Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Aravintht
    Jun 18, 05:20 PM
    i'll be there too.

    i have a personal shopping appointment at 9.

    most likely will turn up just before 8 though if its not raining.

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  • ozreth
    Feb 10, 01:25 AM
    Stick around a little longer....you'll see threads that make this one look fascinating.

    That guy registered in 2005 :p

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  • sk3pt1c
    Dec 16, 08:13 AM
    a friend asked me to post this.

    What he needs to do is have photoshop open up a text file that contains lines of file names, eg 2039-299434322.jpeg and have it create and save dummy files out of those filenames in a certain folder.
    From what i gathered the purpose is to have the files ready so he can then find the ones he wants to put stuff into and edit them.
    He wants to script this because there will be lots of files to create.

    Any thoughts/ideas?

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  • roadbloc
    Dec 28, 06:23 AM
    They have. I didn't need one either.

    Edit: 1 invite left.

    How do I give out these invites... I know people who would appreciate it....


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  • nlivo
    Jan 14, 07:37 PM
    macworld is more exciting for me but that's only because the websites fuel the excitement. With Christmas there is nothing that builds the hype for you.

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  • Frozonecold
    Jun 25, 10:14 PM
    its a rev a MBPPlease PM me about this machine I am really interested.


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  • djturner
    Nov 4, 04:44 PM
    I've had mine for a few weeks now and it's wonderful. All the apple stores in my area had ones with the pink cast so I was a little nervous but it looks amazing.

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  • PowerMacMan
    Jun 11, 12:22 PM
    when your the ceo of ceader point can i get free tickets? please :D

    Sure... I'll give everyone in these forums free tickets to Cedar Point and run them straight out of business... :p ;)


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  • kdoug
    May 5, 07:42 PM
    Hi all,

    Just curious to see how many have a apple laptop and and Ipad. Work just bought me a MBP last week and I already have a Ipad 2. Just trying to justify the two, maybe I sell the ipad 2 because I have to keep the laptop. By the way, I love both of them...I use the Ipad 2 for reading books, magazines etc...

    Thanks for the comments or thoughts...
    I sold my iPad 2 and purchased the MacBook Pro. It's not about money, it had more to do with justification. I will forever miss some of the games on my iPad but that's about it. Netflix looks way better on my MacBook.

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  • HairyPotter
    May 4, 11:41 AM
    I am about to buy one of these new iMac 27" and I have a second monitor that has RGB (VGA) and HDMI entries. What cable should I buy to convert thunderbolt to HDMI? What's the best/recommended one?

    Will the output deliver the audio too?

    I have searched Apple and apparently they have no cable there for doing that.



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  • polaris1
    Apr 5, 08:14 PM
    in order to get a new macbook i need to present a broken one to some people, ive had the black macbook for 3 years and I am tired of it overheating and burning me when browsing youtube. How could i make it appear broken without actually harming it or any data on it? i know this is a very weird question.

    also can the new macbook 13" pros with the i5s handle games just as well as the previous nvidia ones? thanks

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  • Xgm541
    May 4, 07:03 PM
    Do any of you guys know any programs for the mac that could tell me my CPU speed? Or if not, what is the typical temperature that the CPU throttles itself? Thanks!


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  • Samsquantch
    Jan 29, 08:35 PM

    Guthrie Govan/Erotic Cakes

    Been listening to these two albums pretty frequently of late.

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  • yenko
    Sep 29, 02:51 AM

    Just thought I'd post this. Not only are the Lyson inks better but their CIS system can cut 90% off the ink costs.

    I could sure use something like that for my Canon i9900. :p

    I checked their link and they don't show it. :(

    But I bet the Epson crowd will love it. :D


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  • sillyrabbitt
    Apr 11, 02:31 PM
    Hi All

    Anyone able to get splashtop to work over 3g using a mac osx or windows vista. I can connect fine over wifi but i cannot get 3g to work. i opened the ports etc... i read the tutorials at splashtop 10x but i cannot get it to work :(

    i am using fios with and actiontec wireless router.

    any help is GREATLY appreciated!


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  • Huntn
    Apr 8, 10:50 PM
    I've sold and bought a lot of stuff on Ebay including selling multiple Mac laptops. This situation besides being traumatic to the seller (or buyer depending on the situation) is very interesting as to how ebay will address it?

