Tuesday, May 31, 2011

rod stewart greatest hits

rod stewart greatest hits. Rod Stewart
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  • Warhay
    Jul 9, 02:42 PM
    who's going? What time ya getting there? Any ideas when one can get into the parking structure? I'll be there between 4-6am with bells on... Not literaly of course

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  • amd4me
    Oct 12, 08:38 PM
    If any of you guys are in Canada A&B sound is awesome.
    Super cheap prices on media.

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  • Therod stewart artist, title

  • MrSmith
    Sep 17, 06:00 AM
    Sadly Ringo Starr did not provide commentary.
    Let's be honest: any nasal Liverpudlian would do.

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  • hob
    Mar 6, 10:33 PM
    My Illustrator class instructor does and one of our assignments was to do something of that depth. I'll try to dig up the website, if you're interested.
    I'd be interested to see that

    Do you know of any good tutorial sites to get me started with illustrator?


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  • aethelbert
    Feb 23, 04:09 PM
    i will trade you my 16 gb ipod touch for it. :)Is it unlocked?

    Please let me know. I also have the wall charger for it. I would love to get a :apple: iphone
    This thread is four months old... Come on.

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  • Dagless
    Mar 27, 09:26 PM
    Cool as!

    Yea. I can't remember specific titles, but I remember splitscreen multiplayer games ran a little bit better with an expansion pack in.

    God if only the N64 could connect to my monitor I'd be back on Mario 64, Goldeneye, OoT... :o


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  • iSayuSay
    May 5, 07:20 PM
    Since you still have Applecare left, it�s not a sad thing, apart from your data loss on HDD .. this one is quite regrettable :)

    You are eligible to grab the new iMac .. with Radeon 6 series GPU!! Why do you sad? Call Apple Store, arrange an appointment, and get your iMac there

    Go home and enjoy your new iMac!!

    Well the reason is, :apple: don�t want to repair your old iMac either, since they hesitant to do so, they have to prepare their old stock of Nvidia 8800 chip and have to deal with it. I say they won�t try to repair it.

    Like I said, It�s a nice thing to happen :)

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  • pcinfoman
    Apr 29, 05:57 PM
    Thank you for the totally useless comment. If you had bothered reading my post, you might have noticed that I said that I was having the same problem when the device was NOT jailbroken. However, one cannot expect people like you to be able to read.


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  • solvs
    Sep 12, 09:48 PM
    It would have been nice to put OS X on my fairly new 1.3 AMD, or even the 1.6 P4 at work (if nothing else than to save the TORTURE that was my Win98/2000 install from HELL, freakin' M$. Now I can Crash twice as fast!). But we know that won't be happening anytime soon.

    Can't wait to get a new Mac to replace my old one (that I no longer have BTW) after I move. Maybe a nice Cool (pun intended) iBook (c'mon 1 GHz G3 + 32 MB vid card), or an eMac to play with untill I can afford a new Tower. Who knows what we'll have by then?

    GigaHertz, shmigahertz. If I can run FCP off of a 320 GB hard drive in almost real-time with out the crashing, I'll be happy.

    Another couple of months.

    We'll see what happens.

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  • bballmitch2
    Jul 23, 03:05 PM
    They'll just use fix-it and ship it next week :)

    XCode 3 is way old. It was released with Leopard. Since then, we've only really had minor revisions (3.1, 3.2) and very infrequent intervals (3.2 released with snow leopard). I would expect Apple have been working on this for a very long time already.

    Many of those features (e.g. the static analyser, which came with 3.2) could very well have been the result of development done for XCode 4.

    Since the product was announced which such fanfare at WWDC, I would imagine a release would happen in the next few months. Possibly with the iPad's OS4 update (predicted to be around late August/September).

    EDIT: In case anybody was worried, XCode 4 by default installs in to its own folder (/Xcode4) and can co-exist with 3.X. It can open 3.X projects and does not "upgrade" them or make them incompatible with earlier versions.

    This is true, but Apple has also said NOT to use Xcode 4 if you are working on a project you wish to submit to the app store.


