Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • rbharol
    04-08 11:03 AM
    Well that would be an option make H1b portable.
    But then most consulting companies will not hire H1B's because it won't be cost effective.
    Anyway just by checking most of this consulting firms businesses they will be able to uncover all the fraud.
    It's very unethical to make you lie on your resume and then try to market you to an employer with fake experience, also nobody has responded to my comment. Real Companies like PWC, IBM pay you while you're on bench, while this indian consulting companies break the law by not doing that.

    Wait a second. Do you think you can create a fake resume, fake
    the experience and still do good in the interview to get a job?

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  • KabAyegaMeraGc
    03-29 07:14 PM
    I booked my ticket a month ago but haven't yet figured out accommodation and travel within DC. I'm flying into DC on Sunday, 3rd morning.

    Is someone looking to share a hotel room? Alternately, is any DC area member still looking to offer a spare sleeping bag? :)

    I don't know how the DC area works but would preferably like to stay closer to the event hotel. If not, I'm open to renting a car and sharing cost to get in/out of DC (heard the traffic is a nightmare though).

    Please PM me directly or reply here. I'm joining the conference call tonight as well.

    I am looking for accommodation too.....lemme know if u still have room.

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  • little_willy
    05-15 09:03 AM
    Thanks everyone. The information was very helpful. I will talk to a my lawyer and post the response here.

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  • StarSun
    02-17 08:43 AM
    Thank you Chanduv23 for your participation in the advocacy efforts. It is heartening to see that members who have received green cards take the active role of advocating for changes that their fellow immigrant friends are not yet out of.

    We have shantanup, vin13, and chanduv23 - all received GCs last year - all three have participated in the advocacy efforts in the past - and here they are again! Thank you.

    This should inspire members who are still waiting to get their GCs to be in DC.


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  • mpek
    09-02 12:23 AM
    Folks --

    I got an email from CRIS today -- stating that the Card Production has been Ordered .. YIPEEEEEEE...

    I have always visited this site for a lot of reasons ... helped me along the way ... so, thank you all !!!

    PD : Dec 04
    RD : 23rd Aug 07

    Cheers !!


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  • inskrish
    09-01 06:32 PM
    Finally, it is my turn to get the approval email. At 2.30 pm MST, I received the approval email, but still no emails for my two dependants. The waiting-game is not yet over:-)

    PD: 05/2004
    RD: 08/05/2007
    ND: 10/03/2007

    I wish good luck to everyone who have been waiting for your turns!


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  • enthu999
    04-13 12:40 AM
    EAD renewal paper filed :

    Mailed USPS : March-11
    Received and signed by USCIS on March-12
    Nebraska Service center
    No reciept
    Check not cashed yet

    When I called last week, they wanted me to call back after 30 days, so I called today, it got escalated, the first lady was rude and bluntly said you have to 45 days for reciept and then 90 days after that for EAD so, it could take 4.5 months for renewal.

    I called back and it got escalated to a different officer this time, the lady was helpful and mentioned that there are too many delays at Nebraska that are related to EAD, however she took my telephone #, address, A# checked my file and said it is not in the system yet,
    she passed a message to the mail room to contact me regd the filing, she told they might get back in 30 days with information.

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  • senthil1
    04-08 03:03 PM
    I think those who are eligible to change to Eb2 should start immediately. In any case Eb2 was much better in past and it will be in future also as all the other country quota EB1 and Eb2 will automatically come to EB2 India and China every year. All the Eb3 should wait 10 years or hope for some law change.

    I need to go to some place where I can spit out my frustration. This is just not done. Completely unfair.


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  • tammman
    05-19 10:15 AM
    I just called all the offices mentioned.
    Almost all of them seemed to know what I'm talking about and I left voice msgs for couple of the offices and some of them took the msg and mentioned will pass them on...

    Thanks to IV & all the members doing this !!

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  • girijas
    04-16 01:15 PM
    Depending on how my training goes, I should know in 3 months if I am capable of doing the half marathon in 2009. When does the registration end?

    One of my close friends is considering running the DC 10 miler with me. She never ran or walked a race before. Hopefully she will decide to atleast walk before the end of the day. That will be good for both of us

    I partnered with my aunt to walk the SF 5K as well. now I really need to partner with someone who can run the Houston 1/2 marathon with me.


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  • amitjoey
    12-18 04:56 PM
    Does the IV core team plan on sharing their strategy for the New Year with the new members?

    I am sure the core will let us know as soon as the legislative session begins in Feb/March. Infact, even before that there are state chapters actively involved in meeting lawmakers. I feel for any activity to take place, we need more members.

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  • pappu
    03-22 10:00 AM
    This is why everyone is stuck in greencard queue and will be stuck forever if they do not do anything about their situation. They will spend hours every day on forums and trackers,give their expert back seat driving comments ... but will not do anything as a community to help themselves. When some asks me the reasons for immigration problems and starts blaming the system, I have now a days started blaming them for the problems they are complaining about. Here is the proof:

    It is Mar 22 and we still have only 2 members from NY!!!!!!! that has a huge population of our members. We need at least a couple more to register for the 3 days in DC - Sun, Mon and Tue Apr 3-5.

    We are missing people from several midwest states.

