Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • nojoke
    01-23 11:39 AM
    Why are you equating quality of life to owning a house?
    - Because you are an "owner"? No you are not! You are renting the house from the bank
    - Because you have a backyard?- go out and rent a house. They are a dime a dozen, will cost you half the cost of your monthly mortgage payment
    - Because you have peace of mind? Really. Read your other post on people getting laid off
    - Because your (ok someone else's) kid asked if you are poor? Really? A kid's innocent question is going to make you gamble (that's what investing in an immovable asset is in your situation) away a decade of savings?
    - Because you want to give your child the best possible childhood? Think about it, if things turn for the worse either in your economy/company/job (absolutely do not wish it on anyone), and you are forced to move/sell the house/get foreclosed upon etc., how much more have you hurt your family and traumatized them in your effort to give them a great childhood?
    - How many nights of peaceful sleep have you lost lying awake wondering what you would do if you/your spouse lost a job, had to move etc.?

    I still cannot understand how/why someone would buy a house in the bay area ($700K+ for a SFH in a minimally liveable area) and $1M+ in places like Cupertino.

    I will enjoy my quality of life in my rented condo (with a rent 1/3rd of the monthly mortgage payment it would take to buy it) and take my 2 year old to the park if he feels like he needs a back yard. Dont need to mow the lawn either!
    There is a perception on this board that renting => no quality of life. After going through some of the replies, I see that some are trying to convince themselves of their decision to buy a house.

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  • sdrblr
    09-01 09:06 PM
    Just a quick question to people who had their 485 approved.

    Did any one of you have two different A#s (one on 140 and other on 485)?
    I have two different A #s and in when I applied for AP and EAD, I had used the one on 485 and both were approved.

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  • hebron
    09-29 07:35 AM
    well maybe, but our goals should be to convince a small group of just law makers, who are generally well educated, intelligent.

    "Well educated and intelligent" - Who? Did you mean Durbin and Grassley?

    Yes, I would like to see a new bill for reducing employment based backlog. I don't want to come across as a pessimist.

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  • Saralayar
    04-09 10:16 AM
    Thank you for having the sense to see that thread AND idea is a total waste of every one's time.
    Thats what I told you friend. Don't waste your golden time on this thread. Keep away and think to improve your knowledge in understanding other's thoughts and ideas properly.:p


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  • pappu
    09-25 01:04 PM
    The title of the thread is misleading.
    IV is already helping. The aim of IV is to eliminate retrogression so that everyone does not have to wait. We also understand that EB3 I is in a much greater mess than anyone else.

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  • maddipati1
    04-08 05:00 PM
    i met a guy like this last weekend. came to US 2/3 yrs back. has masters in India and has 5 yrs total experience. not doing any research. He is actually a contractor at a client. the employer, applied his GC under EB1. he got GC under 1yr. I was amazed.
    he says, his employer applied for few of his other colleagues too, but rejected. most amazingly, for one of his boss (1 or 2 levels above him) also they applied under EB1 but his app was rejected. unbelievable stuff. i guess the EB1 verification is random.

    EB1 spillover may never come for some time in the future. The Indian IT companies are applying under EB1 for their PMs and Senior PMs (req: BS in any discipline + 6-7 yrs exp), labeling them as multi-national executives. They are also making the employee pay for the 140 and 485 so that the financial impact is reduced a lot by a potential rejection of the 140.

    This is as much BS as labor sub. I think everybody here knows how tough it is to get EB1 classification for researchers. But what scrutiny is there for these "multi-national executives" ? All they have to do is spend some time in India or any other country as a PM or SPM, come to the US on H1B and promptly apply under EB1. :mad:


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  • vbhup2
    02-01 09:35 AM
    Registered. Attending.

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  • pappu
    01-19 12:07 PM
    BTW many emails still came back undelivered after 3 days today. Such people cannot contribute money and also cannot contribute ther email address to IV. :)

    Thank you everyone for contributing. You are not only making this effort and organization strong, but also give core members confiidence that we can count on you and feel honored to represent commited members like you.

    We all share the same plight and it is a struggle for all of us. I urge you to be part of this struggle and sign up for monthly contributions. It s very critical for the success of this community of which you are also a member.


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-03 11:12 AM
    Finally after the third "card production" email (June 23rd, July 15th, July 29th) i got the card today valid for one year. I efiled on April 27th. My PD is April 2006 EB2. So i guess thats why got only for one year.

    gantilk, were you able to find the TSC fax number for expediting the requests for EAD???????????

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  • gbof
    05-21 06:30 AM
    CPO on 5/10 but no card yet...


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  • leo2606
    09-23 02:57 PM
    It's nothing compared to 2,800 miles 1 way from CA.:)

    There are just too many fond memories to share in one post... but I do want to specially thank leo2606 who drove 70 miles to pick up myself, venkygct, vsraja and punjabi at the Dulles airport and then took us out for breakfast, then to the rally venue, then for lunch, finally to a hotel room we had booked for a quick shower, basically... like a shadow he was with us wherever we wanted to go! And... whenever we thanked him (and gdhiren who co-ordinated pickups/dropoffs for many others like the 4 of us) these guys, instead of saying something like "You are welcome", would profusely thank us for flying in!

