Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • shahraj
    01-20 08:24 PM

    When I came into the United States, they documented my fingerprints. Now I want to apply for a reentry permit. Do I still have to pay for the Biometric fee? What exactly is it for?

    I would really appreciate any help on the topic.

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  • smartboy75
    11-01 07:00 PM
    Depends on the availability of visa numbers at the time of applying for H1 extension...Had you applied for your H1 extension during July17 - Aug17 when dates were 'C' are would have got a 1 year extension....

    But if you are from a retrogessed country, then even though you have filed for I-485, there is no visa number available and hence you are eligible for 3 year extension...

    I am assuming you are from either IN/CH/MX/PH and that your PD is not current...

    This is only my interpretation...Kindly consult with a lawyer...

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  • pappu
    05-25 08:35 AM
    We have temporarily suspended donor forum at this time as we do not have the man-hours and bandwidth to validate each donor to be added to the donor forum. At this time we are focusing on Advocacy events in DC and all of our energy is being utilized to reach out to lawmakers. All important updates are being posted on the public forums.

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  • sinemkeceli
    01-24 11:03 PM
    I had a opt which expired on the 9th. of november and on june 08 i applied to start green card process with help of a lawyer.I have a master degrees from the US and my lawyer told me that i did not need to apply for a H1 visa or a work permit and could directly go for green card. we started the process in june 08 and I applied to eta 9089 on september 08 and could not get any reply back for almost 5 months. My lawyer tells me that it is normal to not get an answer for so long even thought I think we had to get an answer in 3 to 4 weeks after september. Now, my lawyer suggests me to go back to my country as my status will be put of satatus and I could continue my green card process from back home.

    I would like to know if my lawyer is telling me the truth or my lawyer made any mistake..

    I need help!!!


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  • martinvisalaw
    07-13 02:40 PM
    It's hard to answer your question without more details, such as your current status. Company B can definitely file a new H-1B for you. Your current status will dictate whether you "need" to tell them about the earlier filing. However, having a prior petition filed might not have any negative impact, so you probably don't need to be nervous about telling Co. B.

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  • Krilnon
    02-28 09:35 PM
    Welcome! It's going to be good to have a member who knows how to wield the weapon in your portrait. :P

    Great entry!


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  • purmuc
    03-01 01:19 PM
    I was in united states for 5 years and 2 months on H1-B visa. I did not apply for green card during my stay and had to return to India in Aug'2008 due to personal reasons. I want to find out if I am eligible for applyng H1 in this year's quota through same employer with whom I had earlier H1.

    Here is my situation -
    1. My H1-B petition is valid till 12th July 2009. My passport is not stamped to reflect this date.
    2. I came back to India for good on 31st August 2008.
    3. If I go back to US before 12th July, I will only get extension for remaining 10 months (as I was in us for 5 years and 2 months). But I want to go for couple of years, so have to go on new visa after completion of 1 year in India.

    So I want to check if I am eligible for filing H1-B in this year's quota through same employer ?

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  • gman
    08-19 07:19 AM
    Is tourist visa same as business visa for Canada? Live in the US, i-485 pending with Valid EAD and have valid tourist visa. I need to visit one of my company's client for a few days. DO i need a separate visa or should tourist visa do? What do i say at the border crossing?

    Sorry if this is not the right forum.



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  • retropain
    08-02 01:11 PM
    Because of the shortage of talent companies are moving their operations abroad. Wells Fargo just announced they're opening a technical center in India. No wonder the H1B and EB visa reform is long overdue...

    I suggest we compile such stories on this thread...

    Wells Fargo to open tech center in India
    Bank says the opening is not a cost-cutting move, but a result of a shortage of qualified technical talent in the U.S.

    By Reuters
    Published: August 1, 2006, 10:46 AM PDT

    U.S. bank Wells Fargo on Tuesday said it plans in the fourth quarter to open a technology facility in Hyderabad, India, citing a shortage of qualified technical talent in the United States.

    The San Francisco-based company said the opening is not a cost-cutting move, and will not result in the loss of U.S. jobs. It also said it will not employ customer service personnel or manage customer data at the facility.

    U.S. commercial banks with large India operations include Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase.

    Wells Fargo said the facility will provide technology resources, including software development. It plans at first to hire 30 to 50 people for the facility, and might employ as many as 300 next year.

    "This is simply about supply and demand," Victor Nichols, Wells Fargo's head of technology information, said in a statement. "Like most major U.S. companies, we're facing a shortage of qualified technical talent, and we're not able to continue to meet this growing demand for such talent here in the United States alone."

    Nichols said U.S. computer science graduates have fallen by about one-third in the last four years, while more technology and operations specialists are coming from India.

    Wells Fargo said it employs more than 153,000 people in North America. It expects to hire more U.S.-based technology specialists as talent becomes available.

    "The comparatively small amount of work we're planning to do in India--the same as work done for us today by outside contractors, some in India--is not motivated by cost savings and thus will have no effect on our U.S.-based employment," Nichols said.

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  • wandmaker
    01-01 07:07 PM
    H1B LUDs may be due to PIMS data collection, I heard most of the H1Bs approved after Jan 2004 had LUDs and the status did not change; and 140 could be a regular system touch.


