Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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  • diptam
    06-26 01:45 PM
    Lawyers are making good money - they are intimidating everyone who wants to file on their own !!!

    My company asked me for a agreement to give me the letter - that agreement is also crafted by a Lawyer - Business everywhere !!

    And I got this reply :

    See, hear that ? "NO WAY FOR USCIS". Now, I dont know why some lawyers are spreading this nonsense that "BEWARE, USCIS will stop accepting new petitions if they receive 'too many petitions'. What is 'too many ??? Who defines 'too many'? Is 'too many' defined as the time when the mail room clerk gets back pain from lifting boxes of petitions ? Or the guy printing 485 receipt notices gets carpel tunnel syndrome ?


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  • GCOP
    05-15 02:48 PM
    As soon as, I got the chance, I was able to call the rest of Congress offices.
    Now Let us hope that, our phone calls help us.
    Please call all of them. They asked me whether I was from district or particular organization, and I said I am not from the district but I am a member of Immigration Voice and they have taken down my message.

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  • sachin76
    04-12 01:36 PM
    I field my EAD renewal electronically on 4/10/10. I will be sending supporting documents today.

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    08-03 03:49 PM
    [QUOTE=WAIT_FOR_EVER_GC;1974807]i got green today[/Q
    Congrads. What's your RD. I noticed people with late Aug 2007 RD are being Greened. maybe they are going by RD:confused:

    TRUE my rd is Aug1


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  • rustum
    09-26 05:28 PM
    My company recently did layoffs. Can they file for new perm application? Do they need to wait for some specific time before they are filing new perm application? I believe that, at least they will be required to wait for 6months.
    Kindly confirm this.

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  • goosetavo
    02-05 01:07 PM
    One more thing, IV, please create a Facebook event for the Advocacy Days and post it on your page, that way I can send to all my friends.


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-14 03:15 PM
    Has anybody been able to find TSC Expedite FAX NUMBER for EAD applications.

    GO IV GO.

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  • bskrishna
    05-16 09:40 PM
    Usually at this stage, RFEs are for Employment verification. Did you use AC21 to change job or roles? Did you change your house address?


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  • santb1975
    04-09 12:08 PM
    Feels great to have your support. We can definately use your help on a lot of Team IV initiatives. I have a few things sketched out for you already :D
    You can walk with us for 2 miles or we can find a 5k (5k = 3.1 miles) for you

    I know , I can not walk 10 miles (Army 10 miles, Washington DC)- forget running.:) Can I still be part of this?
    I think, apart from running and walking 10 miles I am able to involve myself doing other expected activities. In my life time I have not walked 10 miles:)..Man, you guys are tough.

    Note: I may be able to walk 2 miles.

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  • snathan
    05-16 01:10 PM
    I had discussion with Mr.Gotcher about this issue. He said, AILA is collecting information on this matter and they are pursuing with Altanta center. But he does not believe or expect any positive outcome. As said earlier he insist to send a formal complaint with OIG and offered his time/help. As its affecting large group of people he refused to accept any fee. I offered we are ready to cover any expense which he might incurr, but seems like it would be very less and he offered free service. Mr.Gotcher will draft a letter in a week time. What we need now - lot support and signature. We do not need to provide any case number. so I dont believe there would be any consequence. So guys please come forward. Spread this news as much as possible and get enough support. Help yourself and get out of this mess.



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  • Ahimsa
    07-19 10:20 AM
    What do we say when people correlate illegal and legal immigrations as closely connected?

    There was a hearing yesterday in the house "Should We Embrace the Senate's Grant of Amnesty to Millions of Illegal Aliens and Repeat the Mistakes of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986?"

    Look what Mr. Steven A. Camarota (Center for Immigration Studies) quotes in his testimony (shown in italics): (http://judiciary.house.gov/media/pdfs/camarota071806.pdf)

    ...many observers have pointed out that when you reward law breaking, you make legal immigrants who have played by the rules, and in some cases have waited many years to come to our country, look like fools for taking America�s law seriously.

    True. But see what he says then...

    ...Amnesties and Increased Legal Immigration Don�t Solve Problem. �Amnesty spurs more illegal immigration, as does increases in legal immigration. A 1997 report from the INS found that there was a surge of new illegal immigration when the 1986 amnesty went into effect. The increase seems to have been the result of family members joining their newly legalized relatives�
    One of the most controversial provisions in S2611 is the very large increase in legal immigration it creates. The larger the pool of immigrants (legal or illegal) in the United States, the greater is the pull for more illegal immigration. Illegal aliens often live with legal immigrants and it is legal immigrants who often provide information about jobs and housing to their relatives and friends back home. Legal immigration has been increasing for more than three decades, and illegal immigration has been increasing right along with it. The top sending countries for legal immigration are by and large the top sending countries for illegal immigration. A survey funded by the National Institute of Health found that one-third of new legal immigrants were former illegal aliens. Legal and illegal immigration are closely linked. The past shows that if you increase one you increase the other. The Senate bill repeats the mistake of thinking amnesty plus increases in legal immigration will solve the problem. It did not in the past and there is no reason to think it will this time around. Instead, S2611 will almost certainly stimulate more illegal mmigration...

