Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cowhide Bar Stools

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  • princenj
    05-16 04:37 PM
    Thanks, Santhan.

    Once the letter is ready, let us know how to proceed.

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  • GCwaitforever
    06-08 04:28 PM
    I don�t know what is so hard about this deadlock. Don�t they know that if:
    1. Illegals are given temporary visas for them to return after a number of years, no-body would come forward. The illegals would see this as shooting themselves in the foot. They would prefer to remain in the dark and live here permanently. Purpose defeated.
    2. A tough enforcement only bill is passed, with the hope that there would be attrition after a while: How long would it take for all 12 million illegals to finally leave? 1 million per year? 500K per year? 24 years? Yeah right! Ok assuming they leave at a rate of 500K per year (which I know wouldn�t happen) what would be the rate of inflow of more illegals?? What would be the balance of illegals after say 10 years? Think about it.
    3. Give them a path to citizenship. Well they are here anyways but this idea might jeopardize the bill.

    So my proposal is: Since �a path to citizenship� is the major road block to this bill, make a law that gives the Illegals an opportunity for GC but include in the law that �Anybody that ever comes into the country illegally CAN NOT become a citizen�. i.e they can get a green card but they can never be eligible for citizenship. I am sure this is a reasonable middle ground�. a path to PR but not citizenship. I am sure those illegals don�t care about citizenship anyways. They just want to be free and be mobile.

    Just my thots.

    TPS - temporary protected status is given to people from Honduras, El Salvador and some more countries. What you said is in line with some of that status. It is less than a Greencard as there is no path to citizenship, yet the people in TPS can hang on here for years and years. Congress is forced to renew this every year for politics. Eventually people in TPS marry locals and settle here.

    Tancredo and his chums tried to dissolve this feature completely from immigration code. TPS is the best way to go. No amnesty as there is no citizenship/GC. And all these folks can come out in the open and play by rules.

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  • xela
    03-24 11:00 AM
    :D Sorry could not help myself :D

    You need to vite.

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  • Cowhide Leather Bed; Item Num.

  • B+ve
    09-02 03:49 PM
    You really cannot do anything in a short time except hoping for the best. Two things have to happen for getting a GC (i) Your file should be or should already have been reviewed, and if all good to go, preadjudicated. That depends on your receive date by the Center processing your case (not RD on your receipt). This date is close to ND, and is often seen online as " your case was received on...". If this date is prior to published dates, your file definitely has been reviewed. Farther it is from the published date, lesser the chance, but approvals are indicating that if it is Aug, Sep, Oct 07 there is very good chance, though September has higher chance than October (ii) Your PD should be high enough. As per USCIS SOP preadjudicated files are piled in sequence of PD's.

    Note that both conditions should be met before leftover visas exhuast. Third condition, which always plays significant role is, luck. This means, you hope that IO working on your case did not fall sick when he/she was about to look at your case, some document did not slip out of your file, person working on your case head proper eye glasses so as not to misread your PD as 2007, stack of preadjudicated cases did not fall down losing file sorting sequence, etc. etc.

    Best wishes to you and all others.

    Yes you are absolutely true..... We must have the luck factor also...

    As in my case, my PD, RD, ND and BD (BD aka Birth Day also :) ) all are well with in the current processing time frame and still waiting for the mercy of Lord USCIS.

    I am praying for those unlucky folks like me, who are still waiting in the queue, to get approvals before the available visas get exhaust.



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  • eastindia
    09-29 10:52 AM
    Every time someone comes up with something new they get shot down here by "certain" other members. They try to find reasons to say it was a bad idea rather than saying something constructive. Give this guy a chance.

    You can also start a new thread with an idea. There is no stopping of ideas and evaluating ideas by others on the forum. It is just feedback that we give. One should be open to all kinds of feedback for an idea. Don't you get it in your own office?

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  • desi3933
    02-25 11:38 AM
    Today's chart for SP&500 Mini (3 minute chart)

    Disclaimer: Information/Educational use only and should not be onstructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.


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  • Kodi
    05-08 09:53 AM
    I just confirmed with my attorney, they're filing with the Atlanta office.

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-14 03:31 PM
    Can we get all these in any hospital or clinic or it has to be by the ones approved by USCIS? What is the cost associated to this? The health insurance will cover these?


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  • mps
    06-02 11:10 AM
    Did everyone who efiled EAD had to go for fingerprint?

    Efiled 05/06
    Sent documents 05/18

    Spouse got a letter for fingerprint appointment.

    I'm still waiting ...not sure if I would need to get fingerprints done??

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  • smuggymba
    04-07 11:34 AM
    I am sorry I was not able to come to meeting. Could you please update us what happened

    you just joined today so how could that have been possible anyway.


