Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birthday Cake Ideas For Women

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  • tinku01
    07-10 02:07 PM
    I am doing same thing for about one month but don't know what is happening. I talked to one travel agent in Mumbai and he is asking for Rs 3500 to get Hindi appointmnet. I don't know if people again started any trick to book appointments..

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  • BMS1
    09-16 06:45 AM
    Similar case

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  • alterego
    01-17 06:28 AM
    Those of you planning to reach the 485/EAD "heaven". Please have a look at this
    link suggesting you apply for EAD 6 months in advance. D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Apply too early and you are screwed by an early approval that will render your EAD valid for just 6 months(my last 2 were approved within 2 weeks). Apply too late and risk unauthorised work and or having to get fired/stay off the job.
    All this just weeks after they removed the ability to get an emergency 90 day EAD at the local field offices if they delayed more than 90 days.
    The USCIS is getting very mean with those of us waiting in the legal queue in my view. A lot is going on behind the scenes, I hope we are not all made scapegoats of dumb policy in the end.

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  • chintainfogc
    10-28 04:49 PM
    We (me and my wife) have received RFEs to submit G-325A forms on 9/24/09 and our lawyer submitted the requested documents last week on 10/20/09, on the next day USCIS online status changed to "We have received RFEs documents and this case processing has resumed........" on very next day 10/22/09 online status changed to "RFEs sent......."

    Now we (me and my wife) and our lawyer received same RFEs again thoguh our lawyer submitted requested documents.

    Please share your thoughts on how should i go from here...should i submit documents again?? or should i take an info pass and try to find out whats gaing on with our cases?

    Thanks in advance


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  • sagittarian
    05-14 10:42 AM
    Thanks a lot guys!!

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  • logiclife
    03-02 06:07 PM
    Go here and follow the steps and talk to lawmakers.

    Its under Volunteer under a document : Resources for "Meet the lawmaker".


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  • ovaloffice
    05-22 05:07 PM

    I am a physician who is doing his residency on H1b. My wife has applied for green card with a priority date 4/2004 (employment based category 3). I have applied for my green card with her. Now we are in I 485 stage.

    NOw that the way dates are progressing it seems it will take a while for her date to become current for EB3. I was wondering if I apply for green card when I finish my residency, can I recapture the priority date?

    I'd appreciate your help. Thank you

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  • tinamatthew
    07-21 10:33 AM
    In the 485 filings for me and my wife, my divorce certificate for my previous marriage was put in my files but it should have been with my wife's file per 485 intruction because she is the derivative applicant. If USCIS can't find it in my wife's file, will USCIS look for it in my file since we filed together?

    If this is not required as initial evidence then they will issue an RFE and then you can send the documents later.

    To fix the problem, could we resubmit my wife's 485 now and withdraw the one just submitted even though we don't have the receipt for it yet? or should we wait until we get receipt for the one just submitted and then resubmit her 485 application when my PD become current again? or could we just submit the missing file after we get the receipt and my PD becomes current?

    Don't resubmit your wife's application, wait for a receipt

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Hope this helps


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  • good idea
    04-20 02:12 PM
    My emp. filed H1 ext in Jan 2011 and got RFE.

    My (existing) H1 extension is expiring on 25th March... which is just less than a week away.
    and my employer may submit RFE documents in First week of May...

    What would be my legal status during this period?

    My H1 extension was filed with regular processing, Is it advice able to upgrade it to premium while or before submitting the RFE docs?

    Please advice.


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  • kirupa
    04-08 02:06 AM
    haha - that is really good ;) Adding it up in a few seconds!


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  • jthomas
    10-18 10:32 PM
    Any tips on getting interview dates through VFS?

    Second question :- I had applied for I-485 and has EAD as well as AP. Should i go for H1B stamping?

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  • vikrant29nov
    03-08 04:56 AM
    Thx for the compliment 3dy & vikas_088.

    Vikas_088 - you are right, its my name(Vikrant). :crazy:


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  • 485_spouse
    06-07 10:22 AM
    Hi All,
    Yesterday we e-filed for my wife's 3rd EAD and 4th AP. This will be our first efile.
    As we need to send supporting documents for both applications.
    Should we send them in one package or two?
    Printed address for both application is same!

    Is it because I-131 is being considered as child request of I-765?
    Thanks in advance.


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  • naveenarjun
    02-27 01:30 PM
    In short you are saying "Keep Dreaming"..:)


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  • Karthikthiru
    06-01 05:45 PM
    Yes, you can. I have done the same. Send me a PM if you need details about that. In my case I moved from Dallas to Austin

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  • martinvisalaw
    02-10 02:42 PM
    Hi ,

    I am working from home which is NJ on h1b and my company is based DC as my seat is located in DC and i connect remotely to my computer located in DC office , i have below question regarding the LCA and payroll

    1. Which location i need to mentioned as primary ,home or where company located?

    The LCA should list the job location as your home address.

    2. Which state should the payroll runs where i live or where my seat is located?
    It doesn't matter for immigration purposes.


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  • maverick_joe
    05-06 02:35 PM
    Sample of reported job titles from onetcenter for 15-1032.00

    : Software Engineer, Software Developer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Publishing Systems Analyst, Application Developer, Averaged HEND (High-Energy Neutron Data) Data Product Lead (AHD Product Lead), Customer Information Control System Programmer (CICS Programmer), Program Analyst, Systems Programmer

    Is 'Computer Software Engineer' (SOC code is '15-1032') and 'Lead Software Development Engineer' same? My Labor has 'Computer Software Engineer' as position. New company is offering me ''Lead Software Development Engineer' it okay to take new offer?

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  • rkanth12
    09-22 02:43 PM

    My wife needs an EAD to apply for medical residency in the US. We have our EAD application pending (receipt date Aug 27th). We know we will get our EAD eventually. But the problem is more complex.

    For medical residency, programs call candidates for interviews in Nov/Dec. So they start offering interview slots in Sep/Oct timeframe. If you don't have an EAD card or EAD-approval notice, they will not even consider you. They don't care if you say that EAD will definitely come by Dec (or something like that).

    We tried our local congressman, but even he said he couldn't do anything
    until the 90-day processing time had passed. We tried the local INFOPASS office and submitted an expedite request, but that got denied.

    So we are urgently looking for ways to get my wife's EAD ASAP. If we don't get the EAD in time, my wife will lose an year and in medical residency, every year you sit at home counts (against you).

    Does anyone here have any ideas what we can do ! Note: This EAD is needed for *education* purposes and not for *gainful* employment.

    Don't worry you'll get it soon.
    I'm also in same, we got recently.

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  • nozerd
    12-01 02:02 PM
    If I live in Canada but commute daily to work in US (Windsor/Detroit) can I file I 485 in US instead of consular processing ?


    08-17 05:03 PM
    Doesn't matter, you can show which ever has longer validity, they just need to make sure that you are legal.

    08-10 12:01 PM
    I think this is good thing. This will definitely weed out the fraud cases and maybe free up some visa numbers. If your AC-21 portability is genuine you have nothing to fear. Let them investigate as much as they want.

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