Monday, July 4, 2011

Avril Lavigne Husband Cheats

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  • rollercoaster
    03-27 10:52 PM
    Somebody please reply.

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  • lucas92
    05-02 09:13 PM
    nice. I like. i laugh

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  • masti_Gai
    01-19 03:55 PM
    For EB2 & EB3 category people it is the Date on which Labor was filed.:)
    For EB1 category people it is the Date on which I-140 was filed.:)

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  • raydon
    06-25 08:15 PM
    Our visa stamp (H1B/H4) are expired in our passports. We are planning to travel via 'Frankfurt (FRA), Germany' to Mumbai in Lufthansa airlines and we will get our passport stamped in Mumbai. Does anyone have experience travelling via 'Frankfurt (FRA), Germany' without visa stamp in passport?
    I know that travlling via London has some difficulties but not sure about 'Frankfurt'.
    Please let me know.
    FYI..We have our EAD and I-485 is pending with approved I-140.

    Thanks for your help.

    You should not have any issues travelling via Frankfurt to India with an expired visa stamp. I've travelled as recently as last month with an expired visa stamp.Returning to the US with a visa stamp or using advanced parole should be fine.


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  • Green_Always
    07-28 08:20 PM

    Congress may push India's IT firms to Mexico with H-1B crackdown ( H_1B_crackdown)

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-07 12:36 PM

    I am looking to switch employers. Although the job descriptions are pretty similar ( C coding, design, protocols etc.), my PERM was filed for Computer Software Engineer-Applications whereas the new one falls under Computer Software Engineer, Systems Software. Is this a risk during I-485 adjudication. Also my new salary is 50% higher than my original PERM salary (It has been almost 4 years since my original PERM).


    Descriptions look similar but what you need to check is the SOC code are a close match or not. That is important. Regarding the salary difference taking inflation into account and salary hikes ove the 4 ye4ar speriod you should not have any problem. Check this below link for AC21.


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  • coopheal
    05-21 10:27 AM

    I posted this thread with my assumptions using the May 2010 demand data and Pending 485 report 09/09

    Source:- EB3 Movement Tracking - Immigration Wiki (

    Any thoughts in this gurus !

    See the spreadsheet for details


    You analysis is inaccurate and misguided.

    Look at the top table which shows data released by DOS. Last month 75 application have been reduced and in month back 100 applications were reduced.

    This is really really bad sign for EB3 and even for EB2.

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  • breddy2000
    02-03 10:28 AM
    I also heard that they are sending about 1500 people back to India..

    I heard from one of my Frnds that all of their L1 visa extensions are getting rejected left and right....
    Most of them are on these L1 Visas in managerial postions.


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  • pyrosleepy
    10-26 10:33 AM
    I think Ubaidu's problem is that his degrees are in a different field of study from that of his job. For EB2 the USCIS will surely look into the relevance of the Masters degree to the job description.

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  • phillyag
    07-17 07:12 PM
    I will be filing my 485 due to the current changes.
    I am getting married in December 2007.

    1. I am goin to file for my spouse at that time. Is it necessary that the dates should be current in order to file this amendement?

    2. I understand that one can file amendment before or within 180 days of acceptance of 485. is this correct ?

    3. Is there anyway to know that I am nearing my acceptance of 485?

    Your comments are appreciated.


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  • B+ve
    04-10 12:12 PM
    Gurus, any thoughts or suggestions please...

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  • h1bdude1
    03-26 10:37 AM
    Anybody help me out please


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  • immigrationmatters30
    10-04 01:24 AM
    Would this apply even if one did not file I485 or is I485 required to be filed for H1B extention? Also what if, say, company A files bankrupcy or H1B holder from the company is laid off after I140 is approved AND I485 not applied.

    I am asking because I missed the boat last year

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  • Dhundhun
    01-17 10:38 PM
    Not normal, but what about I140 approval?. It is part of that and must be there. Did you apply I140 and I485 togther? If yes, it may be missing because of processing backlogs.


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  • h1-b forever
    01-27 09:06 AM
    I am planning to visit India during May 2011. I am working in multinational company as civil engineer (on H1-B). I have PhD from US uni. I am reading a lot about visa stamping probs these days. Please help me taking decision whether to take chance (& visit India) or not. will appreciate any advises especially from ppl with such recent experience. Thanks.

    Will you be affected by the employer-employee memo? It is based on this memo that many of the problems are arising. Talk to your lawyer too about it.

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  • updsoft
    09-23 10:31 PM
    thank you very much !


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  • BonoVox627
    08-01 11:09 PM
    Also here is my site for DontAsk Inc. Films. The one that puts out the Star's War films.

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  • cdeneo
    04-01 12:29 AM
    Gap in employment and porting priority date:

    What if there is a gap of employment between leaving the previous employer who made the initial green card application under EB3 and joining the new employer who is willing to make a new application under EB2.

    I-140 is approved, I-485 was pending for more than six months when the employee left the first company and has had a gap in employment for a few months. The employee has joined the new company using EAD. I-140 has not been revoked.

    Would applying for the green card under EB-2 and trying to port the EB-3 priority date cause any complications given the gap in employment. The new job satisfies the same or similar job requirement with a 50% bump in salary and meets the EB-2 requirements. Would really appreciate your insight on the risks to be aware of if any due to the gap in employment. Thanks!

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  • seahawks
    09-12 02:31 AM
    Great work !!!

    09-19 12:46 PM
    Hi All,

    Please help me on this. Here is the situation:

    1. Company A First time H1B - Oct 1, 2004
    2. Company B transfer - Jan 22, 2006
    3. My current visa is expiring on Jan 22, 2009, but after Jan 22, 2009, I still have till Oct 1, 2010 to complete my 6 years of H1B.
    4. Now, my wife who is on H-4 is currently in India on vacation, since she is not in US, her H-4 extension cannot be filed.

    My question is, can I file my H-1 extension and go to India and get both of our visas stamped based on my extension? Or does my wife need to come back on her currently valid visa and file for her own H-4 extension?

    Please advise and pardon me for my ignorance on this.

    Thanks in advance,

    11-06 09:59 AM
    Hello folks !
    Let me present my case before you all.
    I came to US on H1B visa in 2004 and then my previous visa expired in 2006 and I have extended that visa but do not have it stamped on my passport as because I have not left USA during this period.
    Now, I have changed a job 3 montsh back and my new employer is doing the H1B transfer which is in process. I have received the "receipt number" but yet to get the documents back from USCIS.
    At this time, is it possible for me to switch to another job without having the papers from USCIS on the basis of the receipt number alone ? Or do I wait for the papers to come back from USCIS before I can think of switching another job ?
    An early response is appreciated...

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