Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • Counterproductive
    10-31 09:23 AM
    I don't know anything about that

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  • chanduv23
    09-16 10:08 AM
    And what about Tri State folks - Tri State has the largest pool of talented skilled foreign workers stuck in the logjam.

    All you have to do is just come forward

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  • coolpal
    02-17 10:25 AM
    You can stay in the US until the decision is made on your H1B application, and you can legally work (for the same employer) for up to 240 days from your application date if the case is in pending state.
    Regarding DL renewal, it really depends on the DMV you go to and the knowledge of employees there, but some DMVs, especially in locations like NJ, are aware of this situation and extend the DL by 90 days based on your original I-129 receipt notice.

    And in case if your h-1b application gets denied and you do not have EAD to fall back to, then you are supposed to apply for your legal status (H1 transfer (** not sure about this) or other visa categories) within 10 days of your denial notice or leave the country.

    As long as you are legally here (all the time) and are working in your stated field, you shouldn't have any problem.

    pal :)

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  • senk1s
    09-14 11:48 AM
    where did you read about this? would you point me to the source?

    I always thought that till a decision has been made, you can work on a H1 renewal/ transfer


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  • baburob2
    02-13 05:35 PM
    Can someone provide me a good CPA who assists in the formation of the corporation in Southern CA , Orange county and also assists in preparation of the business tax?

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  • krishnam70
    02-23 10:19 AM
    I want to transfer my H1 , I got aproject . But I dont have Jan Pay stub . I have up to Dec 2008. will it cause any problem for transferuess

    I guess your question has been answered many times.. If you do manage to get the H1 filed there will definitely be an RFE. Instead please try to speak to your employer and get the pay for the time you were off the project as he is legally supposed to pay your salary even if you were off project. You can always request payroll's run for backdated wages. If you are not able to convince your employer to pay you file a complaint against them at DOL and then apply for H1 transfer with supporting information so that the USCIS gets to know that it is not due to a fault of yours that you are unable to produce the pay stubs

    - cheers


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  • parablergh
    09-09 02:38 PM
    As your H-1B has been withdrawn prior to your filing for the H-1B change of employer, you are now out of status. An H-1B withdrawal is technically effective immediately upon receipt by USCIS.

    The best bet would be to file for a new H-1B (assuming that you did not exhaust your six years of H-1B time) under the fiscal year cap as this has not been reached.

    You should notify your legal counsel of the H-1B withdrawal and see how they want to handle it. While it is true that you are currently not in status, they may have an alternate policy.

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  • ajay
    03-01 10:46 AM
    What I feel is nothing wrong with this idea. Since the job market is sluggish people may be skeptical about the prospect of getting a job in this market but if you are providing some technologies that they can learn in less time and get some promising jobs they will definitely come and join. One should make sure that the candidates should be given consultation/help in getting jobs also. Here probably start with some familiar courses for less fee/no fee in the beginning and try to get some referrals and slowly try to establish it.

    Good luck in your venture.


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  • rajmalhotra
    02-09 10:10 AM

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  • raj2007
    02-17 11:23 PM
    But what about extension based on appeal

    You can file extension based on labor. are you in eb2 0r eb3?


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  • ujayra01
    07-18 09:44 PM
    Thank you very much. This makes it very clear.

    Unless otherwise you invoke her H1, she will be in H4 even if H1 is approved today. Invoking means, going to home country and getting it stamped or start working for a company and getting paid via paystub and having SSN

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  • sk.aggarwal
    02-28 10:37 AM
    I am not sure about the answer. It depends on how close you are to finding the new position. Once you find a new position, speak with attorney for new company. In worst case can always do H1 extension in premium. If I were you, I would just have a hard dead line of say April end. If I dont find a new job by then, would just file for extension in premium.


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  • kirupa
    02-24 03:35 AM
    Hi Sam!
    I am not too familiar with ASPX and Silverlight, but I'll take a shot at this!

    Are you using the Silverlight control that is found in ASPX to insert your silverlight content?


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  • pappu
    06-15 03:52 PM

    This was a GREAT week for all of us. Past three days have changed our discussion topics and we're now more concerned about doctor appointments and certificates. That is a good thing to talk about indeed. But lets not forget this battle goes on and we all need to be together in this journey. No one knows where one will be stuck!! So please continue working with IV agenda and contribute in anyways possible.

    New members, please contribute considering the help you're getting from this IV forum. Remember IV needs money to support all of us. We're using so much IV resource and its our duty that we must suport IV.

    Thanks IV.
    Yes this is very important for us to continue our work. Let us continue to support IV in good times and bad times and stay united.


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  • baburob2
    02-14 02:02 PM
    hi dilipcpa, raj2007
    i have responded. could you plz respond back ASAP?

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  • rayoflight
    02-02 04:41 PM

    Couple of things he need to check.

    1) Annotation on the visa i.e the name of the company sponsoring the visa or its blank.

    2) Is it B1, B2 or B1/B2

    B1 is for business where as B2 is for Visiting. B1/B2 allows both.


    P.S Please contact an attorney for legal opinion as I am just sharing the knowledge what I read online.


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  • milind70
    04-28 12:46 AM
    I have a approved I-140. Applied for 3 year H1 extension in Oct 2006. 3 year H1 extension approved on 5th Feb 2007. Received H4 dependents extensions. Did not receive my I-797. Requested my consulting company to check why I did not receive my I-797 with I-94. They lied to me that they called USCIS and I/they/lawyer will get copy in 30/45 days. My MN drivers license got canceled/suspended on 04/24/2007 because I did not submit approved I-797/I-94. Company lawyer informed my company that they applied under premium processing for duplicate copy on 04/16/2007. I called USCIS and they told me this is bullshit. There is no premium processing for duplicate document. Lawyer does not want to reveal which form he filed for duplicate document. I also applied this week using form I-824 for duplicate copy of approved H1 extension. Called USCIS, and they said I will get a receipt number in 15 days and copy in 2-3 months. This copy will not include I-94, so it is useless. What options do I have. My lawyer is an American and he thinks it is below his dignity to answer my calls.

    What options do I now have? Any options will be appreciated.

    I think you can file Form 120 for a duplicate I 94 in case it is lost/mutilated etc. please check USCIS website. hope this helps

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  • smaram1
    07-02 05:35 PM
    I am in the same state as your's. After talking with Lawyer and after reading lot of forums, i went ahead and submitted with PAR:PAROLEE for both Manner of Last Entry and Current Immigration status.

    I am not lawyer :) but that's waht i went with and submitted just yesterday

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  • Bobby Digital
    June 17th, 2005, 10:21 AM
    I'm looking for a good macro/micro lense and am curious if the Nikon telephoto AF Micro Nikkor 105mm 2.8D is good lense?
    Is it worth the $600?
    What kind of difference is it going from a 105mm to 200mm if there for close up shots?

    Thanks for your help!

    07-06 11:40 AM
    Hello friends,

    wanted to see the timeline of EAD renewals currently..I have a EAD renewal receipt notice date of June 18th......was wondering how many days is TX taking to approve the notice....

    Did aanyone around June 15 -June 20th get any approval yet?

    07-24 01:27 PM
    To my knowledge, the PD field is always blank for EAD reciept notices.

    I e-filed EAD renewal. On the I-797 Notice of Action that they mailed me, the "Priority Date" field is blank. The same is true for my last EAD notice of action as well which I did not check last time. Is it normally blank?

    Is anybody else in the same boat?

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