Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • chicagoan
    05-06 07:44 PM
    Thank you jvs. I really appreciate your input.

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  • chantu
    02-05 03:15 PM
    Thats ok even if she doesn't have AP. That is perfectly fine. Don't worry her H4 is already stamped and she has time till next year. She is totally safe even if she does not have AP.

    Thanks chantu, She doesn't have AP, Do you think it is Safe only if she has AP ?

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  • micofrost
    07-18 12:48 AM
    I congratulate everybody for getting the opportunity to file 485.I am truely happy for u guys.
    I am one of the very few people who can not apply for 485 as I have just changed my company and labour yet has to be filed.
    I just wanted to to know Is it still possible that they will bring some kind of amendment(From CIR bill) which wouldn't allow me to extend my H1 Visa after 6 years?.I am so scared when I read on numberusa that some amendments are coming back to vote.Are we really in trouble?.
    I just need some lodgical reasons that it won't happen.
    I know everybody is busy but don't forget about people like us.

    No such proposal will be coming for another next two years for minimum. In the meantime, file your labor and and while you wait for approval, prepare your exp letters so that u r ready to file on day one after your labor is approved. bol

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-29 05:51 PM
    There is no need to withdraw your 485. But why do you need 2 485's. It just shuts out visas for others. You can continue on H1b with your current employer and join in EAD with the other.

    Not an attorney , please validate with one

    Under current USCIS processing two 485s do not waste visa numbers (as visa numbers are only assigned at the time of approval). When petition is approved, the other one will be automatically denied/withdrawn, or USCIS will send an RFE just around approval time, asking for one of the two apps to be withdrawn.


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  • tcsonly
    07-21 09:22 PM
    i checked on the website, couldnt find it there. i will try calling the number when i get home. i asked in case anyone had the a similar question.


    Hi Ashish,

    Just one search for Nebraska on USCIS website resulted the answer you were looking for.

    Follow the link. Read the complete page to find out the correct address for sending your particular application type because each application has its own PO box number. D&vgnextchannel=52a46c854523d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1 RCRD


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  • WeShallOvercome
    01-10 06:43 PM

    I got my GC on the 30th of Nov. My current project ended on 31st Dec. My employer is not responding to my calls and emails asking him if I'll get paid on bench. He is not giving any clear answers and just dodging the direct questions.

    I have a few very good offers in my hand as of now which I can take but those might put me in violation of some non-compete agreements that I signed. I also signed a 1 year 'bond' at the time of my I-485 filing in May.

    I'm without work for the last 7 days and I won't know if he will pay me on bench before I get my paycheck end of january...

    Some of the offers that I have can wait for a few more weeks...

    What do you guys think I should do in this case..

    Mainly worried about these aspects:
    1. Non-compete agreements
    2. Bond signed at the time of agreement
    3. Leaving employer soon after getting my GC.

    Please don't blast me for being a chicken even after getting my GC... I'm just trying to get the opinion of my fellow IVians...



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  • claudia255
    10-24 01:42 PM
    Are you kidding me - why are there no stop gap measures/short term fixes asked for all the high skilled folks stuck in retrogression for the very reasons outlined in this letter. This is politics at its best -

    I think that's what they mean with "bringing the supply of employment based green cards in line with the need of US employers".

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  • Yeldarb
    08-17 01:09 PM
    I have also gotten Jobs through the Job Offers forum =)

    One returning customer too!


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    06-21 11:03 PM
    Me and spouse got the "Card production ordered" and "Welcome notice" emails today morning.

    Here is the journey:

    Nov.2002 - RIR Labor filed in CA
    June 2006 - Labor approved from Phily BEC
    July 2006 - I-485 , I-140 filed at TSC
    Sept.2006 - I-140 approved
    Got stuck in namecheck ( name check may be still pending )
    May 20, 2008 - RFE received for missing TB Skin test ( doctor screwed up)
    June 4, 2008 - Responded to RFE
    June 16, 2008 - Green card approved
    Now, waiting for the actual card to arrive.

    Hey Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • mmanurker
    09-24 07:20 PM

    I would like to know that can I apply for EAD extension for me and my wife since my I-140 application was denined last year. We have already appeal for decision on I-140 application to AAO office. I am intend to get my wife's EAD extended by year end.

    Thanks for your time reading this thread.

    Is your 485 also denied? Most of the times when ever 140 is denied then the underlying 485 also gets denied and if that is the case then you cannot apply or extend for EAD or AP until your appeal is pending with AAO. I may be wrong so consult an attorney.

    BTW....did you consult the attorney? If yes, what did they tell you?


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  • hojo
    08-20 03:24 PM
    nah, I meant the original post.

    but I can see if you had something really nice you made in maya or lightwave that you wanted to play with in swift3d.

