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  • Saralayar
    04-07 10:17 AM
    Having 8 post or 800 should not count for seniority. we should be able to ask ourselves how much productive contribution we have towards this forum instead of how much contribution we have to this forum. QUALITY is what that matters more than QUANTITY.

    Just my thoughts.
    I accept that but see how childish he/she responded. If he/she deffer from my idea, he/she can very well deliver it in a gentle way. That shows the immaturity of the person.

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  • perm2gc
    07-17 06:54 PM
    Friends. you have today witnessed what our collective strength can do and it is time that we spread a word about immigration voice and encourage your friends and families to join as a gratitude to IV .Please don't forget that the root cause of the problems still exist and we have to achieve it.

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    01-10 06:00 PM
    I got my US Masters degree in Engineering in 2002 and I was obviously concerned that I would be left out if this is limited to people getting degrees in last 5 years. I read the text and here is the crucial part for people like me:
    "(ii)(I) obtained such degree within the United States during the 5-year period preceding the date on which the petition filed under section 204(a)(1)(F) for classification under this subparagraph is filed; or
    (II) has resided continuously in the United States in a lawful nonimmigrant status since obtaining such degree; and"

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  • ajithu
    12-25 08:04 PM
    I just learned about this initiative today and immediately joined. I think it is a great way to pursue our goals and this iniative for each member to invite atleast one or more others to join the community is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work Neelu! It's my turn to bring awareness of this effort to some of my other friends who are in the same quagmire.


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  • dogking
    06-28 11:06 PM

    June 28, 2007

    Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Numbers
    May Become Unavailable Sooner Than Expected


    It has been reported that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has indicated that employment-based numbers may be exhausted sooner than expected and could become unavailable or subject to new retrogression during the month of July. USCIS reportedly has sufficient numbers of immigrant cases in its adjudications pipeline to meet the reported 40,000 employment-based visa numbers that remain for Fiscal Year (FY) 2007. If employment-based numbers become unavailable in mid-month, USCIS could cease accepting applications for adjustment of status before the end of the July, though it is not yet possible to predict when this could occur.

    It has been reported and unofficially confirmed by FRAGOMEN that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has indicated that employment-based immigrant visa numbers may be exhausted sooner than expected and could become unavailable or subject to new retrogression during the course of the month of July. This would be contrary to information in the July Visa Bulletin issued by the Department of State, which stated projected availability through the month of July.

    Agency representatives have reportedly stated that USCIS has sufficient numbers of employment-based immigrant cases that are ready to be approved and counted against the estimated 40,000 employment-based numbers that remain for Fiscal Year (FY) 2007. USCIS has not officially confirmed these reports. Our understanding is that discussions on the issue of visa availability have been escalated to a high level in the government and we will continue to seek definitive information.

    There has been speculation that a change in anticipated demand may be the result of inaccurate projections by the government about the number of employment-based cases that are both ready for approval and have completed security checks.

    If employment-based numbers become unavailable, it is likely that USCIS would stop accepting applications for adjustment of status, regardless of the information contained in the July Visa Bulletin. It is also possible that the State Department could release a Supplemental Visa Bulletin that updates its forecasts of visa availability. Though it is possible that USCIS would continue to accept adjustment applications through July despite visa unavailability, this appears to be unlikely.

    As previously mentioned, it is our understanding that discussions are underway both within USCIS and between USCIS and the Department of State, and FRAGOMEN continue to seek more definitive information. We will issue additional Client Alerts as new information becomes available. If you have any questions about this Client Alert, please contact your designated FRAGOMEN professional.

    Copyright � 2007 by Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

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  • anai
    07-19 08:14 AM
    It is mindblowing to see insensitive posts with regard to folks stuck at BEC.

    IV core has stated repeatedly that the BEC issue is on its agenda. Thanks.

    To those members who say that "life isn't fair so get over it": We are here at IV not to get used to unfairness, but to do something about it. I was stuck at BEC for many years. It is the most unpredictable of all GC stages; and those who didn't have to go through the BEC mess should consider themselves lucky. Cases can drag on for years; cases get closed arbitrarily; and there is hardly any way to communicate with the BECs. Try to understand the difficulties of those stuck at BECs instead of trying to make fun of them.


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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-03 02:58 PM
    No. Last year we had an RFE as my wife's medicals were missing a signature. As Pappu mentioned in another thread most of them were pre approved and were waiting on visa numbers I think.

    Thanks. My case was pre-approved in September 2009 (I have confirmed this fact twice (Infopass and Service Center officer) - now am looking at my inbox, sms, and US CIS account all day, waiting for any sign of approval

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  • Lasantha
    04-11 01:24 AM
    Wendall, thanks!
    No I did not see any LUDs. I checked the case status about 4 times during the day yesterday and did not see any LUDs and suddenly around 3.30pm got the welcome email. What is your RD? Looks like they are going by Rds. Hope you hear the good news soon !!!

    Congratulations Lasantha!!!

    My PD is Feb 2005 at TSC, since my PD became current on the 1st April, I have not seen any LUDs on my USCIS account.

    Accordingly, I was wondering what was your experience?
    Specifically did you get any LUDs before you received the "Welcome New Resident" e-mail?



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  • kzinjuwadia
    05-16 05:10 PM
    Congrats. Where was you application filed? TSC/NSC and your receipt dates?

    NSC. 485 filed during the july'07 and rcvd date was in aug'07, notice date was in sept'07. For me start to end time was 5yrs. First job, single LC, i140, 485 appln...Kind of straight-forward (boring ;) ) case.

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  • chanduv23
    07-19 07:37 AM
    It is easy to hurt someone who is already hurt. Friends, I am with you all. I feel your pain.

