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1932 Ford Hot Rod

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  • #39;32 Ford hot rods were

  • cr52401
    03-01 09:05 PM
    There is nothing to be worry about. Sooner is better that later. At this stage there is no form sent for Perm and you don't have to be worry about change of address and so on.
    Talk to a good attorney too.

    mdforgc and other PERM gurus,

    Please help.

    I am in the process of filing PERM. Ads have been placed etc and all the
    formalities completed. Now, we are at a stage where the forms have to be prepared, signed and submitted. However, i am very unhappy with my attorney. He is unethical and i am afraid he will screw me up. So here are the questions

    1) At this stage ( not yet filed PERM) but on the verge of filing, is it possible to change attorney or is the job order etc specific to the Attorney.

    2) In form ETA -9089, in the Alien Work Experince section, it says to give the name of the aliens supervisor and the employers phone number.

    MY attorney says this is not required. Any thought on this. Did your forms mention this ?

    3) I am afraid my Attorney will deliberately mess up the form. What should I watch out for in the form before signing on it ?

    4) IS there any redressal system at all in this country for Attorney Malpractice ? Anyone taken this route before ?

    Guys, please help me as I have to take a qucik decision.

    Thank You

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  • 1932 Ford Coupe, John Read#39;s

  • santb1975
    04-09 05:53 PM
    The trainers volunteering for our cause are US Citizens as well.

    Great, we need support for American citizens. This helps

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  • 1932 Ford Five Window Coupe

  • gauravster
    01-10 04:05 PM
    Bill Text - 112th Congress (2011-2012) - THOMAS (Library of Congress) (

    That link has the complete text. Relatively simple text. Includes those who have completed degree in last 5 years or those who have resided in the US since obtaining a degree.
    Only one constrain. Requires that "will substantially benefit prospectively the national economy of the United States". The second part is something which is fuzzy and not sure how USCIS will interpret it. They might apply the logic of EB2-NIW. However, in either case, it is adding numbers of EB categories and hopefully rest of the bill is allowing for these numbers to fall across and down.

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  • 1932 FORD TUDOR / Sedan

  • claudia255
    03-19 09:33 PM
    -Visa Recapture
    -File I-485 irrespective of PD
    -Stop counting dependents against quota
    -Require CIS to quarterly publish number of people that applied under EB and report the number of visas given by EB category and country of changeability (probably a dream)


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  • See more hot rod pictures.

  • waitnwatch
    02-01 07:40 PM
    You are making the same error I made. This is part of SA180 and is contained on page 1113. On the other hand SA 187 is mentioned on page 1121 and that is what got passed.

    Go looking for what happened to SA180 and you may get an answer to what happened to what you quote below. Right now I cannot find what happened to SA180.


    Sec..1601..Elimination of existing backlogs.

    Sec..1602..Country limits.

    Sec..1603..Allocation of immigrant visas.

    Sec..1604..Relief for children and widows.

    Sec..1605..Amending the affidavit of support requirements.

    Sec..1606..Discretionary authority.

    Sec..1607..Family unity.

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  • CrazyWorld
    08-05 06:56 AM
    This has been the regular way... CPO e-mail first and then an e-mail saying "... we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status."

    I got my Card Production ordered email yesterday at 9:00 PM and now at 7:20 AM I get mail saying I have been registered at permenent resident. So looks like the department that registers GC is slower than the guys who print the actual card. Has any one else seen this kind of reverse order of mails?


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  • hot rods are all the same,

  • ImmiLosers
    01-15 01:55 PM
    Guys, books are the best way to learn something and here is a free link to one of the ebooks which teaches trading...
    (a small help from my side)

    The book name is "Come into my trading room - a complete guide to trading" written by elder alexander

    This book looks cool...

    Thanks for sharing it.

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  • 1932 Ford Deuce Picture

  • pappu
    07-12 03:39 PM
    some more updates
    "Examining the Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Part II "
    Senate Judiciary Committee
    Full Committee

    some info on Irish lobbying and ideas we can take from there
    wish IV was also called for such testimonies...