    This was several years ago, but I have a friend who purchased a computer on ebay advertised with a specific graphic card. In reality the computer did not have the card that was advertised, but for some reason in the dispute, ebay sided with the seller saying the differences were not enough to warrant a return despite the card having 124MB VRAM instead of the advertised 256MB VRAM.

    Despite my story above, what has bothered me about Ebay is that it has taken steps to be friendlier to buyers at the expense of sellers. For example, instead of allowing the seller to dictate the buyer pays for insurance as a term of the sale, Ebay has taken this away this choice from the seller.

    If you have a piece of computer hardware, and you know what the serial number is, and you mail it off, what exactly prevents the buyer from switching computers and saying "you did not send me what you advertised" and asks for a refund? For this situation Ebay will have to develop a verifiable process because someone is being scammed.

    The reverse is the seller lies about the computer and sends something other than what was advertised.

    I want to know how the heck Ebay can determine who is telling the truth?

    The worst thing about being the seller is that once your computer is in the buyer's hands, you no longer have any control over your computer. For the OP, at this point, I don't think there is anything you can do but contact ebay and discuss it with them. Someone else has your computer. Hopefully you documented what you sent. If so then the buyer is a crook. Hopefully you took several pictures to distinguish between what you sent and what the buyer says he got.

    But does everyone see the dilemma? How does any 3rd party know what you really sent the buyer? This is going to make me do some research because I will be selling a laptop in the near future on ebay, that is if I can satisfy there is a means to verify what exactly has been mailed?

    Helpfull links anyone?


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  • msjones
    Apr 15, 11:25 AM
    I too second onyx (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/11582/onyx). It's a great app for clearing out caches, logs, checking disks and tweaking some of OS X features.

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  • beige matchbox
    Mar 21, 07:41 PM
    Thinking about it, i rather like co-operative games. Best of both worlds :cool:

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  • gansan
    Mar 12, 11:06 AM
    About 40 people now. They asked what model each person wants and handed out tickets. The deck of tickets was not that big but I don't know if there are more inside the store. They said black 16g wifi is sold out for now when I asked.

    Dec 8, 06:48 PM
    Jeez! The popup windows are all over the place, and viewing any of them gives "page not found". Horrible! Stay away!

    May 4, 02:37 PM
    Hi all

    i just picked up the new 27" imac and switched it on. And it is constantly humming with a low dimming sound. Its high enough to notice it when around 2 meters from the machine.

    Is this normal on all imacs? i must admit im getting pretty tired of listening to it so if that is the standard I dont look forward to using my imac :(

    Sep 23, 10:29 AM
    As a peripheral survivor of Hurricanes Hugo, Fran, and Floyd, among others, I think the big things that people learn are:

    1. Don't build TOO close to the shore. There's simply way too much footage of �ber-expensive beach houses falling into the water when a storm erodes away the sand from underneath the house.

    2. Design and build for a hurricane environment. My aunt and uncle live on Masonboro Sound in Wilmington, and the windows of their house are protected by permanently installed hurricane shutters which they leave up most of the time... if a hurricane is coming, all my uncle has to to is spend 10 minutes walking around the house and knocking out the supports for each shade... the shutter falls down and locks into place (unlocking it and putting the shutter back up is quite a bit more work). Also, the entire house is built on a full slab, on top of which there is an 8-foot high layer of brick and concrete before the house proper. With this design, they went through Floyd, Isabel, and a few other storms with ZERO damage.

    3. Don't build in a flood plain. This is good advice ANYWHERE, although some people are obviously too stupid to heed it.

    Oct 26, 01:18 AM
    Hi it's now 3:16 and there is a little rain here in Ginza. The que is still short only 18 people so far. I guess there is plenty off time yet to get a t-shirt for those of you that are having to wait until you finish work.

    Aug 17, 05:19 PM
    My friend texted me asking if I wanted an old iMac for free, I obviously said yes. It is a snow 600MHz iMac G3 with 512MB of RAM, 40GB HD, and it works wonderfully. I'm currently looking for my 10.4 disks and going to install Tiger on it. Can't wait.

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