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  • somegchuh
    06-14 02:08 AM
    I couldn't agree more with you. This is the worst thing to happen for ppl who have been patiently waiting in BEC lines since 2001 !!! Essentially this means that dates will get current for all the PERM filers since Mar 2005, giving them the advantage of AC21 while leaving simple ppl like you stuck. And then by the time your labor gets approved dates may not be current anymore.
    But unless you are the type of person who's willing to get into buying labor certification there is nothing you can do! Is it unfair, hell yeah! Life's a b****. But remember you are getting screwed now others have either been screwed at some other point or will get screwed later. We all get screwed :D

    Are yuou out of your mind? You are asking a man who has been waiting in line since 2003 a spoilsport? If he was really a spolisport who would bought his way out by now. You want him to celebrate while you get AC21 and he's left waiting again? You have some nerve!
    Why do you want a spoilsport bro. Everybody is rejoicing this moment. Let us not spoil everybody's moment here. I agree with ur reasoning, but the fact that everybody can apply for 485 brings justice to everybody. My PD is Mar 2004 and i am equally happy for all who can apply 485.

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  • pintoo007
    08-24 11:22 AM
    My son was born physically disabled (cerebral palsy). He his wheel-chaired bound and is totally dependent on us. He speaks and understands everything. He went to High School here,and got his Diploma and Certificates. That's why when me and my wife came here in 1992, from Bombay, India for my son's operation and came with B-2 visas medical visa. By the doctor letters our visa had continued for three and half years, and temporary work permit for two years only. Then we tried to change our status, but that didn't work out We also went to the INS local office, they advised us at that time it was better for us not to change our status. We did not get a deportation letter. We got a letter from INS saying that had they had CLOSE our case. We all three have SSN.
    My employer filed for LC in 01 and approved in 06. Also my brother filed for I130 in 01. In Feb 06 filed for I140 and approved in July 06. Due to backlog with the Labor Dept, my son is now 23. So my son can not file for I485 with me. He also can not file for PERM because he is disabled. Though he is very good at computers but who would hire a disabled person.


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  • nyte_crawler
    09-25 11:44 AM
    I quoted a fact (rational and valid) to argue your assumptions. I never even claimed to know what USCIS would do and how they would present the data. It was you who presented a theory to justify that we should not go with any change in the spill over. I want to know why you dont want EB3I not to proceed with this measure. Is it because you believe it will take away numbers from EB2 or EB3I is doomed with plenty of cases and any amount will not make any changes. I believe its perhaps the earlier than the later. See, we all have our needs and we all want to look for ourselves first (including you and me). Its basic human nature. We all can generate obfuscatory facts to push our agenda. But at the end does it justify the means ?

    I beleive you are selectively highlighting facts. Forgive me if I am wrong but there are two issues here

    1) Applications Pending by PD
    2) Applications Pending by Category (EB 2 & EB3)

    Now yes I agree a congress man can ask like how come I see Eb3 app from 2001 pending with you since 2001. Which means 8+ years. With Spillover to Eb3 the dates max go to 2002 so the question would be app pending for 7+ years

    With moving EB2 they can least claim that they have moved an entire category to current. Is that right or wrong is entirely a personal question but it is a valid argument from their side. Also look at it this way Eb1 I & Eb2 I currently have a gap of 4 years. and EB2 & Eb3 have a gap of 4 years as well.

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  • syzygy
    06-14 02:51 PM
    GC is moving target, looks like some drunkard wakes up one fine morning and randomly moves the priority date value/importance. I know those in such situation may be relatively less in number but I know many who are and repurcussions for this look horrible for people who have not made past this luck test. I was one of the unlucky ones :(. good luck to guys who have moved forward hope you still help rest of us still stuck.

    Oh Yeah??

    So why didn't we accept the current retrogression as "injustice and screwed up process of USCIS" and just sat tight? Why did IV get started? Why threadful of messages moaning in agony over the retrogression? What warranted those threads, and for that matter, IV then?


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  • Saralayar
    04-07 12:01 PM

    we are struggling to get greencard, even Multi year EAD/AP is a issue and you guys are talking about citizenship..

    best of luck

    I am also struggling to get my GC. It is my 9th year in H1B visa. My intention is, atleast we can reduce the period for waiting to get the citizenship. It can also be considered as a good benefit for our community. Just my thoughts...