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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-12 07:28 PM
    Today my attorney said that if it hasnt moved for two visa bulletins in the fiscal year then he is almost sure (using 27 year experience in immigration) that it will not move much this year.

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  • amitjoey
    01-08 12:39 PM
    I figured, I have to do what I talk about. I helped register 10+ members last weekend and many more before. I probably exhausted all the people that I know that I can help become members.


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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-05 10:56 AM
    so i am curious why did you wait that long knowing that EB3 train is a goods train w/o engine. You r pretty close now to your GC, however if 3 yrs back or so you had ported it to EB2, you wud had been greened way back.

    At that time, I was working for a multi billion dollar company where over a million people are employed. The HR department was not ready to serve any individual cases. Moreover the job prospectus were not great there at that time. It was always on the limbo. In fact, I did process another EB2 case in 2006. I got the I-140 Approval on that after the first one. And my employer's Immigration Department did not agree for a switch even after I pleaded to them. It was really hard luck. I spent over 18000.00 dollars to get that EB2 one which went down the drain. What to do? Its just fate.

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  • DesiHunter
    08-12 11:25 PM
    My case is similar to yours.

    EAD/AP E filed on 5/27@TSC
    FP done 6/19
    Soft LUD 7/22
    AP approved: 8/11 :)

    Waiting for EAD :(

    Adding my case to the forum. I am also one of those strange 7/22 soft LUD guy.

    EAD E filed on 05/22 @ TSC
    FP done 06/19
    SOFT LUD on 07/22


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  • Lasantha
    04-11 10:23 AM

    June 29th is the receipt date printed on my Receipt Notice. I think they go by that date. So I am pretty sure they will take July 31st as your RD.

    Lasantha, I do congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. It has been a uphill journey for everyone. I am happy that you have completed your journey successfully.

    One last question,

    You mentioned your RD is June 29th. Is it the date from your FEDEX tracking #? Or this date is mentioned on your USCIS 485 receipt? Why am I asking this as because, I sent my application on 30th July, USCIS got it on JULY 31st. I sent it to NSC, USCIS transferred to TSC, TSC issued my EAD, AP and a 485 notice on Sep 22 mentioning that they are transferring my case to NSC. That is why it is very important for me to know if they will consider my JULY 31st date or Sep 22nd?

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  • chapper
    07-25 08:43 PM
    1. What was mentioned in the job advertisements - was the alternate Bachelors+2 years mentioned
    2. How long as it been since the last advertisement
    3. Can they file another I-140 concurrently with I-485 using the recently approved labor
    4. I agree with abhijitp you can get a RFE too

    My suggestion would be to apply in EB3 even though the job advertisement reads masters or Bachelors with 2 years and use the option 3

    I request you guys to consult a good attorney immediately and help your selves and also save time.

    Please consult an attorney for your good.

    Disclosure: I'm not an attorney


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  • optimizer
    07-11 05:04 PM
    One suggestion I have, which is followed by lot of websites with PHP Bulletin boards with high traffic is to use a separate server for boards pointing to something like and keep the main site on a separate not so powerful server.

    Atleast it ensures that the main site doesn't go down, when forum usage is very high.

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  • ankitaa
    07-20 12:04 AM
    The whole GC system is not fair ...

    1) Country quota -- People from smaller countries get it very quickly while ohter keep waiting forever ....

    2) Assume I applied in 2006 NOV ...lets say my friend applied in 2005 NOV ..his/her spouse comes to US in 2009 after getting married and he/she gets GC first before me ...

    3) People struck in back logs ...most unfortunate guys of all

    4) People struck in FBI name checks while others who appled after them keep on getting GCs ...

    List goes on ............Hope some day it will become strict FIFO across all countires and it will become predictable ...

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  • ncrtpMay2004
    03-20 10:54 AM
    Instead of 140K individual green cards change to 140K Family (Primary+ Spouse + Kid(s) ) green cards.
    Ability to change jobs after 2 years of 140 approval. (H1 time + LC time + I140 Time + 2 year would easily be 8+ years)

    08-01 04:43 PM
    I tried to take the appointment and i got dates for me.
    Where are you located at?

    GO IV GO.

    RTP, NC

    Michael chertoff
    05-04 01:34 PM
    On the same note guys..Nothing changes after GC.. I have always lived with this thought..If i want to go live back in India, I dont need a GC, If i decide to stay here in the US, It does not matter when GC long as u have legal status that you can maintain ( I know may not be for everybody ..esp who are in the clutches of the consultants)...most of you guys can change to job of your choice and maintain status..Without a GC, i have done everything you can do with one..( Job change, House buying , what else?)...So while i know it is a comforting feeling to have a GC, dont let that drive you crazy...the system is as fair or as unfair as it can be, it is how u look at it..Just chill ..good things will happen. Wishing you all the very best

    You can say anything now since you got your approval.

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