    Obviously Mr. Camarota was generalizing the legal immigration and was not talking about employer sponsored immigration.

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  • pappu
    01-11 07:49 PM
    Membership count today: 8,226

    All pls keep up the good work

    Pls use this tool
    to send mails to all your friends and also ask them to forward it further
    Today's count
    Members: 8,335
    about 100 members in 3 days. All your efforts are working. Keep posting on other sites and send IV info to your friends


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  • falcyon
    02-11 11:37 PM
    applied for renewal for unexpired passport via USPS on 1/28/09. Didn't hear a thing from email and/or phone enquiry.....


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  • GT7481
    03-20 12:14 PM
    Drop the country limits atleast for some time (I think between 1998 - 2002 there were 190,000 H1's Allowed but there was not increase in the number of green cards issued it still stayed at 140 k anually) . Because there was need of immigrant work force in this country the H1 b # were raised. The immigration system is like a Pipe both the inlet and the outlet have to have the same diameter otherwise the pipe can be clogged(back logged). So during the 1998 -2002 the inlet was made broader but nothing was done to the outlet so now we have the clog.

    Recapture the unsued Visas lost due to the adminstrative proccessing delays like name check, back ground check etc. For these visa numbers there were actaully people waiting for in the line but got pushed back due to adminstartive proccessing delays , but now all the paper work is ready after all the adminstrative processes but the visa #s are lost due to the policy of not carrying it over.

    The other incentive may be green card for people buying a home ( Most people in the EB community have stable jobs and good income and clean back grounds).

    Implementing these can help the economy and the housing market How?
    More greencards -> More people from the Legal immigrant community start their own and implement their own ideas which have been bubbling in their heads for years . This could create more jobs.

    More greencards -> More people from the legal immigrant community buy their own home which will drive up the demand in the housing market, which inturn will help stabilize the home prices.

    These are some of my thoughts.



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  • amitjoey
    01-19 11:12 AM
    Will try to get my friends to sign up over the weekend

    that is the spirit.

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  • AR77
    02-28 04:33 PM
    I will be attending the advocacy event and have registered. I am travelling from AZ
    I made a contribution last week for $100


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  • SAP
    05-26 05:03 PM
    Applied EAD/AP for myself on 04/26

    AP approved : 05/10
    RFE on EAD for Photographs :05/10
    Photos submitted.
    EAD Approved on: 05/24

    Additionally i received FP, prolly for I-485 its been few years most likely they are expired. not sure what they do with finger prints when they do immigration at the airport. they shud prolly use that..which will save some time and cost for USCIS and pain for us.

    njoy the ride..


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  • trojan
    05-03 04:13 PM
    This is the email I got:

    Your Case Status: Decision

    On May 2, 2011, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    During this step the formal decision (approved/denied) is written and the decision notice is mailed and/or emailed to the applicant/petitioner. You can use our current processing time to gauge when you can expect to receive a final decision.

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  • susie
    12-29 12:31 AM
    I am a strong supporter of IV , its cause and one of the state chapter leaders . And I also believe that IV's goal should be clear and focussed, but this is an issue that eats my heart.

    What kind of justice it is, where people are rewarded for breaking laws and those who followed it are made to suffer.

    We are here in the US not only for ourselves but also for the better life to our children. If we can't give them that then our living in this country is worthless.

    I also think that this issue should be part of IV top agenda among other things. The folks in question are not illegal but our very own in EB category. They are the greatest victim of the system. When I look at my sufferings , it is less compared to what these people are going through. My green card may be delayed but most likely will not be denied. Whereas, their green card is as good as denied.

    While I am writting this and putting myself in your shoes, I feel helpless and hopeless. If IVians won't help here then who would?

    agree 100% but I cannot see that IV will be able to assist us , so we will have to put our heads together

    07-14 11:11 AM
    Many are porting to EB2 from EB3, Hope that clears some traffic @EB3. I hope USCIS will equally distribute the spill over in year or two with help of IV and lawfirms.

    Its in 10s. Not even in 100s. And sadly, the DAMN drunk USCIS not taking this into consideration while setting a cut off dates for EB3 I. Either Visas get wasted or spilled over to other categories that are already in good shape, for ex EB 2 (Not specifically India).

    04-06 08:31 PM
    Very true - anyone who goes ahead in the queue is actually easing it up for the latter. This is Never about belittling a fellow sufferer.
    If PhDs get a quota relief, will be good for all of us, although i personally will not qualify.
    US Bachelors/Masters holders in a STEM field for example, will similarly ease up the system.
    Hopefully all others will see it that way.

    If there is anything targeted for any small group...I am sure other will not accept whatever may be the reason. Everyone desperately wants to get out of this mess. I don’t think freeing up the queue theory will help. That’s the reality.

    For the shake of argumennt let me ask you...If I get my GC, it will free up one GC in line. Will you accept that and support this. This is the question in everyone's mind now.

    United we stand...divided we fall.

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