Monday, July 4, 2011

Eeprom Programmer Circuit

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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-04 12:21 PM

    Received email this morning that my Green Card was approved - Self and Spouse.

    Case Center : TSC.

    Thanks everybody and IV and wish everyone good luck on their approval !!


    Congratulation Man (and woman:D)

    Can you please tell me your category? Was it a EB2 or EB3? Also what was your LUD (last updated date) and 485 Receipt Date (RD)????

    Please...pleaseee.....pretty please;)

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  • nyte_crawler
    06-08 06:15 PM
    Now that the House and Senate have adopted different versions of immigration legislation, textbook explanations of lawmaking suggest the bill's fate rests in the hands of a conference committee. Congress uses these temporary bicameral panels � which some call the "Third House" of Congress � to resolve differences in competing versions of legislation.
    But lawmakers often find exceptions to textbook explanations and immigration reform provides a case in point. True, most predict contentious House-Senate negotiations on the issue. But "where" and "when" are key questions. Creation of a conference committee will be more an indication that a deal is done than a forum to find one. In other words, lawmakers may not even officially create a bicameral negotiating panel until they have found a clear path toward a workable compromise � a process that may take weeks of private, informal discussions before conferees ever formally meet.
    Conference committees are not mandatory. They offer one way to resolve differences between chambers, but there is no requirement that lawmakers even use this procedure. According to Walter Oleszek at the CongressionalResearch Service, only 15 to 25 percent of all laws passed by Congress ever reach the conference-committee stage. Lawmakers normally resolve differences either by one house adopting the other's version or by "ping-ponging" measures back and forth until substantive disagreements are ironed out. Conference committees are never formed in either of those cases.
    However, Mr. Oleszek also notes that most controversial bills that become law do go through the House-Senate conference process. Immigration definitely clears the divisiveness threshold. But sending a politically charged bill to a formal conference immediately and hoping differences get resolved there is not a tactic preferred by the GOP leadership.
    When lawmakers do decide to form a formal conference committee, its procedures are exercised in congressional discretion with only a few set rules and precedents. The House and Senate each choose members drawn heavily from the committees that authored the legislation. In the Senate, the presiding officer appoints from a list developed by the chair and ranking member of the committee that passed the bill. In the House, the speaker appoints all conferees and sometimes draws in members of the leadership. Each house has one vote on issues under consideration in the conference; therefore there is a "House position" and a "Senate position" on any provision in disagreement. Each chamber develops positions based on a majority vote of conferees from that body.
    Neither chamber is under any obligation to respond to a request for a conference. And sometimes the bulk of negotiations occur in a pre-conference informal setting. House leaders are averse to sending major legislation to a formal conference with the prospects of long, drawn-out deliberations. For one thing, after a bill goes to conference and there is no resolution in 20 calendar and 10 legislative days, any member of the House can offer non-binding motions on a daily basis, which often subjects the body to tedious, sometimes politically embarrassing votes that eat up valuable time.
    Democrat obstructionism in the Senate may also stall efforts to convene a conference. Since losing the majority after the 2002 election, Democrats have made the historically routine process of going to conference (which is normally done through unanimous consent) a procedural jungle. On the immigration measure, Democrats insisted on the unusual step of a pre-agreed ratio of conferees (26 senators total � 14 Republicans and 12 Democrats) before entering into a unanimous consent agreement to finish the bill. Also, because the Senate bill contains a revenue provision, it is subject to a so-called "blue slip," which means it could be automatically rejected by the House. (The Origination Clause of the Constitution requires all revenue measures to begin in the House. A Senate bill containing revenue provisions is sent back with a resolution printed on blue paper, hence the name.) Democrats then objected earlier this week to efforts to attach the Senate immigration bill to a House-passed revenue bill, which would have fixed the problem.
    And when it comes to national issues like immigration, the White House also becomes a big investor in this legislative real estate. Thus, the real "conference committee" on immigration reform will take place informally between the White House and a handful of congressional leaders. If these lawmakers see a compromise that can garner strong support among Republicans in the House and Senate, a formal conference will be appointed.
    If this path can't be found, it's unlikely lawmakers will ever formally set foot into a conference committee to orchestrate a compromise � in public or private.

