Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • gcny2006
    06-07 09:03 PM

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  • roseball
    11-14 12:15 AM
    This letter is regarding services like issuing PIO cards/Visas for India.....Passport renewal and Miscellaneous services are not outsourced and the service for those sucks beyond reason.....

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  • akhilmahajan
    07-21 01:49 PM
    EAD RD: 29th May 2008
    LUD: 5th June 2008
    FP/Photo: 29th July 2008
    Current EAD Expiry Date: 24th September 2008

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  • forever_waiting
    01-12 08:16 PM
    Grass-roots advocacy means advocacy at ground level

    Glad you finally realized it.

    case in point PAPPU the admin who is the only admin i see on the forum since he is eb3
    Yes, and pappu actually works actively for IV provisions and guides us, instead of complaining and making senseless NOISE like you are.

    i would classify you as a idT iot if you have NOT realised that from my first post that all i have talking about is "more should be done for EB3" and not "no one is doing anything for EB3". If you have not realised that you are an a person who is blinded by your own Stupidness.

    I thought you did not believe in name-calling. Looks like you change your opinions and stance as per your convenience and frustrations.

    EB2 consider themselves superior to EB3
    This is an empty claim created by you alone due to your paranoia. Its all inside your head. Again.. empty vessels make lot of noise.

    You dont have to wish EB3 folks good luck because we make our own luck (God when i see your bigoted ass get a gc we will well rid of you
    Very mature, my friend. Hope you get the good sense to stop abusing folks here and actually doing some good for the overall EB cause. Stop spreading these conspiracy theories and fears..we all have enough on our hands already. You DO NOT represent EB3 here. You are just a frustrated and embarassed person trying to hide behind your username and venting out against some hypothetical problem you have created in your head. Please get some help.

    And spare us another 1000 word essay. I think we have heard enough. Find another place to get some therapy.

    Grass-roots advocacy means advocacy at ground level.

    Ground level in political terms means opinion of actual worker who is doing the work and in this case it would be all the people who are actually doing the work of meeting meeting law makers and to explain retrogresssion to them. That would be the donors and people like you who have our respect. For a grass root level advocacy to work an organization has to be made up of grass root worker. Grass root workers are the people at the bottom of totem pole. In our case that would be EB3 workers now we all know that EB2 workers when they get their green card dissapear from the forum and leaves the EB3 guys to carry the burden (case in point PAPPU the admin who is the only admin i see on the forum since he is eb3) . So finally we are left to handle the IV Movement movind forward. Now if i was an organizer of a movement i would make sure that all the points made by the organisation is directed towards allaying the concern of people who have been impacted most by retrogration (BTW that would be Eb3 guys and not EB23 who by their god given right have first preference over everything and wil get residency soon because they are a preffered catefgory).

    i would classify you as a idT iot if you have NOT realised that from my first post that all i have talking about is "more should be done for EB3" and not "no one is doing anything for EB3". If you have not realised that you are an a person who is blinded by your own Stupidness.

    EB3 workers understand advocacy (Please do NOT think we are people who have to be lead by someone who thinks they are intellectually superior(yes i am talking about EBS persons). You are the same as us so this EB2 and EBS classification is redumbent and moot)

    yes this discussion has been entertaining because it has lead to a revelation that EB2 consider themselves superior to EB3 and you do not get to say when this discussison ends because you are short time oppurtunist and your word has not value

    Even a coolie knows that after working harde whole day he will be paid at the end of the day but EB3 folks will not
    get that satisfaction till all EB2 get their green cards

    You dont have to wish EB3 folks good luck because we make our own luck (God when i see your bigoted ass get a gc we will well rid of you)


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  • gc28262
    04-12 12:39 AM
    Does CGI Houston work on weekends ?

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  • girijas
    04-16 03:23 PM
    Rest assured............I have checked out the blog and freaked out after I saw your timing :)

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Has anyone checked out our Blog yet?

    You will need to register with the site for a user id and password.

