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casey anthony

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  • Casey Anthony defense: Caylee

  • fromnaija
    09-30 10:25 AM

    I Have Some Problems In I-140. Mine Is 3yrs Bach+1yr Diploma Degree, Professional Job As Analyst, Eb3 Category. I Am From From Maryland So Vsc Is Center. My Lawyer Called Me That File Is Ready To Go But Vsc, Tsc And Csc Are Not Excepting Any I-140 Now, They Has To Be File At Nsc. But Nsc Is Very Strict And They Are Denying For 3yrsbach Degree In Professional Job. So I Don't Know What To Do? Any Ideas? Any One Like Mine Case? Please Let Me Know.

    Why are you multi-posting the same question. Some people have attempted to answer your question:

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  • Casey Anthony Trial: Computer

  • eb3_nepa
    05-26 09:59 PM
    I had a VERY SIMILAR question

    In my case it is simple. Current Immigration status and Manner of last entry is both H1B

    In Spouse's case however here is the issue. She has used her EAD and she travelled last year using the AP.

    So this is what I wrote under the 2 questions:

    14) Manner of last entry: "PAROLEE"
    15) Current Immigration Status: "Adjustment Of Status Pending".


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  • govindraj76
    07-29 11:02 PM
    What happens when old I-140 is cancelled by prior sponsor. Should the beneficiary still be eligibile to port his/her priority date based on the old approved I-140 (which is now cancelled ) ?

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  • Casey Anthony Trial Live Video

  • AdilAhmed
    04-28 04:54 PM
    cool thanks, r there any tutorials for this?


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  • Casey Anthony is charged with

  • tslee
    04-22 12:15 PM
    Dear all:

    May I ask what I should do in the following situation?

    I hold F1 visa and my new job starts on Sept 1. The int'l student office of my current university mistakenly set my OPT start date on May 6. My OPT has been approved and EAD card arrived.

    That is, I will have 120-plus "unemployment" days accumulated by early August, which will then violate the "90-day unemployment rule" of OPT.

    I am under tremendous pressure and really want to hear your opinions.

    Many thanks in advance!

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  • resetclock
    01-30 05:51 AM
    I have H1b Stamped in Jan (Approved in 2007 valid till 1 Oct 2010). My Petioner is well run lawful consultant company (have filed 100+ H1bs since 2001) and he wants me to come to US. My Petioner has in-house as well Client side Projects.

    I am having around 8 years of IT experience and Graduate degree in Computer Science. I have worked in past as full time employee with US' No.1 IT Manufacturer in India & have travelled to US twice on Business Visa, I am currently working with a US Bank's Offshore Technology centre in India.

    My question is "Is it safe to travel in First week of March 2010 to USA with my H1b stamped in January 2008. In that case What documents I should be carrying along with I-797 Notice of Approval of I-129 Petition.

    Thanks much in Advance.
    R C.


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  • yetanotherimmigrant
    11-10 12:02 PM
    Yes, I realize a H1 transfer is needed to work in another company. And 140 is not approved. So the new company has to start GC all over. Too bad, it looks like priority date cannot be ported since it LC is still in process.

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  • jonty_11
    07-14 04:09 PM
    I think we need to ask Congress for fixing the LUD mess....C'mon

    LUDs mean nothing...Lets instead concentrate on IV initiatives on Home Page. Contact your local chapter for guidance.


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-16 01:36 AM
    yeah nice job man!

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  • loveiv
    07-18 09:38 PM
    any suggestions on how to expedite processing

    Donate 1 million dollars to USCIS, they will come to your house to handover the card. I believe that is the only way you can expedite, as for as I know.


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  • Anysia
    03-21 12:04 AM
    Non-profit the name emplies are organizations that doesnt aim to make a profit...and if they ever do, it must be retained within the organization so they can support their own programs and services. Examples are foundations, charities--they are tax favored. I know some schools are too---and hospitals. Ive worked in one hospital before. You can find it out by reading what a company is all about...visions, missions...they will usually say they are not for profit organizations if ever they are...hope this the way...they are VISA CAP EXEMPT!

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  • gcpuzzle
    03-10 03:39 PM
    As as long as your job title says software engineer and your job description is close enough, you should be fine. Junior .. senior doesn't matter and they are pretty common.


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  • ameryki
    07-20 01:08 PM
    tricky one. whats her legal status in the country right now?

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  • solaris27
    02-11 08:54 AM
    you should be okay


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  • avi101
    03-12 09:21 PM
    PD has to be current for the I485 to be accepted. For a dependent's application, Primary's PD is used. Bottomline, you will have to wait till your PD becomes current to apply for your wife. Most likely, the application will be returned.

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  • kirupa
    08-25 12:36 AM
    Sorry for the delay in replying to this. I'm looking into this right now, and hopefully I'll have an answer by tomorrow :)


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  • gcadream
    02-25 08:04 AM
    Few friends of my whose PD were in 2003 had got their GC no matter the current opening is for Jul2001, since you have already applied for ur I-485, I think it would be better for you to wait & watch for some more time and join company B on EAD with contract to hire position.
    Or else you can start ur EB2 processing also through Company B and then later I think there is a way to make us of PD of EB3 when filling for ur I485.

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  • desijackass
    03-08 09:37 AM
    I posted this on my facebook. Just to spread the message. I think most people think immigrants steal their jobs, but the truth is sometimes we struggle to hire a local person and then a foreigner walks in with the skills we need, but we can't hire him. (this is not to say we have not had good quality local people for the job as well)

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  • missedthecut
    05-03 05:26 PM

    I had my last name misspelled and middle name missing on my filed perm labor application and it was filed on 12/12/2007. It was selected for audit in Feb 2008 and have not received any update until now. Can this error in my name be corrected on my application. Please advice.

    09-07 12:09 PM

    I need your expert opinion.

    While setting up an appointment through VFS for H1B stamping in Mumbai, I am asked the following question:

    Are you applying for the same class of visa which is currently valid or has expired within the past 12 months?

    Should I answer Yes or No? I guess the answer is Yes since I have a valid I797 H1 approval. But, I need expert opinions from you guys as well. Here is some background:

    I have H1 visa stamp through my old employer "O" (with an expiry of March 2006). I changed employer "X" in Nov 2003. My H1B has also been renewed in Nov 2006 (with "X"). i.e. I have had two valid I797 H1 approval notice with "X" since Nov 2003 - one for change of employment through my current employer from Nov 2003 to Nov 2006 and then a renewal from Nov 2006 to Nov 2009 (this is currently valid). I have not been to India since July 2003.

    Please advise what the answer to the questions above. Also, is this visa stamping considered a renewal since my old visa stamp is through my old employer?


    05-21 01:43 PM
    according to latest may 15th update, 140 processing dates have not moved at all ...Is there anything we can do at all to push for premium processing or is it a lost cause??

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