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gold coast map australia

images Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, gold coast map australia. Gold Coast - From Point Danger
  • Gold Coast - From Point Danger

  • needlotsofluck
    07-24 08:59 PM
    My attorney signed my I-485 AOS/EAD/AP applications and posted them on July 2nd as he was in a hurry to apply because of July 2nd scenario. Is it ok for the attorney to sign our papers. Is anybody in the same boat as me. I am a little concerned as the USCIS FAQ says application can be rejected if signature is missing. The application reached USCIS on July 3rd.

    My attorney also did the same. I did not sign on my application. But he sent me power of attorney to sign. They did this since they were beating the July 2 brouhaha which previous to that week, they already knew what's going to happen.

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  • Gold Coast, Australia

  • e3visa
    05-04 09:08 PM
    There is no requirement that states your employer has to buy your return aeroplane ticket. Hopefully you will be able to find another position.

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  • Vikas_088
    03-08 02:37 AM
    Nice CONCEPT!!
    It�s a combination of Text Design + Game

    I found �Vikrant� in this Cross Words Game. Seems like it�s your name.:bear:

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  • gold coast australia map.

  • crazyghoda
    06-18 09:37 AM
    If they'd only "fix" the Social Security Card to be more secure, I'm sure you'd reduce much of the illegal employment. the way the SS card is designed right now, anyone could print out as many of these on his home printer.


    gold coast map australia. The Gold Coast is 32 km of
  • The Gold Coast is 32 km of

  • ashwaghoshk
    07-27 10:00 PM
    I am from health care industry and have a bachelors degree. My GC has been initiated under Eb3 category. We do not need the PERM process so an I 140 will be filed once the prevaling wage determination is cleared by the DOL. Recently I learnt that though I have the bachelors degree it is equivalent to the masters degree of my profession. I have a document stating the same from the board who is responsible for licensing.
    My question is that since my process is already initiated in EB3 can i also start it under EB2? Do i have to withdraw the earlier EB3 if i want to proceed with EB2? Please let me know if that is allowed or not.

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  • 300, Gold Coast Australia

  • wandmaker
    11-01 10:20 AM
    PD isn't current, but just check i-485 online status, showing "Document production or Oath Ceremony" (i.e., the last cycle).

    There was indeed a soft LUD in June this year. After that nothing much else. Is there sth good coming along my way?

    Appreciate if anyone here can share his/her thoughts/comments.

    Don't rely on online status, take infopass and check it out. BTW, it is most likely a FP notice, not an approval.


    gold coast map australia. gold coast map australia.
  • gold coast map australia.

  • techskill
    07-10 10:18 AM
    I filed my AP on April 29th,2008. I had one LUD on July 8th , the status was case pending and another one today,today status changed to


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On July 10, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    Any idea what does this mean? Is it approved or something else.

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  • Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast,

  • snathan
    03-19 03:27 PM
    Hi Sir,

    I have a question regarding H1B transfer and should I go premium processing or not?

    Here is my case:

    I was laid of from Company A (not consulting) last week. I have all my past pay stubs. That was total shock to me and got me off-guard.. It took me few days to find a consulting company B which is willing to transfer my H1B.

    As any big company, A is quite prompt in sending revoke letter so I would assume they would be already doing it by now. Company B will be sending transfer papers tomorrow(Friday) or Monday.

    My question is should I go with Premium Processing or not? I just dont want to take any risk where USCIS denies my case. Is premium processing going to help me here or not.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    Dont you think the PP will give you much faster results, peace of mind and you don’t have to wait anxiously for months...


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  • Gold Coast | MIFEIA Coffee

  • tabletpc
    07-30 01:23 PM
    Get the DOL report before u take up the job. DOL will give the estimation for salary....!!!Use it and ask u r company attorney to file for the H1b now its self mentioning the start date as future date (when u r opt expires). Since u work for local government ...governments jobs don't come under H1b u can apply NOW.
    if the DOL report comes out favorable...start the job and can look out for a better opportunity. Trust me u will find one when u have a back up job.
    Good luck

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  • buehler
    12-10 07:20 AM
    If you have been in the US for more than 1 year, you are a resident of the US and not any particular state in India. You are free to go to any Consulate in India. Even though I was previously a resident of AP, I have been able to get successful stamping in New Delhi.


    gold coast map australia. in this part of Australia.
  • in this part of Australia.