    As much as possible I will also post a Tip of the Day on my blog postings (which will have links to recommended training sites)



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  • nsb
    02-02 02:07 AM

    Look for section 1601

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  • HopeSprings
    09-02 12:18 AM
    Wow. That's a lot of Approvals in a day.

    Congratulations to all from my side and enjoy the new found freedom.

    To all gurus here, does this mean that we can expect date forward movement in OCT bulletin?
    Mine is EB2 India Apr 2008. Any chance for me to file i-485?

    18 EB2I approvals so far today, all of them with 2004 PDs. Most of the cases have RD of July - Aug 2007 i.e. July fiasco filers. Looks like USCIS, for a change, is doing something that has some rationale.


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  • sanhari
    07-16 09:56 AM
    I am writing to the local congressmen, to request USCIS to apply the spillover visas to EB cases with older priority date first (irrespective of it's category or country). I hope this will help, if lot of these local congressmen/women contact USCIS to handle this spillover in a fair manner, allocating to older priority date cases first irrespective of category or country. All EB3 folks please take some time and do the same writing to your congressmen about this issue.

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  • ck123
    03-25 09:41 PM
    I have some questions with regards to my wife�s immigration status. She was previously on H-4 visa (valid till 2009) when I was with employer A. She then applied for an H-1 which started from October, 2007. She started working on a project from November. The project lasted for couple of months. During that time, I transferred my H1 to employer B. Since January, her company has no projects for her and she is not working. But they had been asking her to sign leave of absence and providing partial pay stubs (one week in a month) since then. Now she wants to transfer back to H-4 status and we are planning to file for a change of status from H-1 to H-4. My questions are:

    1) Are pay stubs of current H-1 employment required while filing for change of status to H-4?
    If yes, will it be OK if she just provide a partial month pay stub for last two months and rest of the days, we can show it as absence of leave due to some reasons? This is to avoid large amount of taxes which we have to pay in order to get the pay stubs. The employer is ready to provide other papers required to prove current employment with them. (Like offer letter and other stuff)

    2) Can she go back to India without change of status and stamp her previous H-4 and come back to US on H-4? The problem I feel with this situation is that her H-4 was approved when I was working with employer A but currently I am working for employer B. So does that mean that she has to apply for a completely new H-4?

    3) Can we go to any other country like Canada, Mexico, and Bahamas and get a new H-4 stamped for her? Or it has to be done from India? I will also get my H-1 stamped the same time.

    4) What are the documents that will be required to file for COS using form I-539 and how long it usually takes to get approved?

    5) Can she travel to India while her COS is still under process?

    Do I need a lawyer for the above process? I have previously applied for her change of status from F-2 to H-4 by myself with no problems. If a lawyer is required, can some one please suggest some good contacts in DC area?

    Sorry for too many questions but any replies to my queries will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You


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  • pushkarw
    09-03 05:58 PM
    Does anyone know whether a case is assigned to an IO before or after a visa number is assigned? Or whether a visa number has got nothing to do with officer assignment?

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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-17 03:11 PM
    It is really dissapointing to see only 0.1 percent contributing.......c'mon is for ur future.....!!


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  • Human
    01-24 09:10 AM
    any body please respond to my above question :confused:

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  • user1205
    05-16 07:14 PM
    I'm calling on my way home from work.

    I've also sent emails to my local representatives and senators. See below (parts were taken from Ron G).
    While I agree that calling on the CHC reps could have some success, calling on the others might be even better. Just my 2 cents.

    Dear Rep. xxx

    I am appalled that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is being allowed to
    dictate immigration policy to the United States Congress. As your
    constituent, I demand that you notify Speaker Pelosi that you earnestly
    desire that she stop giving in to the CHC and allow legislation to proceed
    to the floor for a vote.

    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has decided that there will be no
    immigration legislation considered by Congress unless it includes an
    amnesty for illegal aliens. While I sympathize with the problems they're
    facing, it is no reason to keep all immigration bills hostage and ruin the
    lives of so many people.