    Its people... like leo2606 and gdhiren.. and many others are the true strength of IV!

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  • santb1975
    04-14 01:47 AM


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  • obviously
    05-18 09:32 AM
    for your kind words about my response. truth of the matter is, i was pretty upset and seething in anger for a good part of saturday. finally i decided it was better to "lose" this contact for good, than put up with the outright insult. we have nothing to be afraid, ashamed or apologetic about our cause.

    thanks again for your kind words. i did get a positive reply from a dean at my alma mater, a leading pvt university, that fully supports these positions. possibly an indication that we should be reaching out to US university deans to get their active support?

    please feel free to edit / copy+paste both the chain email and the racism-response ... to meet any of your respective outreach needs

    also, we have almost as many folks that have not called as those that did. why? oh why? just pick up the phone and leave at least 1 VM today!

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  • vicks_don
    01-18 04:49 PM


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  • Lasantha
    04-07 01:27 PM
    Finally there's an approval today on . At least USCIS is still breathing. That's good to know!!!! :D

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  • amitjoey
    12-19 01:51 PM
    If we add more members, we also have greater chance at more funds.


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  • map_boiler
    07-28 05:39 PM
    I know I said "FP report" in my previous post, but he actually said "received fingerprint on July 24th". I asked him again and he repeated the same thing.

    It didn't make sense to me because they only took the right index print, photo, and signature as part of regular Code 3 biometrics, and this they should have transmitted electronically through CLAIMS the same day, i.e. June 19th. Going by what he said, they took the FP on June 19th, and TSC received it on July it apparently took them more than a month to transmit the information :mad:

    "the FP report was received on July 24th (which probably explains the July 25th LUD)".

    can you explain the above some line more ? did USCIS receive the FP report on july 24 ? if yes and if everything is o.k. ..then you should be all set I right ?? or do they have to do something more with the FP report --- I hope there is no namecheck here too

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  • nyte_crawler
    09-25 01:43 PM
    I appreciate you for keeping this civilized as well. We all know that all the talk about recapture and immigration reform has not taken us anywhere.We wont be here arguing about this issue, if we dont have any inherent bias towards our well-being. (I dont even have to be explicit about that) I dont want to discuss being fair and look for any sympathy towards EB3I. All I want to know who is adversely affected. Just by looking at the bulletin, it gives us a clear picture. If USCIS would have interpreted all along this way and never changed it, I would not be even discussing here because its mute. I am not a proponent of changing the way it was before so that it backlogs EB2 as well. I just want to put this effort up there so that we can come into some consensus of rationalizing the spill over to get benefit to all backlogged groups rather than pouring in to one group. How would this affect long term ? I dont know. But I know for sure, there will be some relief to some people for the time being and over the long term it could help more. See the difference between our argument is, I just want some from you, but you want it all. I am in this game for about 9 years with 8 EADs. By not having a GC never restricted me from doing what ever I wanted. But I think its about time, some one has to do something about it. I think this is the right opportunity for some people. If I look from your side, its taking something from you. But all I am looking is the right way to get USCIS intrepret and get some relief in the process.

    Thank you for your arguments and I dont think we can come to consensus on our beliefs. I will drive this issue from my end and see what I can do about it.

    I always believed in Bucky's motto: "an experiment, to find what a single individual could contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity"

    nyte_crawler I gave u green because I really appreciate you keeping the argument civilized even though we both differ in our ideas. Now just to take things a little further. You have pointed me that I am arguing to keep spill over as it is (in favour of EB2) because that will help me. I would argue the same that when you say immediate help for EB3 I feel that is because that will help your case. Tell me how does it help Eb3 with PD 2004 and further. Rather it would be in their interest to cross port to EB2 since they directly become current rather than wait for spill over to reach their PD which is good 3-4 years away. So my argument is there are three interest groups here

    1) EB2
    2) Eb3 prior to 2004
    3) Eb3 2004 onwards.

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  • Lasantha
    03-24 01:56 PM
    Actually I saw an improvement for 03/20. 6 approvals for that day then it's back to no approvals.

    Looks like approvals has slowed down further.
    This is why at the end of the year there are unused visas. All due to inefficiencies of USCIS.
    We are doomed.

    02-12 12:22 AM
    The staff at CGI Houston is not friendly at all, try Mr. Azad at 832-283-3357. He is a consular officer and he should be able to help (in my case he did).

    09-02 06:21 PM
    sounds like it.

    My PD is Mar-04, RD=14Aug07
    On USCIS status, it says.." On October 11, 2007, we received this I485..." .
    Processing time for TSC is Aug07.. Does this mean my case will not processed now?

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