    Eeprom Programmer Circuit. EPROM Programmer.
  • EPROM Programmer.

  • doxa
    06-28 06:59 AM
    What is your point?

    I don�t buy the argument that only India and China produce the brightest people who are willing to work here in U.S. There are just as many people from Europe and the rest of the world who are just as qualified and who would want to work in the U.S. The problem starts with the H1-B visas, where most of them are taken by these Indian IT consulting companies. Correct me if I�m wrong, but I don�t think these IT companies hire non-Indian workers. There are many qualified people from the rest of the world who are willing to work here in U.S, but can�t because the majority of the H1-B visas is going to Indians and Chinese nationals. Perhaps, there should be a per-country quota at the H1-B level. I don�t think there is anything wrong with the current country quota; if some countries don�t use their quotas then these quotas roll into the countries that have higher demand.

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  • suriajay12
    04-12 05:15 PM


    Eeprom Programmer Circuit. eeprom programming. In-Circuit
  • eeprom programming. In-Circuit

  • prakashv44
    10-26 02:32 PM
    We need a new bill which supports legal

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  • Eprom programmer March 1997

  • imh1b
    07-16 01:20 PM
    oscarzum is an anti immigrant from losers guilt without a job. He has failed to upgrade his skills and scared to compete with us. On top of this he is now old and is sitting at home watching porn and nothing else to do except getting fatter and fatter.

    Ignore him.


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  • leoindiano
    07-27 08:03 PM
    July 1st Filed, got receipts, No FP notice yet.

    PD is nov 2004

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  • needhelp!
    09-20 03:39 PM
    IV had brought in hundreds of T - shirts to hand out. We were giving them out to everyone with a request to contribute on the web site. When we were out,
    one of our volunteers, Kaushal, I think (don't know iv handle), he took out his own IV tshirt and gave it away!!

    Another thing, I want to thank all the volunteer(s) who were asked to stay back to take care of the origin point and couldn't march in the rally.


    Eeprom Programmer Circuit. In-Circuit Serial Programmer
  • In-Circuit Serial Programmer

  • a2006
    01-15 12:25 AM
    I will finalize the plays by today late night and tomm morning I will post em

    CSCO and UHG look good for long term trades .Cant say much about thier prospects in DT...
    Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge. I am not into DT or anything but the read certainly helps in understanding how the financial markets work, beyond the simple buys and sells that people generally see.

    hair Flash / EEPROM Programmer, Eeprom Programmer Circuit. Figure 2 Programmer Schematic
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  • jackisback
    05-26 04:45 PM
    Thanks for the reply!!

    I have not been FPed recently. All 3 of us (me, my wife and daughter) were FPed in 2007. Then we filed for renewal in 2008 and got the EAD with no FP.

    I was told by an InfoPass officer that FP are valid for 15 months..and after 15 months if PD is not current - they electronically re-validate the FPs.

    Then I had called USCIS cust serv and they told me if my PD did not become current by May '10.. I should get FP notice..since it will be 30 months (15 + 15 months) since my last FP appt.

    Anyone has info about my Que no. 2 ??


    Eeprom Programmer Circuit. This EEPROM programmer reads,
  • This EEPROM programmer reads,

  • vskp
    05-01 02:24 PM
    1) Applied Date - 20-June-2007
    2) Audit Date - 23-October-2007
    3) Audit Reply Date - 8-November-2007
    4) Category - EB3
    5) Center - Sleeping Atlanta

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  • matrixneo
    08-05 01:54 PM
    ...only if approved. Guess, luck matter a lot when ur dates are those guys are picking up cases randomly. Majority of approvals thus far are Feb/Jan 06 , when oct/nov guys are still looking forward..Please, dont get me wrong....Systematic approvals helps you know the celebration time has come

    SR/infopass is such a routine a thing ...they have standard reply to mail out. It definitely is frustrating to sit on the edge and keep waiting....

    thanks gbof...
    no wonder(random process) Mr. Obama keeps pressing on improving Maths(and ...) skills...
    esp NSC looks worst...


    house Eeprom Programmer Circuit. eeprom programmer
  • eeprom programmer

  • slammer
    03-28 11:09 AM
    You should call NVC and check with them the status of your application, most likely they have done all the processing for you. I doubt that they have a visa number for you, if they did they would have called you for an interview already.