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  • pappu
    09-30 08:39 AM
    I decided to join you as a monthly Donor today.

    It looks like your organization is the only one doing anything concrete to help legal immigrants. I had trouble finding support on other immigration sites.

    This is request to other members and forum browsers, guests to also support their effort.

    The recession has been tough, but if I had to choose, my immigration is more important to me than cable TV.

    Thank you. Welcome to IV.


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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-03 02:54 PM
    Got the emails of "card production ordered" for both me and my wife today. A wait of 11 years came to an end.

    Congrats. Did you do anything special - SR, Senator office, Infopass?

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  • Green_Always
    06-13 11:41 PM
    This is really Crazy....

    People are waiting form 2001 for GC and these guys have open flood gates.. and I have been seeing approvals for 2003 / 2004 cases.. and no wonder they will approve next month cases also..

    Where is the Justice?

    Not sure.. how this kind of advanced country can do things like this very happazzard with out proper process and procedures.

    Not sure what they are up to..

    Probally they will get more papers on illegals now..

    only thing they have to outsource this process to India / China.. to move things fast.

    Dont know if we need to laugh or cry at these people procedure and process..

    Hope things will go as First In First Out which is ethical and justification way to move things.

    Hope some one from high level of USCIS looks at my message and take necessary actions and set right there process and procedures..

    no other words to explain this Irony of Life..

    TKS & RGRDS.


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  • pd_recapturing
    05-14 12:19 PM
    Hi, Did somebody take advantage of the new rule of H1-H4 decoupling where one can use the time spent in H4 in H1? or can somebody confirm that this rule is in place and a law ? Please let me know.

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  • pappu
    12-26 03:29 PM
    I will add my $100 & send the checks. One more co-worker will put in $50 through the credit card.

    Let us all try like this from our co workers. I think guys do not mind paying but are too lazy to write the check. So we need to chase them...

    One more technique, I have used.... give your friend $10 or $20 in cash & ask him to go online and contribute an amount by adding some money to your cash contribution...
    Thanks for your efforts


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  • indigokiwi
    03-27 12:49 PM
    For new members:

    There might be differing views on how to reach all the affected green card applicants, but no one is disputing the fact that the current delays in the employment based green card system are unacceptable and we need to do something drastic to change it. If you applied in EB3 with a priority date in 2011, you could be looking at over 10 -12 years(?) to get a green card. The delays that could happen at H-1B visa stampings at consulates, including TAL checks and additional administrative processing are a huge headache for many.

    Currently, many green card applicants don't seem to know just how bad the situation is. The other day, I met someone who has been in this country for over 10 years, who thought that if you have a Master's degree, you can apply in EB1 and you will get your green card in a year!! True story. The reality is that even if you apply in EB2, you could be looking at 5-6 years and this situation can easily get worse.

    The Advocacy Days in Washington D.C. on April 4th and 5th are really important because "2011 is a crucial year to get the fix needed to clear the backlogs and allow for our high skilled immigrants to get the relief needed. We need to capitalize on the opportunity to push for legislation now, as it is unlikely to have any favorable immigration bill to be brought for the next 2-3 years (Primary campaigns, Presidential campaigns will take priority)."

    Participating in the Advocacy Days in D.C. is the best thing you can do. If you are within driving distance, this should be even more convenient.

    The following are some of the items on the Agenda (someone correct me if anything is missing/incorrect):
    -Re-capture of unused visa numbers
    -Removing country specific limits
    -Not counting dependants in the visa number count
    -STEM exemption
    -Allowing people to file I-485 and get EAD even when their priority date is not current.

    If you cannot participate, you can help by contributing financially ( We have only raised $23,050 and still need to raise $26,950, despite some members contributing hundreds of dollars each. We still need everyone's help to reach our target. There is only one week to go. Reduced funding will mean IV having to scale back Advocacy plans, and since this is our best shot in the next 2 years, we could be losing out on a lot.

