that today. A personalized letter along with copies of the Interim Bulletin and te USCIS press release on July 2.

    Next, I want to write to other senators who are friendly to skilled immigrants (Cantwell, Cornyn etc). Has someone compiled a list of them?

    That is awesome, thanks. That is going to work.


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  • maristella61
    02-02 09:18 AM
    It's all that's on my mind now and check this thread every 10 minutes hoping for the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck to all and have a great week end!

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  • BharatPremi
    04-10 06:20 PM
    There is a huge amount of $$ you have paid for Social Security and Medicare. You don't need to get back that:confused:??. This is just a part of the benefit...

    For having SSN benefits, 10 years of service is (=40 credits) required on US soil. To take those benefits you do not have to be a US citizen. Except for some countries, SSN dept can send the SS check to anywhere if mailing address is provided to it. And Green Card by definition is for "Permanent Residency" meaning as long as you renew your GC, you can be in US during your whole life time without becoming US Citizen.


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  • saro28
    04-01 09:30 PM
    I received my passport exactly in 16 days. I sent $70, they sent only 36 page passport instead of 50. I am going to email for $10 refund!

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  • lvaka
    08-14 10:09 AM
    Guys any update on Interim EAD. Did anyone even tried applying ofcourse thru infopass? Or is that every one are getting their EADs intime??


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  • smuggymba
    09-29 09:18 PM
    dupe post...deleting

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  • somegchuh
    01-23 06:48 PM
    texcan, it is a bit off topic but it is so funny.....
    This really captures a lot of what all the "desis" do. Eat a lot of food and watch movies.
    Me and my friends joke about it all the time. We try very hard to break from it but its really hard.

    On a serious note I agree one should live life to the fullest but I think there is a balance.

    Money is not everything but one shouldn't go bankrupt or end up in foreclosure trying to live life to the fullest.

    I know those desis who are super savers and will never improve life style and I know those who are always on the edge of bankruptcy because they wanted to live the american dream.

    I believe there are always two camps in any group, different view points, ideas and observations.

    I firmly believe even if words are harsh from some members they donot mean that bad, or they just simply cant see other's view point.

    Over last few year, i have observed something and that bothers me, the point is
    "We (Indians) are interesting people, we want to live as an indian in america";
    save a lot of money, go home(india) for 15 days ....say bad things about india
    and then come here...start saying bad things about america.

    I like some points aobut half hearted work from some fellows. I totally agree.
    Here is my simply take, if we want to live and compete hapilly, we have to really live in america as an american.
    How can an indian who slept all afternoon on weekend, then watched a movie and ate heavy dinnner at night with 5 indian families who all taked about negative things in america; will /can compete with american on monday morning...when this american
    got up early on saturday, ran 10 miles ...full of energy....took his/her kids for camping or went on its own, ran /exercised on sunday may be a long trek in woods...he is fresh, ready to work, creative...
    I donot think anyone who slept all week/watched movie/talked negative about american society /about america can compete with someone who lived for full weekend.

    These are just small observations.
    In short, most of us are still living an indian life in america. This will not take us far,
    If we want to be happy we got to live as an american in america.
    Money is not everything,a big bankbalance will do no good to anyone at age of 65 when you cant move your leg let apart run or play.

    I also believe, we (indians) donot give time to ourselves. Ex. husband, wife, kids all together all the time. No good, give time to yourself, do somtihngs togehter and some things seperately, This will give time to observe life as an individual too.

    how many indian go out for just all boys groupings, not many. Why??? how bad it can be, when you just go out kick some dust drink beer if you please, atleast releax.
    When i started doing it, it was lot of fun.

    Same should be with girls, wives, you all should go out and do things with your friends for a change.

    same for kids, if your kids want to go camping with school friends, let them go. Let kids live their life. Imaging what your kids talks about weekend, when rest of american kids talk about running in wood, fishing, hunting, mud racing.....????

    Just my thoughts and i believe in living life to fullest; and try to live it to fullest too.


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  • Lasantha
    04-01 01:40 PM
    I think EB3 only. ROW

    do you want the new poll for EB3 only?? ROW

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  • GCisLottery
    01-18 03:48 PM
    The recurring payment is a nice idea, however the options are limited.

    For e.g. I tried to revise mine to $25 from $20, there's no option to do so.

    I will probably cancel this subscription and setup one from my bank.

    $25, $50, $75, $100 are ideal amounts. I don't know if PayPal charges for each subscription option you create(I would think not).

    Please chew on it and and implement, if you think it's good.


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  • alien02k
    06-14 10:30 AM
    is it NSC...

    I have mine sent on 05/06 and receipt notice date on 5/12, routed to NSC. checks encashed after that no update. One soft LUD on 06/07.

    Anyone with the above dates and NSC provide me with their updates.

    thank you

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  • raj2007
    06-13 11:15 PM
    There will be a few lucky ones indeed. Those who get I-485 cleared within 3 - 4 months. But retrogression will kick in ( as applications get approved ) and the PD of 2003,2004 etc will become valuable.

    It happened in 1999-2000 when they made all the dates current for 3 months and after that it went back by 3 years.But good thing this time is that you can change the jobs after 6 months.

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  • EB2_Unite
    09-26 10:12 AM
    Possibly not. But it has to reach USCIS and I was thinking of getting through the liason process of the senators / congressmen.
    If IV can take up this effort, then there is a channel that we can get through. But I dont think it is going to happen, because of the infights. Even if USCIS does'nt react, we can use this process to challenge the intrepretation and show them the mess that they have created. May be that will help


    I believe in talking simple and straight. Well, EB3 friends have every right to work for their benefit. Nothing wrong with that. EB2 people should therefore unite and protect their interests too. EB2 group should unite and lobby hard to ensure that the current equation EB1 > EB2 > EB3 is not disturbed. After all, everyone is selfish when the pins are down. EB2 friends, can we be proactive and protect our interests before it is too late? Nothing to get emotional about

    03-31 02:37 PM
    Not neccessarily. If you look at the approved 485s from TSC, you will see that large number of them have RDs in June 2007. But according to the published TSC processing times, they have been lagging in April something for the last two months. So I don't really think these "published" processing times really reflect the current work being done at a service center at least when ones PD is current.

    so now we have to have PD current processing time for that service center is current and also be lucky so an IO will pick up our application to be processed. (it is actually little depressing)

    10-05 05:06 PM
    Big movement usually comes in June (last quarter of the fiscal year) because DOS is not good in statistics (they are hiring US citizens...just kidding, no offense meant) and only that time it realizes that there are more visas to give. And then suddenly some big VB movements (i think DOS should hire us instead as statistician....i can make accurate VB...lol).

    But I believe for FY2008, big movement will come on April (DOS doesn't like a repeat of the July VB fiasco).

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