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  • Macaca
    06-26 07:49 PM
    DOS allocates GC numbers to USCIS adjustment cases only as the point of approval is reached. DOS can set/move/retrogress PD based on info provided by USCIS about number of cases at point of approval.
    USCIS is not able to provide a good estimate of this number because

    it can not calculate this number based on USCISs workload, and
    it does not know the number of cases DOL will send to them. DOL again can not calculate the number of cases (it will send to USCIS) based on DOLs worload.

    The following are from page 35 and beginning of page 36

    The key to addressing this management issue at USCIS is to understand the dynamic interplay of priority dates and shifting workloads of three departments, and to know with greater precision and accuracy the size and details of USCIS� workloads.
    The tri-agency meetings seek to expand inter-agency communication regarding expected new demands and surges, workflows, and priority dates. During the meetings, there is an examination of the case management systems and data collection processes used to assess workflows through each entity, particularly USCIS.
    Although USCIS stated in its 2006 Annual Report Response (at p. 8) that it provides detailed data to DOS, the tri-agency group identified gaps in USCIS� data.

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  • akhilmahajan
    08-03 11:12 AM
    Congrats folks for getting your EAD cards finally.
    As we are still waiting for our approvals, please keep on guiding and helping us in whichever way you can.

    I hope we can also share the good news about our EAD cards soon.
    Its now 66 days and waiting....................


    1932 Ford Hot Rod. Kenny Ferguson#39;s 1932 Ford
  • Kenny Ferguson#39;s 1932 Ford

  • spicy_guy
    07-14 11:38 AM
    EB3 Other workers has the most wait time compared to EB3 general. So by your logic people who are waiters, chef, janitors and farm workers should get the greecards before you. :D

    And what will happen if CIR passed. All 13 million will be in a category that will be most backlogged. Should they get all greencards before you?

    Well, thats spillover... Its not that USCIS is going to allocate more visas for EB3 or more Visas. So spillover, yes!

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  • thomachan72
    03-22 11:04 AM
    1) Take away COUNTRY LIMITS and RECAPTURE lost numbers [

    2) Take away COUNTRY LIMITS and RECAPTURE lost numbers

    3) Take away COUNTRY LIMITS and RECAPTURE lost numbers

    Other items that would help the H1b visa holders include
    1) Permit extension and stamping within the US and not required to travel abroad. A real pain and wastage of resourse for no practical purpose.
    2) Speed up the I-140 process or reintroduce premium processing for I-140.


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  • jonty_11
    06-29 03:05 PM
    noone can predist USCIS.....on ly pray that they do not retrogress on they did for EB3_OTHER category on June 5th.

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  • goel_ar
    03-24 04:48 PM
    I respect bitzbytz's view. IMHO, Pappu's post shows too much arrogance in IV.
    Btw, I have donated $100 towards advocacy.
    Yeah Right. Now you are going to tell me, my higher education is due to IV, me coming to US is due to IV, me getting bachelors, masters, phd is due to IV, me getting H1 B visa approval and stamping, My getting EB 2 filed approved is caz of IV. , labor approval, 2 yr eads, medical appointments are all due to IV. Get real.

    When I was in trouble, I threw some money at Ms Sheela (not Sheela from sheela ki jawani) and voila , I had solution for my problems. IF we are legal here, we need to be afraid of anything, else glad to go back home.

    Dude, understand that I am a friend not an enemy to IV advocacy. I just said, for me to contribute, I should feel that IV made an impact or will make an impact for my cause. Which I dont feel right now.

    Make me believe and I am in. Until then keep trying.

    If you still want to bark , well you can pick some tree as I just ignored this debate.


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  • 1932? Ford

  • desi3933
    02-23 10:03 PM
    How can you deposit 401Km money to Ninja Trader, Your employer might offer one of top asset management company not Ninja.