    I would say - talk to pappu and other core and form a different channel in google groups or yahoogroups and organize yourselves first and collect more and more material needed for IV members and core to start working on these action items.

    Can someone stuck in backlog centers take this initiative and do it?


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  • h1techSlave
    09-25 05:42 PM
    We EB3 folks are not requesting for EB2 visas. We all will be happy to get 50% EB1 spill over visas. The other 50% can go to Eb2s.

    right now 100% of EB1 spill over is going to EB2.

    Eb2 category gets 28.6% Visa number. Any spillover from EEB2 will only go the EB2. Why would USCIS change the rule and allocate the visa numbers from EB2 to Eb3. This does not make sense. I agree that spillover from Eb1 can go to both EB2 and EB3. There is no way this argument will fly that EB2 numbers be allocated to EB3. This is a statue and USCIS cannot deviate from that. They will face a lawsuit if they do so. USCIS is using the correct spillover procedue and I dont think they will change it. The only argument EB3 should make it that spillover from EB1 should go to both EB2 and EB3.

    It is not individual qualifications that matter but it is the job requirement. So if you are in EB3 try to port it to EB2. Nothing else will matter.

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  • onthelines
    05-16 01:54 PM
    I called Rep Ruben Hinojosa, Rep Hilda Solis, Rep Ciro Rodriguez and Senator Menengez.

    I left a message for the senator to his VM. The rest of them their aides took the message and said they would pass it on to the representative.


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  • vikramy
    01-10 06:23 PM
    I think you yourself can check the status if you can get receipt number from your attorney

    I checked my 140 status, H1 Extn status. I am positive that you can do for labor also.

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  • chantu
    05-04 06:32 AM
    Can somebody please provide me with the link on IV, where I can get the information on documents for EAD/AP renewal?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • coopheal
    04-09 08:26 AM
    Our problem is like a bus, stuck and needs a push. You may think "what will a single push from just me, do". I may think the same too. So we both and all who think alike will not do anything.

    Instead. Do whatever u can. Here pushing the bus is doing your part.. write to media, reps, whoever you think.. I know many people out there who do this, I am one of them very dedicatedly doing it.. but these efforts are not sufficient. Dont wait for anyone to come and help you.
    Again, you must be a fool to wake up suddenly NOW, and not in the last 5-7 months. There is nothing to hope for, with 2000 or 3000 cases approved every year. Simple mathematics.
    I can imagine there are 90% folks who gave up, do nothing.. Dont do that.. even if its a small effort, yet do it. And tell us what you did.. That will motivate us, and I may do better.

    Nobody is saying you to push alone. You can start working collectively under IV's umbrella. So before you start cribbing here research/read what others have been doing. Become part of IV. Start contributing time and money to IV for your own GC.

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-01 10:45 AM
    I agree with this 100%, BUT we (US degree holdeers) have to understand that in the GC aspirant community there are tons of people who came in through "desi consultnats" (even this word makes my blood boil), who will never agree with this or support this. Classic Indian mentality, one crab pulling the other back in the basket.

    Jeff Flake introduce bill to exempt PHD holder from USA from visa limit. We should push for MS people so it will make queue lesser. Also we should start campaign for Visa recapture.


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-09 11:53 AM
    This is a great undertaking.
    Raising awareness is the best way to do it.

    GO IV GO.

    Thanks for your support AkhilMahajan. I hope you will join Team IV. Please PM me your e-mail address or send me an e-mail at so that I can send you a Team IV Membership Form.


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  • pappu
    05-13 07:12 PM
    Congratulations.Hi Everyone

    Finally i got the email saying card production ordered on May 10th. My priority date is Ju26th 2006 , EB2. Thank You IV , Aman , Anu, Himanshu, Gopal and all other IVans for the help and most importently Aman for forming IV and giving us a forum to congregate and fight for our cause.

    I am donor member since 1.5 yrs, was a member of advocacy day event last year. This april i could not take part because of a family emergency back home. IV has helped me immencely both informationwise and also psychologically during days of regression.

    I will continue to be DONOR member in the future as well. I hope that will help other IVans.

    I wish you all best of luck in your wait.


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  • immigration07
    08-28 11:35 PM
    the quality of students in tier two or three universities in US and India are more or less on par but for the methodology.Also I do not see any logic in the argument for a direct comparison between Indian educated and US educated unless they have graduated from a top tier (i mean the top 10%) as the seletion process in these institutes are the only ones which is based on the academic calibre and intellectual profile of the candidate rather than a lowered stipend or willingness to spend long hrs in the lab, which a prof must consider while admitting a student for a graduate program in US ....superior written and communication skills can be easily acquired by adaptation to the new environment. However I have seen many Indian educated professionals adapting much faster than many of my US educated friends
    I will back you up on this:)
    Unless one has studied in the US, one will not realize the worth of the US educational system. One clear attribute of US educated professionals is their superior written and verbal communication skills. Not to mention the enhanced ability to culturally fit in a diverse environment.

    02-01 08:03 PM
    Looks like HR2 Containg 187 which includes BACKLOG REDUCTION passed in Senate.

    Now HR2 in presnt form goes to conference(Consisting of some designated between House and Senate members) and we have to see what comes out of conference.

    HR2 that comes out of the conference will go agian to House and Senate and will be voted on.(Million daollar question is what form of HR2 will come out of conference)

    We are not yet there, but very very encouraging news.

    09-19 12:35 PM
    I am part of MN Chapter and attended the rally. It was a wonderful experience. I am proud to part of IV family and I am sure that lawmakers will listen to our voice. It was also exciting to see faces behind the IV names.

    Keep up the good work IV

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