    We are not even half way in our contribution goal. Please rally people on all forums. Call your friends, post on your facebook, tweet, email and spread the word. If you have a website or blog/ know someone who has a website with lot of immigrant visitors/ can reach out to others who run websites request them to post information about this event on their homepage to show support for this effort. You can comment on this thread once it is posted so that it encourages others.


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  • gk_2000
    09-29 05:55 PM
    Doctors are EB2 and EB1.
    They are not EB3

    Even Physical therapists are EB2.

    EB3 are low level/entry level programmers or skilled workers with with undergraduate degree or diploma degree holders that use education evaluation service to prove that their diploma is equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

    Now some of you will say you have masters degree and still are EB3. It does not matter if you have a undergraduate degree from IIT or Harvard and have MBA from Harvard. If your job needs only undergraduate degree your master degrees are useless. You are working in a wrong job and overqualified for your job. You should look for another job that needs your american masters degree. Some will say that their lawyer filed in EB3 even though they qualify for EB2. Now that is also a wrong excuse. If your lawyer and HR screwed you, it is your fault that you could not stand up to them. It is not USCIS fault.

    News: You make no sense. Why don't you get out of here back to your asylum?

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  • Macaca
    01-18 09:21 PM
    people this is such less amount, ready to pay so much money for renewing visas etc, but you can't sign up for 20 or 50 every month. This is really becoming like begging..I do understand everyone has family commitment and other financial need but $20/month is not too much !!

    20/month is a joke for EB retrogression removal. It costs $15+/day for metro + car parking, to Washington DC.

    Is it possible to know how many members have not paid a penny so far? Thanks.


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  • chintu25
    01-13 10:58 AM
    What form does your brokerage firm send you at the end of the year? Is it a 1099-INT form that records your profits for the year? What if it were a loss. Do you still get a 1099-INT.

    An H1B working for a single employer will have only one W-2 but he / she may have different 1099-INTs from savings accounts / trading firms etc for filing taxes. This should be ok, correct?

    Investments are not reflected on W2. If you use a broker such as TDAmeritrade etc they will issue you a 1099

    You will receive an IRS Consolidated Form 1099 - an all-inclusive document showing your reportable income and transactions for the entire tax year - if your brokerage account received at least $10 in either dividends, interest or original issue discount (OID) income, or had an equity sale, in the 2008 tax year.

    - You will not receive a Consolidated Form 1099 for a retirement account, tax-exempt account, corporate account or foreign account.

    - In addition, you may receive a corrected Consolidated Form 1099 if you held an investment trust that reclassified income after this form was sent to you.

    There are 2 sets of rates.

    1. Short Term Captial Gains
    2. Long Term Capital Gains Taxes

    Short term capital gains taxes are on stocks that have been held less than one year before selling.

    Long time term capital gains taxes are on stocks that have been held more than one year before selling.

    Long term capital gains taxes are less than short term capital gains taxes.

    If you don't sell the stock, there is no tax on the capital gains.

    The amount of tax depends your tax bracket.

    The taxes on dividends are usually less than short term capital gains tax. So if you have a stock that is about to pay a dividend, get the dividend before selling, as that will reduce your capital gains.

    Hope this helps

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  • Lasantha
    04-10 11:16 AM
    Hassan, D&vgnextchannel=52a46c854523d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1 RCRD


    P.O. Box 82521

    Lincoln, NE 68501-2521

    Thanks Lasantha for your reply. I am not sure if employer can call on my behalf and get an update on my application??. I did explain to my employer that to get an update I can call USCIS but they want an update from USCIS in writting to keep it on my employee file in the HR dept. I am not sure if USCIS will reply to the inquiry in writing or not. (I think by law, they have to, right??) what is the amiling address at NSC???

    I filed for my I-485 myself without the help of a lawyer.

    My employer (a small business) has never gone through the GC sponsorship before me and they are not familiar with the process.


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  • sundarpn
    03-20 01:04 PM
    Pl. add this:

    Adding / filing for Spouse's 485 should not be dependent on one's priority being current. This in turn forces the primay applicant to remain on H1b status to maintain spouse's H4.

    (Above applies to those folks who got married after their primary 485 was filed but expected to remain pending due to retrogression.)

    I would think that the above ties into the fact that dependents are currently being counted for visa numbers.

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  • preetianu
    02-02 08:25 AM
    Yes ....Please close has served it's purpose of biting once more .

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  • dontcareaboutGC
    04-06 02:26 PM
    Firstly the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of un-used visa's is a clear indicator of poor USCIS efficiency. Even if the recapture visa effort bears fruit and people will get interim benefit it will do nothing to improve the efficiency of processing cases at USCIS which I think is the root cause of this problem. Yes there is also a supply and demand situation but unless USCIS improves the delays and backlogs may not stand a chance.

    04-27 09:58 PM
    I'm on H1 extension, my wife is on H4, can I go back to my home country to get the visa stamped without my wife. During the time I will be out of the country can she stay in the US? Will her H4 be in status?


    01-19 02:55 PM
    I am assuming that IV has resent the message to all members. However, I still got nothing in my mailbox:

    "Welcome, Spatial!
    You have 0 unread messages:"

    Looks like most of the people online are not seeing this thread at all.

    May be the Title need to be changed.


    People might be thinking that this thread is to discuss Integrity of Core Group.

    Someone from Core group pls Update the Link and see if it works..

    My 2 cents.

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