    Could you let us know what was your trading capital on which you made 4.25% return last year...

    You are mixing two things. Ninja is software for charting. It supports add-on indicators in c# language.

    I use Ninja software for making trading decisions for my futures trading account. Also, it helps me making decision to enter and exit Index based funds for 401(k) and IRA accounts.

    For futures trading, I use short term chart setups whereas I use long term setups for index direction.

    Hope it helps.

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  • abracadabra102
    08-28 06:24 PM
    Unintentional, might be, but you did ruffle this topic of US Master's vs US Non-Master's with this rather sad comment (warm spit!). I dont want to go much further into this either but talking about something that you obviously dont know (useless subjects 'assembly language programming'), you havent added any valule addition here either. (Just FYI, even during peak recession, ppl with ALP skills were really very few because most of the direct recruits from '6 month NIIT courses' werent upto system level programming).

    And btw, if think that a 6 month course in NIIT with a degree in tier 3 university is going to help get a job during times of recession, then i dont know what to tell you.

    Yes, i do have an MS degree from the US and i did suffer lay-off during recession - bounce back, i did really quickly while i saw few ppl that only had '6 month courses from NIIT' suffer for long times without a job because all they had to offer was that...their six month experience at NIIT!!

    Btw, i do appreciate all the work that you do and all your postings too, but i felt that i had to give a riposte to something that i find insinuating and written without a whole lot of thought....

    Why do we always equate some educational qualification from some institute to capability? Remember Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Cornegie, Rockefeller.... list goes on.


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  • girijas
    04-12 03:00 PM
    I am sure there are quite a few people who are following this thread; but are in two minds about being able to complete the race. If this happens to be you, then try doing this for starters.
    5K = 3.106 miles.
    So get into your car, set your odometer and drive exactly 1.55 miles and back. Then walk up there and back and time yourself. Not everyone can run; but even if you have been leading a sedentary lifstyle, you should be able to walk this distance in 45 minutes....even if you are short :)
    If you find yourself struggling to walk 3 miles, believe me; you have bigger problems to worry about than a green card!

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  • Dalai Lama
    02-02 02:14 PM
    If the current bill that was agreed gets attached then according to Learning01(moderator) we will be in a big mess.After listening to him I think he is right.

    WaitingGC .....
    we are all waiting so lets all wait together.

    Sabar ka phal meeta hota hai ( The fruit of the patience will alwayz be sweet :) :D )

    Magar jab sabar bad jaate hai to phal sadh jaata hai
    (If the patience get longer then the fruit gets rotten):D :D

    We shall over Come.....

    You all have a similar desease called DENIAL. you all know but dont want to admit. They will not do anything in favour of us. wait and see.

    Save money and go back.

    I am going to Tibbet

    Dalai lama from Tibbet

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-04 07:11 PM
    Is there a system in place, for TSC ONLY, using which, an immigration attorney, who is an AILA member, can send an email, with LIN numbers (or A #, i am not sure which), to TSC, if the PD is current? Once this email is received, the system flags the case to be picked up by an IO?

    This system was put in place a couple of years ago, but I am not sure if it is still active, or if it is active, does TSC even bothers monitoring it.

    Thank you for the answer. I dont have any attorney. I did whole GC process by myself.


    07-11 06:04 PM
    Already written and printed the letters.

    Sending them out today!

    go guys, you only have to type once and print 3 times.... cost only $1.23
    for 3 stamps

    07-31 08:54 AM
    Something funny seems to be going on with the TSC EAD processing dept. I got my second "Card Production Ordered" email today, saying new card has been ordered on July 29. This followed the earlier email 13 days ago, which said the new card was ordered July 17! Did anyone else have similar experience?
    That was yesterday. Today I got the similar 2nd email for my wife's EAD renewal (she got her 1st "card production ordered" email July 24). So whatever problem TSC had yesterday, seems to be persisting.

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