  • nvsrkriss
    04-12 12:14 AM
    1)on Feb 19 th 2008 came to US with H1B Visa stamp of Comp A having
    validity till AUG 2010
    2)Transferred VISA to Comp B by applying with in 15-20 days after
    landing into USA and got approved till Feb 2011.
    3)after working for 10months in Comp B applied for transfer to Comp C
    4)after getting receipt started working with Comp C
    5)on Jan 21,2009 acc to USCIS site RFE was issued
    6)on Apr 10,2009 Visa denied. I am still waiting for the details of the RFE and denial from my attorney?

    Q1) Am I still legal to stay,if so till how many days or am I
    already out of status?
    q2)can I still rejoin the previous employee i.e.Comp B
    q3)can Comp C able to reapply for H1B if So after how much time can it
    reapply for me?

    Please help


    hot The Gold Coast is 32 km of gold coast map australia. gold coast australia
  • gold coast australia

    04-26 01:01 PM
    I am working on EAD and want to work 20 hrs. What is the risk involved in I-485 processing? Thanks in advance for any light.


    house House on Australia Gold Coast gold coast map australia. Gold Coast is the 2nd most
  • Gold Coast is the 2nd most

  • jsb
    08-27 11:08 AM
    I just got off the phone with a second level rep at USCIS and am getting really confused with their mixed messaged. before i push any panic buttons can some one please let me know if they had any conversations with the idiotic bunch at uscis and share your conversations with regards to the visa availability for next month. this idiot states that vsc just oversubscribed and that it could be that there wont be any movement on the cases. all this over enthusiasm for nothing - that would really infuriate me. there is a limit to the fuss they can cause and play with emotions.

    Let us look at it positively. Sept dates are already published. Therefore, centers are now free to assign visas for cases they may have already preadjudicated, but wait for issuing approvals until September. It is quite possible that all the visas available have already been assigned to these preadjudicated cases, and they are now just waiting for September to come so that they can issue formal approvals

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  • senocular
    10-28 09:59 AM
    Woops sorry, I'll resize in a min.
    Nah it says "Stop wasting your time".. didn't think anyone would bother ;)

    No, it says "Stop Wasting Your ". Count the binary sequences.
    1, 2, 3 ... 18.
    ("Stop Wasting Your Time").substr(0,18) == "Stop Wasting Your "


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  • Map of Australia

  • sanjay02
    06-01 01:26 AM
    Bumping it.....

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  • Australia has 39 Universities,

  • meridiani.planum
    06-03 12:40 PM

    Each month visa bulletin is preceded with a demand data. So bulletin should come today or tomorrow.

    Check out data for China. It shows significant reduction from last month. Expectations are low for India but China will advance a lot in July.

    If spillover kicks in (& it should in July) then both China and India will have to move together (exact same cutoff date, because the law says spillover visa's are to be used evenly by those in the same category. USCIS has been doing horizontal spillover, so all EB2's will be equally eligible and have the same cutoff.


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  • speddi
    07-13 02:44 PM
    I was in the process of job change and the July fiasco happened and I was forced to stay with the company that filed my 485 (cannot change company for 6 months).

    girlfriend Picture of View, Gold Coast, gold coast map australia. and the Gold Coast. map of
  • and the Gold Coast. map of

  • va_labor2002
    08-23 10:16 AM
    Actions speak louder than words. If they are deeply concerned then they should be taking steps forward to make something happen.

    I agree with you. They talk a lot ,but no action !! It is disappointing.
    We have to do something to get the SKILL Bill on the table. What IV is doing to push this BILL ? any comments from Core Team ?

    How can we give more pressure to the congress ?

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  • australia gold coast map.

  • wandmaker
    11-30 06:45 PM
    amindarshana: (1) keep checking whether you check cashed or not (2) if 45 days passed from your SR open date - you will have to reconstruct your entire 485 packet and include delivery proof, and a copy of the check that you had sent. - check with your attorney.

    03-27 03:17 PM
    Your individual capacity to stand against frustration, worry and adaptability to strange and sudden events and conditions.:)

    04-28 01:17 PM
    On the lighter side,

    "Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship in Action Comics‘ record-breaking 900th issue. But that’s not all the benevolent alien refugee does..."

    Superman Defies God, USA in Action Comics’ Landmark 900th Issue | Underwire | (


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