    Sorry, should have said that the NVC had visa numbers for us - last year. Of course we won't hear anything from them until our PD becomes current.
    But thanks for the tip to simply call the NVC and inquire about the status of our application, until now we only called the automated system and sent inquiries by email. Talking personally to someone might give some more information than the automated response :"Numbers are not yet available."
    I'll keep you posted ! And good luck to us all in the future ! :)

    tattoo Eprom programmer March 1997 Eeprom Programmer Circuit. serial EEPROM programmer.
  • serial EEPROM programmer.

  • GC_Applicant
    02-25 02:09 AM
    Thanks for sharing the charts.

    Now I am really confused between going forward with stocks vs forex. I understand that forex is traded 24x7, wont they be helpfull if you can trade during the stock market hours. What is your thoughts??

    E-mini S&P 500 Futures (

    Each points = $50. Example Sold short at 796 and bought at 788. 796-788 = 8 points and that means 8*50 = 400 dollars profit.

    E-mini NASDAQ-100 Futures (

    Each point = $20.

    >> If you could share your charts and explain your strategy
    I can not share my strategy, however I can share my daily charts.

    Disclaimer: Information use only and should not be constructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.


    pictures PIC and EEPROM Programmer Eeprom Programmer Circuit. this programmer was also
  • this programmer was also

  • row-3
    10-05 05:08 PM
    I am ROW-3, RD 06/18/07, ND 07/19/07. Received EAD cards, finger prints done for me and my family members.

    This month my priority date for a family based petition became current and I do not know if it is wise to apply for GC using the family petition or not.

    I understand taht I can onluy have one pending case at all times, meaning that I will withdrew the employment based petition.

    If and only if, I decide to apply for GC using the family based petition, is the name check will be a problem and may take for ever?

    Feed back please.

    dresses PIC and EEPROM Programmer Eeprom Programmer Circuit. Programmer Schematic
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  • gssr
    08-04 12:20 PM
    Not may approval from NSC.


    makeup In-Circuit Serial Programmer Eeprom Programmer Circuit.

  • chanukya
    06-14 06:22 AM
    INS needs money, best strategy stop all 485 for couple of months, let them back log, we will raise the fees exhorbitantly across board to 485/EAD/AP etc, then make everything current, ecpecially INDIA/CHINA that's where the money flow is from, but lets not make it obvious and dubious, we will move forward the dates for couple of years for June and make it current for July (remember July1 is the date new fees kick in), and then make sure everbody files and after 2 months, we will retrogress back to 3 or 4 years back to where we started so that conservative politicians are happy, that way we will have everbody in the INS Casino, no going out, keep renewing by paying more and more fees, INS haapy, I-485 applicants are in make belive happiness as spouces and children get EAD"

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  • ksurjan
    07-11 06:34 PM
    This is great..I wonder how powerful she is? They never cared to reply to her July 2nd letter.

    hairstyles This EEPROM programmer reads, Eeprom Programmer Circuit. Serial EEPROM programmer
  • Serial EEPROM programmer

  • cshen
    02-22 06:59 PM
    There is new data available regarding the PERM LC data, like how many PERM has been approved so far, I have tried to copy and and paste, but could not make it work. To sum it up, it is very bad for indian born applicants, while China Mainland is not too bad, since they have far few people in line comaring to Indians.
    I can find the link for you guys. It is seems with any policies changes, it will be decades for Indian priority date to be surrent.

    09-21 09:14 AM
    Ans. (b) and (c):D

    Is it because:
    a) he never smiles?
    b) every word that comes out of his mouth makes sense?
    c) attractive IV handle?

    07-14 03:49 PM
    Comments like this is only going to embolden the anti and support their false arugments.

    Now you have two options.... help out antis by putting comments like this
    help yourself by helping IV in terms of money, time and efforts.

    Sure ,, I am totally fed up I am in this country from 2000.
    " far.I haven't contributed....I am ready to contribute...if IV is going to show some interest on EB3.

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