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  • macnulty
    Jan 1, 12:26 PM
    Besides the obvious of Apple, Filemaker and Nisus (Writer Express 2, great word processor)

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  • zdobson
    Apr 19, 05:17 AM
    I have a 15" PBG4 1.25ghz and am having some screen artifacts show up. Everything is running fine otherwise. I haven't used this machine at all in months and I'm trying to clean it up to sell it. Any info would be helpful.



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  • tangerineyum
    Dec 6, 02:55 PM
    It's not myspace so much folks as it is all the relatively novice computer users dumping all sort of odd code into their page. WMP is a problem simple because we dont have the latest version windows user have, the easiest thing to do is go to the security tab in safari preferences and un check enable plugins, since ive started that ive not had a single myspace crash.

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  • bootloader
    Apr 19, 06:41 PM
    its superglue, you can get it on amazon.com, heres a link:

    just add a very small amount on the cpu and heatsink, once its set you can add more if you wish


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  • arn
    Dec 20, 03:28 PM
    Post your own personal stories about switching to the Mac.


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  • str1f3
    Nov 16, 10:46 PM
    I would expect Apple to counter Verizon's crazy torpedo ads against them but...

    That's really at&t's job.


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  • Evoken
    May 2, 06:41 AM
    Thats a very nice reel man, good work! :)

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  • canadianipad
    Jul 25, 11:20 PM
    hahah i just might do the overnight thing! thats taking a big risk of going that late to an apple store, might be at the back of the line LOL!!! most apple stores online are updating to reflect an 8am open on friday, so waiting for Canada's store to say that too :-) Maybe even a reserve as well...

    I am 99.9% sure if you show up at an Apple Store at 6am you'll walk out with an iPhone 4 - even if they open at 8am.
    Those that showed up at 7am to the Apple Stores during the iPad launch were able to get iPad's.
    6am is a safe bet.

    rod stewart greatest hits. The Very Best Of Rod Stewart
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  • todd2000
    Feb 10, 10:27 AM
    He died from a wound to his right calf?-- that a chicken inflicted?-- in two hours?

    My thoughts exactly, I could see him dying from infection, but not in 2 hours.... There must be more to this.

    Do you think there was more to it � maybe fowl play was involved?

    All I have to say is ROTFLOL! :D

    Apr 30, 09:40 AM
    Got it done, easily, using Apple Tech Support.

    Jun 22, 01:53 PM
    What do you reckon the stock levels will be? 10 maybe? Five 16gb and five 32gb?

    Blue Velvet
    Nov 15, 03:46 PM
    I'm also a photoshop wiz...

    Treat yourself: get the iMac G5.

    No Mac is fast enough for my Photoshop mis-adventures, even the dual 2.5s at work.

    Damn the torpedoes! Speed, more speeeeed...

    Apr 12, 07:56 AM

    I need a REALLY cool iphone case. Kinda like the Switch Easy stuff, just a little thinner. Thanks!

    Have you looked into the switcheasy Naked? It is a switchasy itself and one of the thinnest cases ever.

    Problem is like most plastic cases, it will look like it went through war after just a few weeks of use.

    If you don't like that one what switcheasy case you like so I can see If I know of a similar one that is slimmer.

    Mar 30, 06:43 PM
    Can anyone give me the right amount to Partition off for Windows XP+Bootcamp+Games?
    Thanks in advance...

    Hmmm. Well, if you just wanted XP and basic apps, crikey, 10GB would probably be enough (provided you wouldn't have GBs of e-mail in Outlook or something). 15 or 20 would be safer.

    But you add games and, well, it all depends on how many and which games. An average graphical game these days is 4GB minimum. Dragon Age: Origins is 17GB! So, 60GB could be plenty, but you put 4 or 5 games on there at 7GB a piece, and factoring in at least 15% free space for good measure, 60GB could feel snug pretty quickly.
    So, 60GB isn't a bad answer, and you can change it later on with the help of Winclone and Disk Utility partition resizing without reformatting OSX partition, but try to get an idea of which games you know or think you will install and how much space they take up.


    (And why XP and no Win 7?! ;) )

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