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  • rvendra
    10-30 10:49 AM
    Dear All,
    In response to my service request on 9th Sept 2009, my I485 has been transferred to the USCIS Hialeah Florida office for further processing. Normally I -485 cases are forwarded to local offices for the purposes of scheduling an in-person interview. In my case I live in New York and no way connected to FL. I am curious anybody or any of your friend�s have similar experience.
    I really appreciate your response.
    I 485 EB 2 Priority date Dec 2003
    Filed in TSC in August 2007

    Thank you,


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  • bagheera
    06-10 05:28 PM
    Hello all, please share your thoughts/advice on my case.

    Worked for Employer A from May 2004 - April 2007
    I-140 approved for Employer A in January 2007 (EB2 Category)
    Changed job in April 2007 to Employer B (my current employer).
    I-485 filed in July 2007 using approved I-140 from Employer A, and a letter for future employment.
    Employment verification RFE received in June 2009

    My lawyer advises to use AC21 and provide employment verification letter from my current employer (Employer B) for this RFE response.

    Since my I485 filing was based on future employment and I did not work for Employer A for 180 days after filing I-485, this causes some complexity.

    AC21 invocation letters typically state that you're using AC21 for switching employment after 180 days. What argument should be used to invoke AC21 in my case?


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  • ingegarcia
    03-08 02:17 PM
    My Personal experience was:
    - When my H1B was filed for the first time it had a wrong Date of Birth, lawyer asked me to bring Birth Certificate to the Interview at the consulate. I did not have problems with the stamping of the visa.
    When my extension was filed , again, Date of Birth was wrong. Lawyer told me the same thing. Get recent Birth Certificate and bring it to the Interview.

    Did not have any problem at all.



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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:50 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following: ( was some good news Wednesday for asylum seekers. ICE assistant secretary John Morton announced that the government would no longer detain them if they can prove their identities, are not dangerous or a flight risk, and have a credible fear of persecution or torture in their home countries.

    But it might be a tad early to celebrate.

    The details of the plan are not yet clear. As Professor Regina Germaine of the Georgetown University Law Center observed in an email message to an Immigration Professors' Listserve, "the criteria for release has always been (since 1996) the 3 factors mentioned by John Morton - 1) ID, 2) not a danger or flight risk, and 3) credible fear. And the lack of one or more of these factors is cited when ICE refuses to release someone."

    So, has Morton announced a new policy or has he simply restated the existing policy in a way which suggests release, but, in fact, will lead to continued detention of asylum seekers?

    Another unanswered issue is whether the policy will be followed by ICE officers throughout the country. Professor Margaret Taylor of Wake Forest University suggests it's an open question. "Hopefully there will be 'buy in' and compliance in the field offices with this policy, but history suggests otherwise."

    For now let's take the Administration at its word. But time will tell whether the draconian policy of incarcerating people who seek refuge in America has finally come to an end.

    More... (

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  • chanduv23
    09-17 12:30 AM
    If people cannot lift their heads high and stand up for themselves - no one will save you or care for you

    Lou Dobbs and Ron Hira and all the other anti immigrants will put all sorts of labels on us liek macaca, illegal, job cheaters , and what not





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  • indi_gc_need
    01-29 10:48 AM
    Where are you in GC process ? Labor / 140 /485 ?

    As long as you have a valid H4 visa, you can enter back with out any issues ... Discuss with an attorney, who will provide you specifics you are looking for !

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  • a1b2c3
    08-21 11:51 PM
    My PERM for EB3 has been approved on July 2008. My I-140 is pending. 485 has not been submitted yet. I don't have EAD card either. For some reason, I have to change job.

    My question is, if my current employer will not revoke my current I-140 sponsorship, even I have left company, and in case my current I-140 will be approved, can my priority date be carried over?

    Bunch of thanks!!

    Make sure you get a copy of approved I-140.

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  • logiclife
    01-03 12:16 PM
    Its the first item on the homepage under "News and Events".

    05-04 02:13 PM
    i am currently on my 8th year h1..and on the bench..hoping some projects will come thru in a week or so.

    Currently i have been on LOP for almost 5 weeks now..
    what do you think would be a good option for me:

    a.) Start the process for H4..and find a new job..and transfer H1 and stay till H1 is valid till may 2010..

    b.) Be on bench for few more weeks.. and hope someting will work out...(firm has said they wont cancel my h1/140).. they are just being helpful..but?

    c.) R2I ASAP...and try for a consular processing....?

    d.) go to H4...and R2I in May...then if the Eb2(Dec 2005) dates are current..try for a CP..its a long shot...

    i am confused..any suggestions??

    10-03 08:23 PM

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