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  • dellmunna
    04-21 10:52 AM
    i am getting less then in my LC but same position.

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  • ArkBird
    06-08 03:16 AM
    Pretty fast as most(if not all) of Apr 01 cases are stuck in P/DBEC...


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  • harrisonaquino
    04-30 12:18 AM
    Any one who already filed i-485, could please give some answers to the above questions... thanks

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  • javadeveloper
    07-27 06:21 PM
    If I'am not wrong the interview will be in whichever state you are.

    So we need to choose local lawyers only? we don't have any options to Non-Local(Other State) lawyers?


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  • kavas
    03-28 09:38 PM
    Hello Friends

    I am observing the alerts and discussions here and also the current political activities.Such a pity that we dont mean anything compared to those who broke the law to enter here.
    Anyways we are part of this system and have to keep fighting till we go down.
    I have a suggestion: Can we make a online petition focussing clearly on just eb provisions in the bill coming to the floor . We can make immigration voice as the sender and send to only senate judiciary committee members .
    We should also let them know that our community is closely following senate proceddings and actvities and would request to know their stand on our plight. I dont think those guys know we exist for one or second we r watching them close.Why would they talk of us if they dont know we r watching..
    we should ask them for answer:do u want us to leave now as its not possible for a eb3 indian to stay on in one job for years waiting for gc. or do u really want tohelp us out.
    i think a single petiition with thousands of signs would be better right now as time is limited. any thoughts..if u guys approve we have to work real fast on it.

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  • desibob
    06-13 07:51 PM
    Hold on there. Why exactly do you need to file EAD and AP now? Once you get 140 and 485 receipt notice, you can apply online yourself. Then you will get your own EAD to your own home.

    Then the questions is - would you be able to get a copy 140 and 485 receipt notice from him?

    Thinking out loud - Probably you can change the address by calling USCIS or by filing AR-11 (you may need receipt number to do this).


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  • ckpas
    09-23 03:19 PM
    Need some help/advice on PERM LC issue:

    My employer has filed PERM LC (PD Sep 2008) in EB2 (Job Description: Masters OR Bachelors with 5 Yrs experience),

    On may'09 got a query saying "Discrepency in Alien education and experience".
    Stating: Alien workerer possessed Masters Degree and 16 months of experience where as the minimum job requirements set ETA form (H8 and H10)specified Masters and 5 yrs of experice.

    my employer appealed saying: " H.4 in ETA does indicate masters deg. is the minimum requirement for the position and there is however no mention made of 5 yrs of exp. this appears in 8.A and 8.C as an alternate education and experience and therefore not related to the minimum requiremnt for the position"

    Another mistake (which I don't know if its from PERM ior my employer) is even though i have more than 10 yrs of experience the reason for denial as you can see above says "Alien worker possessed Masters Degree and 16 months of experience where as the minimum job requirements set ETA form (H8 and H10)specified Masters and 5 yrs of experice."

    thanks in advance, appreciate comments

    UPDATE : After the appeal sent by my employer, my PERM case shows status as "in-process". Does it mean it will fall under usual processing times ? Can I expect a response in the coming months ? Please let me know.

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  • buehler
    12-10 07:20 AM
    If you have been in the US for more than 1 year, you are a resident of the US and not any particular state in India. You are free to go to any Consulate in India. Even though I was previously a resident of AP, I have been able to get successful stamping in New Delhi.

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  • immi2006
    07-02 08:55 AM
    If you know sources from well known place pls quote.

    No need to create rumor and panic. Sorry - no offence intended.

    We are all stressed out as it is.. let us wait for official note on this.

    I heard USCIS already retrogressed and rejecting Jul filer? is it true. need urgent help :mad: :mad:

    04-17 02:05 AM
    i dont get all this negativity. like sure you may think it's crap but wouldn't it be a happier world if we said what we liked about stuff - not what we hate. (ie find something you really like (like windows or linux if you're so against mac) and put that on a stamp).

    spread the love people. :afro: :love:

    as design wise goes kirupa is right when he says the text suffers. it's really rough and big. i reckon make it small and in a corner somewhere.


    10-21 02:54 AM
    I am in 6th year of my H1B. It is expiring in Aug 2011.

    Here are some details:
    - My I-140 is approved with a priority date of Aug 2006 under EB2-India.
    - I did not apply for I-485 so I do not have a EAD.
    - My wife is also on H1B which expires in Aug 2012.

    Here are my questions:
    1) If I apply for H1B extension in July 2011 under regular processing and assuming it takes 4-5 months for USCIS to process the application, can I still continue to work? For how many days can I work if visa renewal is still in processing after the visa has expired.
    2) If I get a denial of H1B extension do I become out of status from the date of denial or from the day H1B got expired?
    3) If I get a denial of H1B extension can I immediately apply for H4 as a dependent to my wife's visa without any issues?
    4) If I get a denial of H1B extension, what happens to my I-140? Is it automatically invalid?
    5) If I do convert to H4 status and my priority date becomes current can I apply for I-485?

    Chances are very high that your priority date will be current before Aug 2011.
    good luck

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