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  • bindas74
    06-15 11:55 PM

    I am planning to start a new petition in EB2 and use my EB3 2003 PD.
    What I gather from here is that the EB2 PERM has almost 100% chance of getting audited due to the current economy.
    I am planning the EB2 with a different employer.
    I have the following questions:
    1) Since I am going with a different employer can I use a different ODot code than what was used when filing my EB3 labor in RIR? ( I am guessing the codes differ slightly from the old labor certification days anyways)
    2) What would happen if by bad luck my new PERM gets denied? Will my old EB3 petition continue to be valid?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.


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  • Lasantha
    04-14 04:01 PM
    1) I think what he meant was to take part in the democratic process in the country that you live in. You cannot take part in the democratic process of your native land if you don't live there now can you?

    2) I think he means the risk of loosing the GC status and getting deported. Not losing the citizenship of the original country is not the issue. He is emphasizing on the vulnerability.

    Not great reasons for some...

    Q 1: What if one's native country is also a democracy?
    Q 2: If one is already a citizen of democratic country other than US and same scenario will happen then one's kids will not have revoked citizenship (That other country's) as well if one decides to maintain his/her original citizenship ...

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  • avinayak
    08-21 07:05 AM
    Sorry to hear about your husband susie. Inspite of your grief, you have the courage to take up this issue which will benefit a lot of people. My son aged out before my labor was approved. I filed for labor in april 2001. It was approved in 2007. My I-140 was approved under PERM and I filed for I/485 in May 2007. My son aged out in August 2006 Thanks


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  • little_willy
    01-18 10:34 PM
    for $20/month. Contributed $120 already. I think the information and knowledge i gain here is worth much more than $20/month. Thanks for your efforts. Go IV !!!

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  • Caliber
    09-24 02:39 PM
    We should also be debating why the PD for Mexico EB3 is higher than India when they have more people in the queue before their PD. I would take the numbers with a grain of salt or at the least not forget the past... as someone said if we dont learn from our history, history will repeat itself.

    You are 100% right. IV Core also got wrong data from CIS. Core is following up with the CIS. But as you said, EB3-I will not get any spill overs. There are 45K EB3-I's and we see hardly 100-200 in this forum. We need many people and I feel still people do not realize the grave situation.


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  • GC_sufferer
    07-11 03:28 PM

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), chair of the House Immigration Subcommittee, sent Secretary Chertoff a list of questions and a request for documents from USCIS to get to the bottom of the whole Visa Bulletin fiasco. The letter is very interesting not just because it puts a heck of a lot of pressure on DHS right now, but also because Lofgren's folks imply from the questions that USCIS was short circuiting established security clearance procedures to "pre-request" visa numbers from DOS. If it turns out full security clearances were not carried out, USCIS will either need to say that they had the legal justification (which would be a public relations disaster for the agency) or that they intended to complete the checks after the fact (which would be a direct violation of their own regulations). The only way to avoid answering the questions and to make this go away would be to eat crow and start working the case July cases.

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  • jaihind
    01-19 12:05 PM
    Dear All

    I have personally taken up to campaign for funds with 35 people known to me who are waiting at 140 stage. This works better. Spoke to 5 and 2 have agreed to contribute $20 per month.

    Even if every one of us contact 10 people - then we get 1000 people by 100 actuve memebrs and if 30% hit rate this can give another 300 contributors !!!

    Active members please get going and report numbers here regularly - I am gonna do that !!!

    Jai Hind !

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  • ksrk
    09-03 09:52 AM
    It was merely an expression. I am sure you guys get the point.
    Hangin there. 2004 will be cleared soon. If not this month, next month.

    While the wait has been frustrating, the general wisdom hasn't been lost! Certainly GC isn't everything.
    Anyways, thanks for the encouraging note.

    04-08 03:15 PM
    Guys only hope is hr 5882 we have to resurrect.

    Bring back dead hr 5882 - 500,000 unused visa numbers guys, will help us all get one each !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)
    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)
    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)
    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)
    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)
    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)
    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)
    Contact Zoe Lofgren and help her to bring back HR 5882 (recapture is the key to freedom)

    02-12 01:21 PM
    Thanks Guyz...I got the passport today.
    I sent thru USPS : 28 th jan 2009 priority mail
    Passport Received by Houston embassey: 29th jan 3.00 pm
    New Passport Received by Me : 2/12/2009 (11 business days)

    I think Houston is processing the cases quick....I am impressed with the turnaround time.

    Hope it helps anyone wondering about the dates.


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