    I have been legally in this country for x years studying, working and
    paying taxes. I have a Masters Degree in xxx from xxx. Our lives have been in limbo for the last 4 years waiting for our green card application to be
    approved. Any of the bills currently introduced for the EB community
    would give relief to many people caught for years in this waiting game.

    It is time for the tail to stop wagging the dog. This nonsense must end.

    With Regards,


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  • amitjoey
    01-03 06:42 PM
    Need 14 more members to be 8000.
    Can we do it before tommorrow?
    Yes I think so.

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  • santb1975
    04-16 12:32 PM
    Thanks for your support Bharat Premi.

    Clicking the mouse for 30 mins after 8 spoons of sugar ..wonder what that does :confused:..Let's see. Each spoon of sugar has about 15 calories. 8 spoons = 120 calories. 60 minutes of walking at a moderate pace burns about 120 - 150 calories. Clicking a mouse uses like 3 fingers and some wrist movements..I should stop now..LOL..Just a way to keep this thread on Top.

    Clicking mouse constantly for half an hour after having 8 spoons of sugar.. :)By the way, i got your emails and will work out application form this weekend.. I had a plan to send it last weekend but could not do it.. Sorry for little delay.


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  • vparam
    06-07 04:38 PM
    vparam..are u a sensationalist..or do you normally freak out like this?
    there is nothing to sensationalise or freaking out . if you see the subsequent post and reading all relevant materials , you will understand that few are trying to keep CIR alive while many want it to be killed. Since i keep scourging to see if any new is available about the conference and have not seen the house clerk reporting the reciept of the CIR, i was just asking a question to find out if anyone had any news reading sobers post on blue slip, is some news......

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  • pbuckeye
    05-05 11:56 AM
    Finally, done

    PD: June 7th 2006
    SC: Texas
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011

    Thank you all IV friends.



    Congrats MC! Do stay to keep the discussions lively :)

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  • gandhig
    05-16 12:59 PM
    Called all the numbers. Three offices on the list said they have received MANY calls on this issue today! They were all aware of this issue and poltely took my name. Let's work for the best outcome!!

    03-25 11:24 AM
    Teddy. The intention of such post is to tell people that they need to look beyond spending time on predictions. Predictions can help people know the extent of the backlog. For some it is a motivating factor because they were in the dark until USCIS started publishing data. People used to think their Greencard is round the corner and had no idea about the backlog. So yes the data and estimations have helped get a clearer picture. And this has benefited our community. IV has worked for several months to get the data from USCIS through its agenda item in the past. Today USCIS is publishing data at regular intervals because IV community had participated in a mass campaign to get FOIA data from USCIS. There is a whole history of advocacy behind the data everyone is using for prediction today and it was advocacy that got things done. However they should not get stuck with it and have a more 360 degree view of the issue. For some predictions are a source of encouragement for advocacy work. People leading predictions can play an important role in giving direction to others and help solve the root cause of the problem.They should be urged use it for the advocacy work as well if possible. For example a good research document can be made to illustrate visually the extent of backlogs and wait times. This document can be then circulated to media and lawmaker offices. Do not look at predictions in isolation. Secondly, the data people are using is still incomplete and has lot of assumptions. I had posted some update on the data in the donor forum early this month based on a recent meeting. So predictions we see on the forums will not be fully correct. People need to use predictions as means rather than consider it as an end.

    That is exactly why these are known as PREDICTIONS.

    Suggested reading

    "A prediction or forecast is a statement about the way things will happen in the future, often but not always based on experience or knowledge. While there is much overlap between prediction and forecast, a prediction may be a statement that some outcome is expected, while a forecast may cover a range of possible outcomes.

    Although guaranteed information about the information is in many cases impossible, prediction is necessary to allow plans to be made about possible developments; Howard H. Stevenson writes that prediction in business "... is at least two things: Important and hard."[1]"
    Prediction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

    05-01 10:29 AM
    I have not heard from anyone. Please respond if you have any idea about the above.

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